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Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches – 5 Tips to Take Off the Pressure

Maid of honor wedding speeches can be a tricky to get right. As the maid of honor, you may also find little time to spend preparing the speech amongst all the other wedding preparations. In the end, though, it will be worth the effort, as it is a privilege to be able to speak on behalf of the bride and your best friend. 1. Be who you are. It may sound odd, but many people try to put on a new persona on stage. And that’s not necessary. The bride chose you for who you are. Unlike the best man’s speech, the maid of honor’s wedding speech does not have to be filled with jokes and embarrassing tales of the bride and groom. It can be a little more sincere and girly!  2. Talk about concrete, personal memories. Your trick for an interesting speech is to include some personal thoughts and stories that relate you and the bride in particular. You do not want your speech to be the same as anyone else’s or to steal the thunder of the bride’s or mother of the bride’s speech. Expressing appropriate personal details will ensure your speech is unique and well-received by the wedding guests. It should provoke a little laughter from everyone, and especially the bride. 3. Stay away from clichés and generalities. More commonly mentioned details should be kept to a minimum, as they will most likely already have been spoken about in previous speeches. 4. Keep the tone light and fun. The tone of maid of honor wedding speeches should be light. Mention how much you have enjoyed participating in this special day and your personal take on the future relationship (provided that it is in favor of the bride and groom!). 5. Don’t stress yourself trying to memorize. You do not need to memorize the whole speech, and it needn’t be too lengthy either. Become familiar with the first few lines and refer to your notes when you need to, trying to make eye contact with the bride and guests as often as possible. It’s often tough for a nervous maid of honor to look confident and relaxed. And even if you could look confident, you won’t enjoy the evening. It’s far better to be relaxed. Here’s the point you don’t want to miss. There’s no reason these days not to deliver a great speech with little prep time and stress. There’s a kit that helps you create maid of honor wedding speeches in no time at all. It’s really inexpensive (and if you click the link above, you can get a discount) and covers everything from speeches, to jokes, to wedding etiquette. More Wedding Preparation Articles

Make Those Wedding Speeches Special

Wedding speeches can make or mar a wedding. Depending on what is said guests may be bored, insulted, enchanted or entertained. For the couple the wedding speeches can add warmth and leave them with wonderful memories or they can wish afterward that there had been no speeches at all. Unlike on most public occasions speakers at a wedding are usually amateurs. The father of the bride, the father of the groom and the best man are usually the ones who speak and most or many of them will have no experience in public speaking. The quality of their speeches then is problematical. One or all of them may give a riveting speech or they may just stumble through what they think ought to be said on the day. Weddings, you see, have traditions and even the most modern couple usually stick to traditions as nearly as possible. The father of the bride’s speeches, for instance, end with a toast to the couple. The best man’s speeches traditionally end with a reply to the toast to the bridesmaids. The father of the groom welcomes the bride and her family into his. There are, of course, other people who may choose to speak at weddings. A favorite uncle may want to say a few words. A friend or peer of the couple might also like to wish the couple well… Sometimes the mother of the bride or groom wants to express her love for the couple. In some countries there are toasts to the parents of the bride and groom. Obviously then there are lots of different speakers and lots of different speeches. Why then are so many of them so dull and uninspiring? It is really because people are so nervous at the thought of public speaking that they spend more time rehearsing their speech than preparing it? Preparation is critical to good speeches. Speeches need to demonstrate what is wonderful and special about the couple. Your good wishes need to be expressed in a personal and intimate way. You can only do this if you make it your business to do your homework. After all a businessman would know his product before he spoke. You should too. Wedding speeches can really make the day special and you can give a great speech if you know yours. So be like the Eagle Scouts and “Be Prepared. Niamh Crowe Copyright Speechwriters 1994-2007 marketing@speech-writers.com Tel. +353 1 8333599 Niamh Crowe specializes in writing wedding speeches. She began her speech-writing career 20 years ago and has since written wedding speeches for weddings all over the world Related Wedding Planner Articles

