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Cotton Candy Machine

A Cotton Candy Machine Rental will give your party a festive feeling.  Making fresh cotton candy is sure to be a show that both the younger and older guests will enjoy.  The stainless steel bowl ensures no sticking and easy clean up after the event.  The high performance floss head of a professional machine rental heats the sugar to just the right temperature to keep it clog free.  The inner screening around the cotton candy bowls edge allows for easier collection of the floss on the cone.  This Cotton Candy Machine Rental will make up to 200 cones per hour, or the floss can be pre-made an bagged before the party for quick and easy distribution at your party.

Each box of Cotton Candy Mix makes 60-70 cones of the sweet treat.   The flavors most reminiscent of childhood festivals are  pink and blue so we offer floss flavors in the most popular blue raspberry or pink vanilla.   Cotton candy cones and bags are available for purchase along with the mix to provide you with a one stop shopping experience.

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Tips when making Cotton Candy:

Sugar can be added to the spinning head throughout the spinning process.  No need to turn it off and restart.
Don’t be took eager to start twirling cones to collect the floss.  Allow a bit to build up in the machine and then start twirling.
Flavors can be mixed together in the machine.
If you are having difficulty collecting the candy, very slightly dampen the edge of the cone to catch the candy.
The easiest way to bag the candy is by allowing the floss to build up, twirling it around a cone or a large spoon and inserting it the bag all at once

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