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Essential Checklist for Effective Copywriting

Whoever your audiences are, there are a number of fators considered when drafting your copywriting. Here is the checklist to ensure the right elements for your effectiveness of your copy.   Does your copy contain? An attention grabbing headline Reciprocation Commitment and Consistency Social Proofing Authority Scarcity Maximum benefits and zero risk 3:1 Ratio of ‘YOU’ to ‘I’ and ‘WE’ Answers to objections Call to action   Attention grabbing headline: This is the most important part of your copy. Its job should be to get attention, select the right audience and convince them to read on. There are many ways to do this, and the topic of headline writing is an article in itself. However, as a starting point, try to create a headline that delivers news, promises benefits and arouses curiosity.   Reciprocation: A feeling of indebtedness is a proven way to persuade people to do something. Other than offering something promotional in the copy – i.e. a free tips book – you can give them some very useful information, or, more common with copywriters, give them some cleverly crafted text that makes them feel like they should certainly read on. A good mindset for approaching any persuasive copy is asking what we can offer the reader, rather than just focusing on what will make the reader do what we ask.   Commitment and consistency: ‘As an ‘X’ sort of person you will be interested in ‘Y”. Your copy should align what you are asking the reader to do with desirable traits that most people, and especially your target audience, want to have. However, be careful not to patronise here or assume too much about the reader in your copy. It’s easy to overstep the mark.   Social Proofing: Covert let the reader know that everyone else is doing it. Let them know that the product or service is credible and has been used by many people. Including testimonials is a great way to show that you are reliable.   Authority: Does a credible body endorse the product or service? Are there stats from independent studies to back up why people should do what the copy asks them to do?   Scarcity: Let them know that your offer will only be around for a limited time, and only available to a limited number of people.   Maximum benefit and Zero risk: Outline all the benefits that your product or service will add to your readers’ lives, and then contrast it with the very little they will have to pay for it. You can even go a step further by reducing the risk to zero by making offers such as a ’90-day money back guarantee’.   3:1 Ratio of the word ‘YOU’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘WE’: Write from their point of view. The best way to do this is to speak directly to the reader. Go through your copy and count how many times you’ve used the words ‘you’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘we’.   Deal with […]

How to Lead Change – A 10 Step Checklist

One of the key skills of effective leaders is the ability to create and lead change. When change is completed effectively the organization adapts and learns, and achieves its goals. However all too often change efforts fail as they are met with resistance and fear. Change can be as minor as relocation to a different office or as major as rapid growth or downsizing. This checklist details the steps to take to prepare for and lead effective change. 1. Create a clear vision. Define where you want to be. Do the work necessary to  fully believe in and commit to the change. 2. Build a case for change. State where are you now. State where you need to be. Present the facts as a clear compelling reason for change. You must build excitement for the future in order to overcome the discomfort created by change. Build commitment and awareness of the need for change, and gain agreement for your vision of the future. 3. Build a powerful guiding coalition. Identify who you need as sponsors of your plan and gain commitment to the change effort by communicating your compelling case for change. Think together about alternative strategies to achieve the change, create transition plans, think about how you will overcome barriers. Assemble groups with enough power to lead the change effort, working together as a team. 4. Communicate and Operationalize. With your sponsors communicate the progress you have made and the ongoing transition plans, widely.  Make sure that each person fully understands their role in the change process and feels appreciated for their contribution. 5. Make sure you have the right players.  Hire people that are open to learning. Support them with the training and resources that are needed. 6. Encourage constant open communication. Regular communication is vital to the change process.  Feedback needs to be ongoing in all directions – up, down and across. 7. Encourage risk taking and brainstorming. Respect differences and test out new ideas and methods. Keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. 8. Sustain your belief in the change effort.  Believe in the change effort and communicate that belief with your actions and words. 9. Be prepared for the normal emotional reactions to change. Change can create instability, anxiety,  conflict, nostalgia for the past, and fear of the unknown. Help people move through these responses by expressing empathy and using a coaching leadership style. 10. Celebrate success. Acknowledge short term gains and communicate the connection between new behaviors and corporate success. By Doris Kovic, Business and Executive Coach of Leading Insight.