Order of Wedding Speeches

For modern weddings there are no strict rules as to who should speak at the reception. The following people may speak at a wedding: father or mother of the bride, the best man, the maid of honor, a groom, the bride, parents-in-law, bridesmaids.  it is not uncommon for two of the groomsmen or two of the bridesmaids to speak at the same wedding. Historically, it was not expected that the bride would speak.  The groom would speak on behalf of of the bride.  This of course has changed in recent times.  Nowadays, the bride will often speak on behalf of the groom. In addition, with the divorce rate being over 50% many couples have step parents that may want to speak. I recommend to limit the number of speeches to under six wedding speeches.  I also strongly encouraged that each wedding speech be under five minutes.  The role of a good MC is to ensure that nobody tries to steal the spotlight. Another tip is for the MC to avoid impromptu speeches by guests that have been swept up in the moment. At one wedding where I was the MC there was an out-of-town guest that desperately wanted to speak.  The woman was not on the docket and had nothing prepared.  It was my job to control the flow of the reception.  Even though she flew from thousands of miles away and had known the groom since he was a baby I did not let her speak.  The reason is that too many speeches bore the audience.  It would have been more appropriate for the guest to say a few words at the rehearsal dinner, or the brunch the day after the wedding.  These two settings are more informal and are better suited to the impromptu speeches. The order of wedding speeches is a key part of any smooth wedding reception and it should not be ignored by the MC nor the speakers. Alexander Thornton is a professional speechwriter who can help you learn more about delivering a dynamite wedding speech. Browse our speech templates and presentation tips at http://weddingspeechestoasts.com/home More Wedding Planner Articles

How To Make Maid of Honor Speeches For A Wedding

There was my sister’s wedding coming and I was invited to be her maid of honor. Didn’t want to disappointed her, I needed to ind maid of honor speeches that would be great. I wanted to make the whole family erupt in laughter while at the same time pleasing everyone with an emotional speech.   Keeping some of it a secret so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise I consulted her on some of my ideas that I felt I needed her input on. Knowing the direction of the wedding speech I should take really helped after talking with my sister, Kristin.   What To Say   My sister, who was on cloud nine at this time, had the bride speech finished months ago when she first become engaged, and our father was beginning to panic because he still needed to complete the father of the bride speech. It really helped me talk over what direction my maid of honor speech should go in because I didn’t want it to repeat what they would be saying at the wedding. Nothing is more boring than a speech literally repeated twice in front of a large group of people.   Sometimes speeches are combined so there is no mistake of repetition. I have been to several weddings where the bride and groom composed a wedding speech and delivered it together.   The Perfect Speech   When we discussed my speech we were able to remember more ideas and stories of how we grew up together. I was able to recall stories I had long forgotten and realize just how amazing my sister, Kristin, really is by brainstorming with her.   When we did talk we also were able to put together similar stories but with our own point of views on the topic to make them more entertaining and exciting. No one wants to hear the same story from the same point of view so my maid of honor speech put a whole new spin on her story.   Sharing ideas with my sister in order to put together killer maid of honor speeches really helped me out. Instead of struggling to come up with ideas I suddenly had so many that I just needed to organize them in a concise fashion. Read more about other speech examples.   My dear friend Diana Taylor has a special site with killer maid of honor speeches. You will find her tips on speaking at http://maidofhonorspeechesreview.info really helpful especially if you are stuck. More Wedding Checklist Articles

Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches – Where to Begin

The wedding is tomorrow, you’re still helping the bride with the final preparations and you have not even given maid of honor wedding speeches a thought! What are you going to do? You do not even know where to begin! Is this you? Well, good news, read on and you will be able to give the speech of speeches tomorrow. Maid of honor wedding speeches – where to begin: Start by introducing yourself, remember, not everyone knows you. Thank the bride and groom for the honor to be part of this joyous occasion. Compliment the bride on how beautiful she looks (some traditional things still needs to be said!) Now you say a little about the relationship between you and the bride. Tell a humorous story involving the two of you. Say something about how the bride and groom met Tell a little story about how their relationship developed. Say something about how happy you are for the couple and how well they are suited for each other. Now you can say a little about the ceremony and what it means (depending on the religious beliefs of the couple) End your speech on a very positive note and wish them happiness for the rest of their lives. If you have been asked to, propose a toast to the bride and groom (this differs in different cultures and countries so check with the bride about it) As fat as the toast goes, keep it short and simple, I find that always works the best A few things to keep in mind with maid of honor wedding speeches: Make short notes as nerves can make you forget what you wanted to say Do not offend, embarrass or insult the bride, groom or any of the guests! Keep the speech short, no more than five to eight minutes Try and work in a good joke or quotes, but keep it in good taste In an emergency these tips for maid of honor wedding speeches will see you thorough. Of course, if you have more time to look at Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches you will be able to prepare a much better speech! You will be able to spend more time on looking at Maid Of Honor Speech Examples, gathering more info on the bride and groom, getting good quotes and jokes and write a really top speech.

