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Wedding Planning in a Recession – Big Day, Smaller Budget

In these belt tightening times should you have to down-size your dream wedding? If you are going to be a little cost conscious where should you start? For many couples, and in particular, brides-to be, years may have been spent dreaming about their Big Day. Now the big question has been asked and accepted, and you may wondering whether you should be tightening those bridal purse strings. However, you can still have your dream wedding without going totally overboard with your finances. Try some of these less obvious budgetary constraints: Engagement rings. No-one wants to look at their engagement ring and be constantly reminded of that economic down turn. Do you or your fiancee have any inherited jewels that you could utilize? Your Great Aunt Ruby’s diamond ring may look a bit tired as it is, but pop the diamond in a new setting, and hey presto! Custom jewelers can create masterpieces for you out of your family stone. Well known jewelers such as Verragio and Tacori provide semi-mount engagement rings, so you can select a setting you absolutely love, and then have your own diamond set. This can be a very cost effective approach to having your dream engagement ring. Wedding rings. If you love the look of platinum wedding rings, but would prefer a less expensive metal, then perhaps palladium wedding rings could be right for you. Palladium is from the same metal family as platinum, and like platinum it is naturally shiny and hypoallergenic. While palladium wedding rings will be a little more expensive than white gold, they will be substantially less costly than platinum. Best of all, palladium never needs to be rhodium plated to maintain the luster. Unusual venues. You may be able to find a more cost effective wedding location than a traditional reception venue. Do you know anyone who has a fabulous cottage in the country, or by a beach or lake? Take the time to check the costs of various catering companies. You will be astounded at the price differences. Limit the cast of thousands. Do you really need to invite your third cousin who you haven’t ever seen? Or your father’s bank manager? Stick to close family and friends. Striking a few people off the invite list will quickly pay for other costs such as flowers, cake, and the photographer. Explain to anyone who is miffed that you felt awkward displaying conspicuous consumption in these times. Mae Smith is the webmaster of where you can design your own engagement rings or custom handcrafted jewelry and shop for Tacori settings prices when viewing our Tacori rings, jewelry, and wedding rings or make your own custom jewelry. Related Wedding Checklist Articles

How to Create Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches With Ease – A Wedding Speech That Almost Writes Itself

So, you’re the maid of honor. Congratulations! The bride thinks enough of you to put you at her side on this special day and to ask you to give a speech about her that will become an indelible part of the wedding experience. Here’s a guide to help make that duty more a joy than a stress. 1. Introduce yourself. Chances are as many as half the guests (the groom’s side) may not know you. The rest of your speech will make more sense if people know who you are. 2. Thank whoever is hosting the celebration. This has traditionally been the parents of the bride. These days, it may be the bride and groom. Speak on behalf of the guests to thank them for making you all part of the special day. 3. Mention how beautiful the bride looks and how good she and the groom look together. The trick to making this work is being specific. Mention something about her dress or compare this occasion to another, and your compliment won’t seem perfunctory. 4. Take a poke at the groom. Something very brief, gentle, and not mean spirited. 5. Tell a brief story about the bride and groom. The more it’s from your perspective the better. Make it something other people don’t know if possible. You’ll likely be involved but keep the focus on them. And if you can make it a story that redeems the groom (after your poke) that’s even better. Rehearse this a bit to keep it crisp and to make sure you don’t get lost in the story when you’re feeling nervous or filled with adrenaline on stage. 6. Make a redeeming statement about the groom if you didn’t have one in your story. 7. Include a positive spiritual message if the bride and groom are spiritual people. 8. Offer a nice toast to send the couple off. You can make this unique by finding a quote with character, possibly even one that doesn’t directly deal with love or marriage. Now pay attention to this part: There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t create a wedding speech with little preparation or stress that will leave the guest moved and wistful. There’s a kit available that helps you create maid of honor wedding speeches in no time at all. It’s really inexpensive (and if you follow the link above, you can get a discount) and covers everything from speeches, to jokes, to wedding etiquette. Related Wedding Checklist Articles

