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Wood Chipper 9″ Tow Behind

VERMEER BC-900XL 9″ Wood Chipper 


Rental Prices 

4 Hours  $290.00 
1 Day  $350.00 
1 Week  $950.00 
1 Month  $2300.00 


 A rental wood chipper of this size will make the job easy Regardless of a commercial setting or backyard cleanup, this 9” wood shredder will chop your work time down tremendously! All Vermeer models feature Auto Feed®, an automatic self-feeding system that increases your productivity and efficiency. This system monitors engine rpms and controls feeding action. Live hydraulics are featured on this 9″ model enabling the operator to reverse feed material without engaging the cutter wheel while the engine is running. 



-Designed for branches 9” in diameter or under 

-Easy to tow with 2” Ball 

  • Length – Feed Table Up, Tongue In 140.4 in 
  • Length – Table Down, Tongue Extended 154.8 in  
  • Width 79.5 in  
  • Height 101.5 in  
  • Weight – 2980 lbs  
  • Tongue Weight – 300 lbs 
  • Check out our other tree removal products, including lifts, 7″ woodchippers, and 9″ woodchippers. Having a professional tree remover come in to get rid of a pesky tree is expensive. Renting equipment is a great way for a do-it-yourselfer to get the job done while saving a ton of money.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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