Checklist For Writing Catering Coupons

When advertising a catering business, you want to do everything possible to make your company standout, and be a little different. You need to find ways to be the leader or the most experienced in your particular catering niche. You should include as much information as possible about your business, to help your prospects and potential customers make informed and positive decisions to use your company. Testimonials, either written, audio, or video are the best way to attract new sales. Word of mouth is also a great way to promote your business. You need to serve excellent food and give great service, at a reasonable price to maximize word of mouth advertising. Here is a checklist of items that you should consider and include when making a catering coupon offer. _ Type of cuisine _ What types of themes do you recommend _ What does your service consist of and number of people _ Venues you are connected with _ List of services you provide in addition to food _ What type of events do you handle _ Do you provide drop off food service _ Do you cater small parties at home or in a business setting _ Do you provide specialty catering, desserts, hot dogs, wedding cakes _ Do you have a personal chef who will cook the meal _ What are your hours of operation _ What are your payment terms _ Do you give discounts or package prices _ How much notice do you need to serve food _ How long have you been in business _ Have you won any awards _ Are you a member of special organizations _ Have you been cited as a leader in your field by local media _ What is your specialty This checklist should help you design, create and publish outstanding coupon offers that will delight your prospects, give them confidence in your abilities, and help produce additional sales through coupon distribution and redemption. Joel Helfer is an online advertising expert. He is a powerful mentor with over 40 year business experience and can help you create compelling online and offline offers that make you more money. He can be reached at Search his website More Wedding Checklist Articles

Checklist In Finding Forex Expert Advisors

Investing in forex market is no longer something new. This investment has given a lot of people a good source of income. Looking at the downside, it has given a lot of people a terrible experience as well. Why is that so? There are two possible reasons. One, they do not have any knowledge or experience in dealing with the market. Two, they consulted lousy forex expert advisors that earn them no profit but only lost. If you are inexperience, do more research but if you found lost advisors, keep reading. I will provide you a checklist to find good forex expert advisors so that you will no longer lose more money. First of all, look for the advisor’s forward test statements. Why is it part of the checklist? It is simply because the statement is generated live and spontaneously. You can observe how these advisors perform and you can weigh by your own if that particular advisor is qualified or not. You can check for their results online and assess them from their performance in the test. By having such test, it gives you at least a bit of assurance if the advisor is reliable or not. Apart from that, there has been a lot of scam and you might think that all forex advisors are scammers. Well, it is not necessary true as there are some advisors who are really legal and reputable. All you need to do is to make some research and read more reviews regarding that particular advisor. If he is good, he will be highly rated and vice versa. Furthermore, consult an advisor who is dedicated and hardworking. To judge if he is that type of person, wait until you have finished your first deal with him and see if he provides regular support. If he does, it shows his willingness in dealing and this is the type of person you are looking for. Stuart is writer of many websites and currently he enjoys writing on wide range of topics such as”>Expert Advisor More Wedding Checklist Articles

It’s Necessary to Have A Holiday Checklist

A holiday checklist will prevent you from forgetting something before you get ready to pitch your tent in the outback. It is fun to trave while most items that you leave behind when packing can easily be replaced in most major cities. However, it is not always possible to replace, like the case of your camera or your prescribed medicine running out while on holiday. So, together with booking your accommodation, renting a car or scooter or even buying tickets for a play you have always wished to watch, it is advisable to get a good holiday checklist to assure that you will not forget anything important.   Using a holiday checklist is especially handy if you are travelling with children. Youngster require a lot of gear and it is easy to leave the right bottle behind or a favourite teddy behind, both of which can occasion some real unpleasantness while you are supposed to be enjoying yourself. However, your holiday checklist is so much more than an aid for remembering to bring along enough undergarments to last for the duration of your trip. It can also be very useful for booking your accommodation, making maps of all the places you are going and helping you to plan your itinerary in a smart manner.   A good holiday checklist will take into consideration every travel possibility and make sure that you do not forget anything that might be useful or valid on your trip. If you are planning a trip to an exotic locale, then your holiday checklist will include such things as making sure that you get your vaccines done in a timely manner so that they are effective while you are on holiday. It will remind you to take enough sunscreen so that you do not return looking like a lobster and it will help you to keep track of all the visas, permits and other documents that you will need along the way.   Your holiday checklist is more like a reliable guide and friend that anything else. As long as you have your checklist with you, there is no way that you will forget any essentials for your trip to paradise. There are two ways of getting a comprehensive holiday checklist – either you can sit down and write one up yourself, or you can do the smarter thing and get a ready-make list that will include everything you need. Home made lists can be incomplete because they rely on our knowledge for their completion. However, if you are unaware of something that you might need while on holiday, then it will not be on your list.   Your best bet is to choose a ready-made holiday checklist. By doing so, you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have all of your bases covered and that the list will remind you take all of the essentials on your trip.   Mike Barlow writes for Checklist site – the best online collection of checklists. Get […]