Wedding Jewelry – Five Reasons to Consider Custom Design

Once the bride has found the dress of her dreams she can cross that task off of her seemingly endless checklist, but the decision on her attire opens up more decisions to be made. Once the bride has her gown picked out the next step to completing her ensemble is to pick out her bridal jewelry. Considering custom design jewelry for the big day has many advantages and should be thought of as an option. 1. Unique- Like the dress, the jewelry paired with it can say a lot about the wearer. By having jewelry specially designed more can be taken into consideration than when purchasing mass-produced jewelry from a store. Custom jewelry is one-of-a-kind and can allow for the attire and personality of the wearer to be put into the piece. The impact of the attire can be increased with stunning and unique accessories and, the jewelry can reflect the wearer’s personality whether it’s fun and flashy, simple and elegant, or anywhere in between. 2. Coordinate- A great thing about having jewelry specially designed is the allowance for closely coordinating with the gown. Colors can be easily matched or complimented and the style of the outfit can be coordinated with the jewelry. If the bride has a beaded design on her dress a piece of jewelry can be made to coordinate with those beads and their design. This also allows for coordinating with the bridesmaids attire. 3. Quality- When working with a jewelry designer a standard of quality for the piece of jewelry can be established. This way, there is control when picking out the components of the piece to ensure that they meet the purchaser’s choice of quality. By having a piece of jewelry that is made with quality beads and metal, the jewelry will last and look its best for longer. Higher quality metals won’t tarnish either at all or as quickly as lower quality metals and, higher quality beads, like Swarovski Crystal, freshwater pearls, or gemstones, will increase the apparent worth of the piece of jewelry. 4. Memento- Bridal jewelry is something the bride wants to keep forever. It’s something that she can easily wear again (unlike the bridal gown) and is something that serves as a keepsake to remind her of the special and beautiful day of her marriage. 5. Gift- Whether the jewelry is a gift to the bride or the bride’s gift to her bridesmaids or other attendants, the fact that the jewelry was designed especially for them will make the gift even more memorable and special. There’s something to be said for personalized gifts, and what better a way than a personalized piece of jewelry that’s tied to such a wonderful and momentous day? Lindsey Bunnow is a custom jewelry designer who has a strong passion for creating personalized, affordable, and beautiful jewelry. Her experience ranges from working for a bridal retailer to designing and creating the jewelry for her own wedding. More Wedding Checklist Articles

Wedding Maid of Honor Speeches ? Easy Ways to Compose an Original Wedding Speech

Wedding maid of honor speeches are easy to make because most maid of honors know the bride and the groom well. But if you are not contented about your information about the couple, you must ask help from your other friends. And if you don’t know a lot of things about preparing your speech for the wedding, here are tips for you! Learning the tips below will help you on how to make your speech. The first thing you must do is to introduce yourself to the audience. You tell them your relation and closeness with the bride and the groom. Most often, a maid of honor is the best friend of the bride. Hence, you will have to talk more about the bride more than the groom. In addition, extend your congratulations to the couple. Don’t forget also to thank the entire guest for making the wedding very wonderful and memorable. Following these things is necessary since all of those details compose the opening part of your speech. The speech of the maid of honor is not totally long. Therefore, you are required to make your speech a little bit short. Instead of giving full details, you better summarize into important facts only. Furthermore, the audience will only want to know some great stories and testimonies about the newlyweds. You don’t have to make a very long narration of their love story. Keeping your maid of honor speech short but concise is suggested but ensure to make the event memorable as well. Everybody knows that without humor or jokes, the speech can bore the listeners. If you add some funny jokes in your speech, the listener will be very pleased to listen. You will certainly make them laugh for those funny jokes. However, remember to avoid stating embarrassing or humiliating statements. Otherwise, you will end up hurting the feelings of somebody from the couple or the audience. Including decent jokes and hilarious lines can make your speech more interesting to listen to. Following those ways is how to make good wedding maid of honor speeches. Remember that everything you say must comes from the heart to make your speech sincere, real and honest. Writing a speech has never been better without being true to your feelings and thoughts toward the couple. Get to know more about the different things you need to know on how to write wedding maid of honor speeches. Find great wedding quotations, read a few speech samples or learn effective tips about wedding maid of honor speeches through this wedding speech site. Rachel R. Goin is a theatre artist and writes on lots of issues like theatre,art,history,wedding etc..She likes this website on maid of honor speeches and toasts.

