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Wireless PA System

Our Wireless PA System is a Liberty brand system from Anchor Audio is the ideal rental to deliver voice amplification to your wedding, party or event.  It is also great for playing music.  Designed with reliability, simplicity and portability in mind, the Wireless PA system will be easy to transport to your venue.  Two separate speakers allow them to be in different areas of the party.  One wired mic and one wireless mic is great for corporate meetings or question and answer sessions as the wireless mic can be passed throughout the audience while the person speaking holds the wired mic.

For the tech savvy renter, the specifications of the components of this system are two universal 1/4″ XLR microphone input jacks, a 1/4″ and 3.5mm auxiliary line inputs, and a 1/4″ line output.  Recessed back panels protect the knobs and jacks and the dimensions of this unit are 23″ High x 14″ Wide x 11.5″ Deep and weighs about 28 pounds.  Liberty Wireless Sound Systems are proudly made in the USA.

Did you ever wonder how the sound travels from a wireless microphone to the speaker system?  There is a small battery operated radio transmitter inside the microphone body.  This then transmits the audio sounds coming into the microphone by radio waves to the receiver which recovers the audio and amplifies it!

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