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A Karaoke Machine Rental is the ultimate choice in Karaoke entertainment! We use the GIG Master VocoPro which is a leading manufacturer of Karaoke equipment.  Area Rental & Sales has provided patrons of bars, churches, schools, clubs and individual consumers the opportunity to sound like a star with full-scale club models.


• All-in-one design pumps 180W of power through a 6-speaker cabinet (90W + 90W peak to peak)

• Multi-format player supports standard CD, DVD, CDG, VCD, MP3, PHOTO-CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats

• Dedicated 1/4” Guitar and Keyboard Inputs with individual Volume controls

• Two 1/4”/XLR Microphone inputs with Bass, Treble, and individual Volume controls

• Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay controls for vocal enhancement

• 13-step Digital Key Controller to transpose the natural key of disc player audio

• Vocal Cancel and Partner modes for activating or removing lead vocals from Multiplex media

• 7-band equalizer to fine tune your tone

• Internal/External speaker selector with external speaker jacks

• Remote control for easy operation

• Inputs/Outputs: 2 pair RCA in and 2 pair RCA out, 2 VIDEO in and out and 1 pair XLR Balanced Audio out.

• 110V-230V and NTSC/PAL compatible for worldwide use

Karaoke Tips:

To establish a safe level:

• Start your volume control at a low setting.

• Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably and clearly, and without distortion.

Once you have established a comfortable sound level:

• Set the dial and leave it there.

• Pay attention to the different levels in various recordings.

When used properly the your karaoke rental will provide a night of enjoyment and amazing entertainment.

Some common decibel ranges:

Level: 30 Example: Quiet library, Soft whispers

Level: 40 Example: Living room, Refrigerator, Bedroom away from traffic

Level: 50 Example: Light traffic, Normal Conversation

Level: 60 Example: Air Conditioner at 20 ft., Sewing machine

Level: 70 Example: Vacuum cleaner, Hair dryer, Noisy Restaurant

Level: 80 Example: Average city traffic, Garbage disposals, Alarm clock at 2 ft.

The following noises can be dangerous under constant exposure:

Level: 90 Example: Subway, Motorcycle, Truck traffic, Lawn Mower

Level: 100 Example: Garbage truck, Chainsaw, Pneumatics drill

Level 120 Example:  Rock band concert in front of speakers

Level 140 Example: Gunshot blast, Jet plane

Level 180 Example: Rocket launching pad

Following these simple guidelines outlined above will ensure a safe, fun filled, and enjoyable entertainment.

We hope you enjoy your karaoke machine rental!


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