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High Speed Burnisher

High Speed Burnisher  

1 Day   $34.00  
1 Week   $108.00  
1 Month   $324.00  


A high speed burnisher rental is the perfect piece of machinery to polish waxed floors. Get your hard waxed floors looking great again. This model operates at 1500 RPM, allowing you to achieve a high gloss shine with fewer passes than a floor scrubber, or lower speed piece of equipment. The larger pad diameter of 20” allows you to finish your jobs faster and more efficiently. Why buy expensive machinery for a jab that has to be done every couple months when you can rent it when you need it?

For Milwaukee’s best rental equipment look no further than Area Rental and Sales in New Berlin and Delafield. We are able to satisfy almost any contractor or landscapers needs. Our equipment ranges from earthmoving equipment, to floor surfacing equipment, to tree trimming equipment rentals. We serve the Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Greendale areas, and beyond. Call us today at (262) 827-1444. 


Model: Hild Hi-20a 

Spins at 1500 RPM 

Scrubbing Area: 20” diameter 

Pads available in soft, medium, or hard 

*This is not a floor scrubber, please be sure that this unit is suitable for your floors*


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