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How to Prepare a Spa Themed Bridal Shower

This spa theme is a good way to relax with the bride as she approaches one of the biggest decisions in her life. There is so much to do during weddings and this is one special moment the bride can share with her friends while being freshened up for the wedding day. Aside from colors, make sure that the place where the spa bridal shower theme will be done is aromatic. Relaxing music like sounds of water from the ocean or the stream can make a big effect for the party. You can turn a little room into a spa themed venue by making sure that it has soft lighting and soothing music. Make an effort to create the invites in a way that will match the spa theme. A perfect gift for the bride would be gift certificates as this will help her relax while living a new life being married. There are so many items to choose from if you think gifts for this kind of theme would be hard.  This party is supposed to be for healthy living and this can be done by preparing light snacks or nutritious food. Since everyone will be busy catching up while being treated inside the spa, you just have to prepare finger foods for everyone. There is a wide variety of recipes for cakes, pies, and many other tempting dessert recipes. There is no need to serve some alcohol or colored drinks. Water or teas will do.  Massage, body scrub, facial, manicure or pedicure is enough for the guests to enjoy their stay during the party. If you are lucky, you can even get a special service, where all the materials and equipment needed for the spa treatment will be brought along by the therapists if you hire one to come to your place. This bridal party theme should not be expensive, hosts can buy manicure or pedicure or spa tools so guests can treat their own while chatting with one another. After the party, the guests can take home the manicure set they used to relax themselves as party favors. Note that part of the party is giving favors and so making sure it is related to the spa theme, the party is a success. Harrison Fray is an expert at numerous kinds of wedding ceremony and romance relationship concerns. He can help you to pick out the very best in groomsmen gifts with extraordinary style. Harrison can positively help you with selecting appropriate bridesmaid gifts also. Stop by Engraved Gift Creations to determine what Harrison suggests. More Wedding Preparation Articles

How To Prepare In 4-12 Months Before The Wedding Day

Each newlywed wants unique yet sweet memory of their wedding ceremony. Making a to-do list is very important when planning your wedding. With DressesShop pro checklist as your guide you’ll tick off you to-do list one task at a time. First things first: Decide on the type of wedding you want – big or small, formal or informal, indoor or outdoor. Finalise the date. Determine your budget as soon as possible. Keep a notebook and dedicate a section to each part of the wedding, such as catering, music and flowers. Paste in magazine pages that inspire you. Put together the guest list. Decide on your bridal party and MC. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, research, meet and book one. Start the search for your wedding gown or visit a dress maker. Begin your bridal beauty regimen. Book ceremony and reception venues. Schedule an engagement party. Seven months (+): Send save-the-date cards. These are especially important if you’re having a destination wedding or if you’re marrying on a weekday or public holiday. Choose your gown and organize fittings. Book your officiant. Research them meet with your short-listed service providers such as caterers, cake designers, florists, make-up artists and photographers, and book your favourites. Organize your wedding music and book a musician, band or DJ if required. Set up a gift registry. Book your honeymoon, including flights and accommodation, and check for visa and passport requirements. Schedule time off work, including a couple of days before the wedding. Four to six months: Check marriage licence requirements, especially for a destination wedding. Select and purchase your stationery. If you’re going to have a rehearsal dinner, decide on your guest list, book a venue and plan your menu. If you’re going to have a post-wedding day breakfast or brunch, set the guest list and make any necessary reservations. Arrange wedding-day transportation. Ask Meenouir Cheung, who is from, for advice in areas of Wedding Dresses and Party Dresses. We write numerous articles providing information for the customers. We carry a fabulous collection of Wedding Dresses designed to complement your bridal outfit.

The Right Sequence to Prepare For a Beach Themed Wedding

This is it. He finally popped the question, or you did. You have set a date,and now you need to plan your special day. You want a classic white wedding,but you want to theme your big day with a beach theme. How do you get started, and what can you do? First of all, you need to locate a nice sandy beach that will accommodate the amount of people there will be in your wedding party. Call the local chamber of commerce or city hall to get permission to hold your grand party on the public beach, or if you can, try to find a private area. Don’t forget to ask questions about concerns like candles, parking permits, or any other no-no’s there may be. Don’t want to ruin your beautiful beach themed wedding by neglecting to find out the important details, and then being told to leave. Now that you have all the specifics of the “where,” now we need to think about the “when”. When choosing a wedding date on a beach, make sure you understand the areas weather patterns. No one wants to be rained out on their wedding, and definitely not hurricaned out. Check with the local news team or weather station to ask questions about past weather patterns for that area around the date you want to say “I do”, and get some options for emergency weather changes. When planning a beach themed wedding, don’t forget Mother Nature Having a beach themed wedding is a beautiful, romantic way to begin your new lives as a married couple. Whether it is done early morning, with the sea mist rising, or in the evening with the warm sun setting in an orange haze on the horizon, it is sure to be a wedding to remember. Just remember to keep a light heart, and have fun with it. This is your time to shine, so go ahead and sparkle. For more tips like these go directly to to download your free guide that will reveal the 10 secret steps to implement to sidestep disaster and avoid frustration. Related Wedding Preparation Articles

