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Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

A Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is a staple on almost every dinner table in Wisconsin, so don’t forget to add them to your party rental whenever you are serving food to your guests.  Whether you are serving a high end meal at your event or a simple picnic, this is one item that is universal to any gathering.

Ever wonder how a Salt and Pepper Shaker Set made its way into almost everyone’s homes and become such a great pair?  Salt was first used in 450BC in China and pepper originated in India about 4000 years ago, according to historians.  So where did these two meet?  Rumor has it that King Louis XIV was the man who first put salt and pepper on the table together as he did not care for many seasonings, and found these to his liking.  Makes sense because at one time salt and pepper were both commodities that only the very rich could afford.  In fact, in Roman times, salt was a part of the guards paycheck called ‘salarium’ which has now evolved into salary.  This is where the saying ‘they aren’t worth their salt’ comes from – a lazy or poor worker was not as valuable as the salt they received in their wages.  Regardless of how these two met, thanks to Louis XIV or whoever introduced this power couple.

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