Wedding and Marriage Planning Blues – Stay Present As You Plan a Perfect Wedding and Marriage

The sheer volume of decisions to be made and details to be carried through with can be overwhelming as you plan your wedding. Often, particularly if you’re not a great detail person, this can cause stress. If your partner is on a different wave-length than you on the wedding planning, the stress can escalate. One of the things we often do in this situation is to put our heads down and bull through to the other side. We know nothing, we feel nothing, we get the tasks completed. This is dangerous. This is your wedding. You want to be present to the process of planning for your wedding and your marriage. This is your life. It’s not just “a short period and then it will be different.” It’s going to set patterns for the rest of your life together. It only takes 3 weeks to create a good habit. It takes exactly the same amount of time to start a bad one. You want to be in your feelings (that would be your real feelings, not your anxiety-induced feelings!) as you plan for your wedding. You don’t want to shut down. You want to experience each wonderful moment in the lead up to your wedding. You want to anticipate your marriage in a good way! If your feelings are resentment and irritation that your partner isn’t doing things that are moving the process along, you need to deal with those feelings (and not always with your partner.) If your feelings are resentment and irritation that your partner is worrying about what feel like ridiculous details to you, same caveats apply. Sharing your feelings is part of what marriage entails. To do that, you need to know what they are. Don’t have a lot of practice with this? Many of us grew up in homes where feelings weren’t appreciated. Keep testing. What do I feel now about this? Don’t intellectualize. Don’t justify, just figure out what you feel. When you can’t feel those things, trace back to when you shut down. What were you feeling then? If this is a common pattern, you may want to find a counselor and figure out how to get through it. Neither you nor your sweetie beloved should be riding roughshod over your feelings. You want to enjoy your wedding planning process. To do that you have to design a planning process you’ll enjoy participating in. To do that you need to know what you’re feeling. It’s going to make a much better planning process, a much more enjoyable wedding ceremony and reception, and a much stronger marriage. This is important enough that you should make promises about it in your wedding vows. And then you should live into those promises. You get extra points for practicing your wedding vows beforehand! Your marriage will be better for it! Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! There’s a lot […]

Is There Any Different Wedding Color But White?

Every bride wants her look great and most beautiful in her wedding. Thus, selecting the wedding dress that makes her outstanding and wonderful in her big day is the most interesting and important part of the wedding checklist. It is required to have a particular length, a particular stlyles and designs and stubbornly a particular color!   Before 1840 a lot of brides were wearing dresses that weren’t white. In fact the majority of brides were wearing all the colors of the spectrum but white! They were putting on the best thing they had on at that time and got married in that, so you can imagine how many colors they had at those weddings.   White color back in the days represented wealth and status (while now black and brown represent that, strange isn’t it?). What happened is Queen Elizabeth got married in a white wedding dress, and from then on, all the rich brides started to get married in white dresses.   It was still extremely expansive, even after World War 1, so very shortly after a famous designer company made a white wedding dress that was affordable. That doesn’t mean though that you need to ware white.   What if you like colors like baby blue? Or hot pink? They are just as soft as white, and infect have a lot more personality to them, so who said that you can’t ware them? By the end of the night you have to realize that it is your wedding, it is your moment to shine and live in a fairy-tale, even if its just for a few hours, so why not make it as best as you can? Choose the colors of the wedding dress that you love, especially after the year 2000, everything started to become more modern, and moving away from the traditional wedding-white.   Also, if you are interested in different types of flowers that can be used for weddings, YouTube videos of different types of wedding, wedding dances and over all of how a good wedding can go, and how a totally horrible wedding can end up, visit Wedding Checklist it has all the things to avoid in a wedding, and all the things you need in a wedding.