How to Create Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches With Ease – A Wedding Speech That Almost Writes Itself

So, you’re the maid of honor. Congratulations! The bride thinks enough of you to put you at her side on this special day and to ask you to give a speech about her that will become an indelible part of the wedding experience. Here’s a guide to help make that duty more a joy than a stress. 1. Introduce yourself. Chances are as many as half the guests (the groom’s side) may not know you. The rest of your speech will make more sense if people know who you are. 2. Thank whoever is hosting the celebration. This has traditionally been the parents of the bride. These days, it may be the bride and groom. Speak on behalf of the guests to thank them for making you all part of the special day. 3. Mention how beautiful the bride looks and how good she and the groom look together. The trick to making this work is being specific. Mention something about her dress or compare this occasion to another, and your compliment won’t seem perfunctory. 4. Take a poke at the groom. Something very brief, gentle, and not mean spirited. 5. Tell a brief story about the bride and groom. The more it’s from your perspective the better. Make it something other people don’t know if possible. You’ll likely be involved but keep the focus on them. And if you can make it a story that redeems the groom (after your poke) that’s even better. Rehearse this a bit to keep it crisp and to make sure you don’t get lost in the story when you’re feeling nervous or filled with adrenaline on stage. 6. Make a redeeming statement about the groom if you didn’t have one in your story. 7. Include a positive spiritual message if the bride and groom are spiritual people. 8. Offer a nice toast to send the couple off. You can make this unique by finding a quote with character, possibly even one that doesn’t directly deal with love or marriage. Now pay attention to this part: There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t create a wedding speech with little preparation or stress that will leave the guest moved and wistful. There’s a kit available that helps you create maid of honor wedding speeches in no time at all. It’s really inexpensive (and if you follow the link above, you can get a discount) and covers everything from speeches, to jokes, to wedding etiquette. Related Wedding Checklist Articles

Wedding Maid of Honor Speeches ? Easy Ways to Compose an Original Wedding Speech

Wedding maid of honor speeches are easy to make because most maid of honors know the bride and the groom well. But if you are not contented about your information about the couple, you must ask help from your other friends. And if you don’t know a lot of things about preparing your speech for the wedding, here are tips for you! Learning the tips below will help you on how to make your speech. The first thing you must do is to introduce yourself to the audience. You tell them your relation and closeness with the bride and the groom. Most often, a maid of honor is the best friend of the bride. Hence, you will have to talk more about the bride more than the groom. In addition, extend your congratulations to the couple. Don’t forget also to thank the entire guest for making the wedding very wonderful and memorable. Following these things is necessary since all of those details compose the opening part of your speech. The speech of the maid of honor is not totally long. Therefore, you are required to make your speech a little bit short. Instead of giving full details, you better summarize into important facts only. Furthermore, the audience will only want to know some great stories and testimonies about the newlyweds. You don’t have to make a very long narration of their love story. Keeping your maid of honor speech short but concise is suggested but ensure to make the event memorable as well. Everybody knows that without humor or jokes, the speech can bore the listeners. If you add some funny jokes in your speech, the listener will be very pleased to listen. You will certainly make them laugh for those funny jokes. However, remember to avoid stating embarrassing or humiliating statements. Otherwise, you will end up hurting the feelings of somebody from the couple or the audience. Including decent jokes and hilarious lines can make your speech more interesting to listen to. Following those ways is how to make good wedding maid of honor speeches. Remember that everything you say must comes from the heart to make your speech sincere, real and honest. Writing a speech has never been better without being true to your feelings and thoughts toward the couple. Get to know more about the different things you need to know on how to write wedding maid of honor speeches. Find great wedding quotations, read a few speech samples or learn effective tips about wedding maid of honor speeches through this wedding speech site. Rachel R. Goin is a theatre artist and writes on lots of issues like theatre,art,history,wedding etc..She likes this website http://www.maidofhonorspeechesandtoasts.com/ on maid of honor speeches and toasts.

