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Chafing Dish

A Chafing Dish rental is perfect for keeping food warm at your next party or event.  The lower tray is filled with water and heater with two sternos from below producing steam to keep food in the upper tray(s) warm.  This double dish system creates a protective water jacket to keep even the most delicate foods, such as fish or crepes, warm with overcooking them or drying them out.  The chafing dish rental can be used with one large full pan or two half pans to warm two different items on your buffet.  This 8-quart chafing dish has polished silver finish to give your serving line an elegant look.  For best results, keep the lid on the chafing dish until it is time to serve the meal and use caution when removing the lid as hot steam may have accumulated underneath it.  A chafing dishes are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and other large events that require keeping a lot of food warm.

The full sized pan is 22”x14” and two half sized pans equal one full size pan.  For serving a large amount of guests, we recommend having back up pans or your food items so the buffet can be quickly and easily refilled by simply switching out a pan. 

Trays are rented separately.  Sternos last approximately 6 hours and are available for purchase.

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