Wedding Planning Advice – Top Five Ways To Have A Stress-free Wedding

Stress and weddings seem to go hand in hand. There are so many small details to look after, so many decisions to make. Everyone wants a say in how you do it. So how do you get through it all with stress? It’s pretty simple. Just decide not to let yourself get stressed out. You do have a choice in the matter. How you approach the wedding planning and the people you work with will decide how your experience goes. Things can and do go wrong, however if you let it ruin the entire process, then you are the one that suffers. Cope with things the best you can and know it will work out in the end 1.  Have a Good Attitude. It’s true that life is what we make of it. If you go into wedding planning with a negative attitude, then things will go wrong. If you have a positive attitude, things tend to fall into place. A better attitude also makes people want to work with you and do their best for you. Remember, your wedding is going to be incredible and beautiful as long as you see it that way. Your guests will also pick up on your feelings, so spread a little happiness and let yourself enjoy the planning, the day and the celebration. Be sure to be kind to yourself during the planning, whether this means visiting a spa or taking a long walk to regroup. 2.  Money. More fights happen over money than anything else. It’s the source of most of the problems with weddings. One way to get over that is to figure out how much money you have to spend. Figure out your ideal budget, and then have a meeting with everyone who will be contributing. This may just be the groom or it may be the bride’s parents or the groom’s parents as well. Once you know how much money you have to spend, stay within that budget. Even if it’s not as much as you had hoped for, create the most incredible wedding with what you have. You might need to get a little more creative than usual, but make that a fun challenge. 3.  Be Kind To The Groom. While little girls dream about their weddings and plan it for years in their imaginations, men don’t. They usually don’t care what dresses the girls are wearing or what colors you choose for a color scheme. This DOES NOT mean he doesn’t care about you. He does. When he tells you he wants you to choose what will make you happy, he means it.  So be kind. If he wants to be involved, let him, but if he’d rather watch football, then set aside a little bit of time each week to get his input, then make the decisions that will make you happy. 4.  First Thought Best Thought. When you make a decision, let that be it. Don’t second-guess yourself. Once you’ve decided, then go to the […]

Wedding and Marriage Planning Blues – Accepting Apologies While Planning Your Wedding and Marriage

Wedding planning is stressful. Tensions are high. People say things they shouldn’t. People say things that are easily misunderstood. Feelings get hurt. Hopefully, each of you will get better and better at proffering an apology as you move through this wedding planning period. After all, isn’t that why wedding planning was invented? So that the two of you could perfect your sparring techniques so that they inflicted the least damage and kept the marriage moving in the right direction? Thought so. But accepting an apology isn’t so easy either. It’s important to remember that anyone who makes a sincere apology (um, not one of those, “I’m sorry, but”… apologies), deserves to be taken seriously. She or he deserves to be taken at her or his word. Someone who can say both “I’m wrong” and “I’m sorry” deserves to be forgiven. That apology should be accepted. To accept an apology You must know why you’re hurt. You must feel that your beloved knows why you’re hurt. Your beloved must make a sincere, good faith apology. You must appreciate those tendered regrets. You must be willing to move on to resolution of the problem. You must understand that resolution of the problem is what will move you forward. I know it’s difficult for the person who makes the apology, but not everything must run on your beloved’s schedule. If at the moment, you can only appreciate and not accept the apology, because you’re still fuming, tell your partner that you need time. And then take the time. It is not all right to hold up the healing because you’re irritated and want to punish your partner. For fighting to be fair, everyone must act in good faith. When you wander off the good faith path, you need to get back on it. (and here’s the news, both of you will.) Learning to fight fairly is not easy. Talk about your troubles learning this skill in your wedding ceremony. If you have role models (and it’s a good idea), mention them. Make promises about fair fighting in your wedding vows. And then practice like a house afire. You’re going to need to be skilled at fair fighting if you want to be married a long time! Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! There’s a lot more info to help you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams, the wedding vows of your heart and the marriage of a lifetime over on my website: And to help you create the wedding vows that will become the blueprint for your incredible, happily and healthily ever-after marriage, I’d like to invite you to sign up to receive 2 free wedding vow templates: Go on! I dare you, be happy together!