Prepare For Your Wedding Day With Acai Berry

Your wedding day is one of the biggest day of your life. It’s the day you tie the knot with the love of your life. A traditional wedding is usually in front of family and close friends from both, the bride and groom. And in the middle of the planning for your big day, you’ll also need to consider other things like taking care of your weight. Because you need to get in good shape to fit in that beautiful wedding dress. If you think about it, the main goal for both the bride and groom is to look stunning at the big day. Well in terms for the bride, it would be very difficult trying to put on your wedding dress and trust me, the last thing you want is people focussing on your weight. Besides if you work hard dieting and exercising in preparation for your wedding you will gain a slim toned body and you will be more confident. It’s always a good idea to go for suitable diets that are healthy. So include lots of fruits, vegetables, and low fat diary products to your diet if you want to lose weight effectively. And for extra healthy benefit you should consider taking the Acai Berry. The Acai super fruit is 100% natural and it has valuable nutritious properties that will help you reduce your level of cholesterol. And if you search for the Acai Berry on Amazon you will find a wide range of acai products such as juices, capsules, tea and powder, so you can enjoy the super fruit in various ways. For example – you can add acai to ice cream, cereal, smoothies, milkshakes, and other beverages. And ensure you work hard with your exercises, in fact you should exercise at least 2 weeks before your big day, but for better results you should start sooner. So altogether you will have a good dieting plan including the nutritious acai berry super fruit to help you reduce weight and by doing excessive exercising you will boost your weight loss because you will burn fat more effectively thus achieve a slim toned body in a short amount of time. As long as you stay committed and avoid fatty food, you will be able to lose weight in time for your wedding day. It can be extremely stressful planning your wedding, that’s why it’s important to remain in a good state of mind because it can be even more stressful if you’re trying to reach your weight loss deadline in a short period of time. If you have to, find your self a work out partner who can motivate you to lose more weight, and always believe in yourself, you should tell yourself that you can do it. Related Health Article: Acai Berry Related Wedding Preparation Articles

How To Prepare a Vegetarian Wedding Party

It’s a rising tendency for people to shift to a healthy vegetarian diet, so does the wedding party. Vegetarian weddings have emerged and become a fad among today couples. Preparing a vegetarian wedding is time and labor consuming but interesting. It’s common today to see the couples steering away from the traditional wedding customs.   Vegetarian diets contain no poultry, shellfish, fish or meat. Most vegetarians are comfortable with both eggs and dairy products. Strict vegetarian weddings also shun refined sugar and honey.   Vegetarian wedding is the same as other weddings, except that it involves more labor and plenty of choice.   Coping with Non-Veg Guests Offer regular vegetarian foods to non-veg guests such as sweets, pasta bars, breads, soups, salads, potatoes and cheeses. These are familiar items and would make the guests comfortable. Better inform the guests in advance about the vegetarian reception.   Find good caterers who are experts in preparing vegetarian food. Vegetarian cuisines come in wide range. So, there is no reason to settle for stir fried veggies or pasta primavera.   Another option is to book at a vegetarian restaurant to host and cater to the wedding reception. Couples who have eaten at a restaurant would be sure of the food quality. Limit exotic ethnic dishes to accommodate the guest’s palate. Vegetarian cake Ordering a large vegan cake is the most difficult aspect of vegetarian wedding. Many bakers unfortunately don’t know how to prepare a delicious cake without milk, butter and eggs.   If you are unable to find a vegan cake, prepare your own. Use flaxseeds as substitute for eggs. However, some people are allergic to flax. For such cases, use EnerG egg replacer available at various departmental stores.   Many vegetarian cookbooks have simple and easy to make recipes for white cake and vegan chocolate cake. You can even try applesauce cake, vegan carrot cake or tofu cheesecakes. Little effort and time pays off and you would be surprised in the end when guests would leave the hall with a long lasting smile on their faces.   For more invitations, visit They offer a variety of necessaries, including baby shower invitations.