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Lift Working Zones

Lift rental working zones are very important for ensuring the success of a rental. A working zone is the area that a lift can reach up in the air. Depending the model of lift and how high up the basket of a lift is, the manlift has a limited outreach. This varies for every model of cherry picker, and can affect the success and ease of your job. Take a look at the working zones of several models of lifts before choosing which model to rent. Additionally it can be useful to measure the exact distance up, and across that you need to reach in order to complete your job, then compare it to a lift rental working zone. 34′ Tow Behind Lift NiftyLift TM34T working zone 42′ Tow Behind Lift with Drive Assist NiftyLift TM42t working zone 45′ Tow Behind Lift Bil Jax 4527a working zone 50′ Foot Towable Lift with Drive Assist NiftyLift TM50 working zone 50′ Self-Driving Lift NiftyLift SD50 working zone 55′ Towable Lift BilJax 5533a working zone 64′ Drivable/Towable Lift NiftyLift TM64t working zone 60′ Telescopic Boom Lift Genie S-60 Telescopic Boom Lift 80′ Telescopic Boom Lift Genie S-80 Telescopic Boom Lift If you have any additional questions on choosing the right lift for your job or the Lift Rental Working Zones diagrams please call one of our helpful staff members! (262)827-1444 For other important information regarding lift rentals please check out our other blog posts on the topic. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!