Wedding and Marriage Planning Blues – Let Go As You Plan a Perfect Wedding and Marriage

Holding grudges does not get you the long-term results you want. You may win a battle. But you also risk engineering your partner’s distaste for engagement. As soon as that happens, your marriage is in jeopardy. Winning a battle, however important it seems at the moment isn’t worth that. There are so many opportunities as you plan a wedding for things to go wrong. There are so many times when a beloved partner can squish a long-held dream or ignore the huge amount of planning that went into the planning and execution of a wedding. It’s also easy to be irritated because a partner just doesn’t care about the same things you do or that a partner cares about those things at all. You don’t want to blow up. You don’t want to stay silent and fuss and fume over them until the decision over light or amber beer becomes a relationship killer. (I almost had a couple get a divorce before the marriage over loading the dishwasher. As I said, wedding planning and weddings carry their own tension with them!) It’s important to remember as you’re planning your wedding that you’re actually planning the event that will get you to your marriage. If you’re smart, you’re using this time to work on planning your marriage as well. Everyone does financial planning, why not a little emotional planning? Use your wedding planning time to work on the fair fight. One important piece of fair fighting is letting go. If grudges are part of your fighting style, you want to ask yourself what you’re getting from them and what you might get if you didn’t use them. This is your beloved. You don’t want to be building a case against her or him. You want to be learning how to build a better and better relationship. That’s why you’re going to all the trouble of planning this wedding ceremony and reception. You’ve got a relationship that can beat the odds. Why not keep building the skills that will help you solve problems, rather than reinforcing the skills that keep you stuck? If your heart has been broken, learning to let go and trust again can be difficult. Sometimes, if things are huge, you might not want to let everything go too quickly. But most things are little. And little things don’t all matter that much. Find a way to get to the end of grudges and resentment. That will make moving forward with your marriage so much sweeter. Think you might need professional help? So what? You have a trainer at the gym don’t you? Fighting fair is tougher than mastering the stair climber! Promise one another fair fights in your wedding vows and live into a marriage filled with forgiveness and moving deeper into love. Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! There’s a lot more info to help you create the wedding […]

Checklist For Effective Essay Writing

Writing an essay is one of the most important ingredients in any part of a students academic career. Students with a flair for writing use essays to build their professional writing skills. The other students however usually find essays to be tiresome, without realizing what theyre missing out on. Not only do students miss out on developing their writing skills, they also miss out on important grades. Students should realize that essay writing isnt all that hard when one is focused enough and interested in the topic at hand. Keeping a positive mindset will ensure that essays get done more smoothly and without exerting too much effort. Heres a checklist that you as a student can follow in order to make sure your essay is worth the effort: 1. Dont put it off till the last minute. Professors tend to dump research assignments on students, who in turn lose their enthusiasm resulting in delays to meet their deadlines. Leaving out all research work, writing etc till the eleventh hour is a potential risk for shoddy research, careless citations, and lackluster writing. 2. Verify authenticity of resources. You can easily use the internet to conduct in-depth research over your essay topic. There are many viewpoints and information sources on the web [both fact and fiction] which you can use to build your essay. All thats required is rationality and intelligence on your part to back your findings and eventual point of v view. 3. Say NO to slang. This is looked down upon as one of the major causes of getting bad grades. Writing in an informal style is a critical error while writing an essay. While informal writing is okay for practice and creative writing, it is unacceptable while writing academic essays. 4. Critique your own work. Imagine yourself as an examiner and review your essay once youre done. Proofreading will allow you to notice any weaknesses or errors in the essay, so you can correct them before your examiner docks out potential grades. 5. Dont be too hasty. Carelessness in completing your essay will lead to undesired results, as examiners can easily identify half-hearted work. Make sure to put in the required time to polishing your essay so that examiners get the feeling that youve written it with utmost dedication. 6. Stay within [size] limits. You may think that using larger font sizes and page margins to create more pages will help meet your page quota, but professors are professors for a reason [i.e. theyre smarter], so dont even think about it. Look for quality in your material, and quantity will follow. Get ready to complete your essay with quality and with proper essay help from Custom essay writing is imperative to complete this grueling task successfully. More Wedding Checklist Articles