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Buffet Bar Table Top Cooler 4ft

A Buffet Bar Tabletop Cooler rental has endless possibilities of uses for any party or event, whether high end or casual, this cooler can work for your food service or beverage service needs.  The dimensions of the Buffet Bar Tabletop Cooler are 48″L x 24″W and 6 5/8″ deep.  The material is an insulated polyethylene and features a drain at one end of the cooler, so an easy tip and excess water can be drained to minimalize watery ice.  Designed to be used on a table to keep beverages, salad items or other items cold at your party.  A larger 6 foot size is available if more space is needed, or combine several Buffet Bars together.

Great to use at family picnics, potlucks and other outdoor events.  Just nestle the containers into the ice filled Buffet Bar for storage and when ready to serve your guests, just open the lids.

For high end events or weddings, create a lavish sushi bar or seafood bar.  Use decorative sushi leaves to place the food items directly on the ice.  Or create a self serve salad bar using the Buffet Bar to keep all of the fixings cold while party guests assemble their plates.

This cooler rental is the most versatile cooler available for the multitude of uses as well as the ability to be used at the most casual party or the most elegant wedding.

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