Tips For Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches

Your maid of honor speech will work best if you set out to have fun. If you decide to enjoy yourself the task will not be such a worry. Your attitude will help dispel any nervousness on your part and the audience will enjoy it. Of course there will be important things you will want to say about the bride and you will be sincere and serious when you say them. There will be your emotional expressions of your relationship with the bride and everyone will want to hear them. Some wedding speeches can be dull but yours can lively and enjoyable. As soon as you know you are going to make a speech, start taking notes. Go over some of the fun times you and the bride have had. If you need to fill in some gaps the family will be able to help. Some of the family and friends will already know some of the stories but they will be new to others. Your stories can show some of the bride’s character traits and underline your relationship with her. They can bring out a side of her character that may not be known to some of the guests. There are guest at every wedding who do not know the bride very well, so it is your chance to tell them why you think the bride is such a special person. The best wedding speeches are the best prepared. Write out your speech until you know it thoroughly. Even if you do not commit it to memory, although this works best, the structure and phrases will stay with you. If you do this you are less likely to flounder or lose your way. Have your speech with you to help you stay on track but do not read from it all the time. Using headings instead of the full speech is better but to do this you need to be well prepared and maybe to have had some experience in public speaking. This way you will be less likely to read it. The better you know your speech the less nervous you will be. Picture yourself enjoying the whole occasion, including the speech, so that when you get up to talk you will be looking forward it. Take some time to compose yourself by slowing your breathing before you get up to speak. When you first get up, pause for a minute and look around the audience. You will see a lot of smiling, expectant faces. This will help settle your nerves. Then deliver your speech with enthusiasm. You enthusiasm will carry the audience along and your maid of honor wedding speech will be a big hit. You can take some of the worry out of preparing your maid of honor speech by following some of the tips and guidelines at http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-make-a-wedding-speech William Burnell has been a groom, a best man, father of the bride 4 times and a wedding MC. He knows how difficult preparing good wedding speech […]

Free Wedding Speeches – Free Groom Speeches

Wedding Speeches – Groom Speeches Grooms are expected to be nervous when it comes to their wedding speech. Being nervous and being ill-prepared are two different things. The audience will forgive you for being nervous but it is hard for them not to feel let down or disappointed if you have not spent the time on preparing you a speech. Preparation is the Key Nothing replaces preparation. Your speech will be as good as the time you spend on it. Write, rewrite it and polish it. You should know it thoroughly by the time you have to deliver it. The more you think about it, the more the phrases and structure will be imbedded in your mind. This will help you to stay on track. You can keep going by recalling a phrase or two. You will know it is not exactly what you meant to say but no one else will. To keep you on track use notes with headings. Relax Easier said than done, I know, but you can slow down your breathing and mentally let any tension go. Do not act in a nervous way. Pretend to be calm and you will be calm. The atmosphere helps, because by the time you have to make your speech, the rest of the room are enjoying themselves. It is a happy occasion so most people are ready to listen in an amused, uncritical way. You can pick up on this feeling of goodwill and relaxation to help put you in the same mood. Decide to have fun and you will enjoy yourself. Be Sincere This is no time for complete frivolity. You have to be sincere when you toast your bride and do it to the best of your ability. You surely have to be sincere when you toast your parents and your bride’s parents. Of course, you can be light-hearted and talk about funny incidents that highlight what you want to say but be careful about trying to be too funny – particularly if the joke is on someone else. You could live to regret it in the years to come. Say What You Have to Say Do not get up and ramble on. Say what you have to say and sit down. People get bored very quickly. They want to continue having a good time. If you are sincere and to the point, they will be on your side and applaud enthusiastically. They will compliment you on having made a good speech. If you have fumbled about, rambled on and generally gone nowhere, they will simply not mention your speech or feel they have to come up with half-hearted compliments. There is no reason to make a bad speech at your wedding. You owe it to everyone present to make the best speech you can. Your efforts will be well rewarded by a proud bride and parents and by grateful guests. When you look back in later years you will feel good about the whole day and […]