Excavator With Grapple

Choose from our Kubota KX61-2 or our John Deere 27D excavator rentals to best complete your landscaping or construction project. With lightweight bodies and foot-wide rubber tracks these backhoes have excellent mobility over most terrains. Due to the compact frame, and 2.55 foot tail turn radius you can complete your jobs quickly and efficiently even in tight spaces.


If you need to move logs, rocks, or other large debris an excavator with grapple is the ideal machine for you. Our brand-new Kubota KX71-3 compact excavator packs power into a compact frame allowing you to complete your job quickly and efficiently, while still allowing you into spaces larger excavators can’t go. This grapple is removable, giving you the flexibility of two machines in one. With foot wide tracks this backhoe boasts an impressively low ground pressure of 3.9 PSI giving you the best chance to preserve your lawn. With an impressive digging depth of almost 10 feet, and an outreach of over 16 feet, this unit allows you to get more done from one location, making jobs quick and easy. Call today to set up your reservation at (262) 827-1444, and finally knock out that pet project, landscaping job, or other earthmoving project today. 




  Kubota KX71-3 
Digging Depth  9 ft 9 in. 
Max Dump Height  10.5 ft 
Digging Outreach  16.4 ft 
Tail Swing Radius  4 ft 
Ground Pressure  3.9PSI 
Weight  5910 lbs. 
Transport Length  14 ft. 11 in. 
Transport Width  4 ft. 11 in. 
Transport Height  8 ft. 
Fuel Type  Diesel 
Engine Size  27.5 HP 


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