Maid of Honor Wedding Toast ? How to Knock Off the Audience’s Feet

Maid of honor wedding toast is usually given by the closest and best friend of the beautiful bride. In most cases, the maid of honors are either the best friend or sister of the bride. Either ways, you are here because you are chosen to be the maid of honor of your best friend’s wedding. The problem is you want to make a good speech that will surely knock off the feet of your listeners. Of course, you also wish to please the lovely bride. Hence, you pay attention to the details below to make a very interesting speech. Writing a maid of honor wedding toast is a fun part of the wedding reception wherein you can showcase positive things about the couple. The maid of honor is one of the few people who know some secrets, dreams and wishes of the bride. Use that advantage when sharing things about her. You can reveal her biggest dreams that she wanted to attain for so long. You may also give some statements about how she felt the first time she met her husband. Anything you can share that most people do not know is a great thing to include in your speech. But make sure you will not embarrass the bride or hurt the feeling of others especially her groom. As chosen to be part of the entourage and in giving speech, make most of your time impressing the guests. Generally, you will be the first one honored to lead the wedding toast. So you have to put extra effort in giving your speech and grab everyone’s attention. It is your duty and responsibility to give a very blessed and wonderful toast for the newlyweds.  Proposing a toast in a lively and exciting manner is what you need to attain before you end your speech. Concluding a very special wish as you finish your maid of honor wedding toast is a priceless offer you can grant to the couple. The delivery of speech is definitely a big opportunity which you cannot refuse. Participating in the giving of wedding speeches is a favor you can give to your best friend. Learn more different strategies on how to write and deliver a maid of honor wedding toast that will please the audience. Simply go to this maid of honor wedding toast site where wedding speech samples, toasts and all the details you need are provided herein.

Promoting your Wedding Photography Packages On the web

In case you are providing wedding photography packages, you might be in a business that has an enormous potential for success. However because there are plenty of wedding photographers on the market, you might find it arduous to get your business off the ground fast. Producing more leads is the important thing to your survival and with a purpose to be sure that you get a by no means ending supply of prospects, you need to appeal to a huge number of them. The first thing to do could be to print out a variety of enterprise cards. Just be sure you carry numerous them all over the place you go since you never know who you’ll meet on the street. Once you eat in a restaurant, leave a good tip behind together with a business card. Whenever you attend a social perform, inform individuals about your specific ardour and hand out business cards. This is one space of the enterprise where it’s best to by no means be conservative. Because the Web is what most people turn to nowadays, you would additionally make your wedding photography packages known by means of YouTube videos. Take a video of your greatest works and upload them. Social media websites get 1000′s of holiday makers each day so they’re perfect for promoting your business. They are additionally available 24/7 so that you advertise your service even when you sleep. Have a list of your loyal clients and talk with them on an everyday basis. This can best be carried out by means of a newsletter. By means of this method you will be able to indicate folks your latest offerings and any changes that you might need made in your wedding photography packages. Giving newsletters can even permit your small business to be advertised by phrase of mouth, which is one of the best types of advertising you can get for free. Lynwood P. Bazner Information on a Wedding Photography Package can be found at Wedding Photography Packages

Maid of Honor Toasts ? Essential Parts of a Wedding Speech

All brides are expecting to hear great messages from maid of honor toasts. Perhaps, you were chosen by the bride to be her maid of honor on her wedding day. Thus, you are here looking for some tips, suggestions and ideas on how to write maid of honor toasts and speeches. Don’t worry because this page will provide you everything you need to know. Paying attention to these tips is very important so you can easily compose the best maid of honor wedding speech. Let’s start with the most basic part of maid of honor toasts. This is the introduction part or opening statement of your speech. The most common content of this part is to welcome the guests, to introduce yourself and to congratulate the sweet couple. Starting your speech with a great welcoming remark and fabulous wedding congratulatory is what you must remember. Telling your relation to the newlywed is what you must write next. The bride is surely the friend you are closer to than the groom. That means you need to talk more interesting facts and stories about the bride. Yet, it is still expected that you share some things about the love story of the newlyweds. Retelling of some experiences and memories you have shared or seen from the couple must be the main focus of your speech. The last part of your speech is to give wedlock wishes and lifetime happiness. You need to offer your support for the two of them by saying best wishes and good lucks. These are precious little things you can give to the bride and her groom. Hearing these words from them is heart melting. Closing your maid of honor wedding speech should with inspiring words is a terrific way to end your message. Remembering these essential parts of maid of honor toasts will give you an idea on what and how to write a good wedding speech. You must be able to realize how each part is very important in a speech. Putting all of these parts in your maid of honor wedding speech is what you must keep in mind whenever you start writing one. You are given one of the lifetime opportunities to share exciting maid of honor toasts. So, it is highly recommended that you make your speech a lot more interesting and unique. To do that, visit this maid of honor toasts site where you can get more ideas on how to write a good wedding speech. More Wedding Checklist Articles

How To Make Maid of Honor Speeches For A Wedding

There was my sister’s wedding coming and I was invited to be her maid of honor. Didn’t want to disappointed her, I needed to ind maid of honor speeches that would be great. I wanted to make the whole family erupt in laughter while at the same time pleasing everyone with an emotional speech.   Keeping some of it a secret so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise I consulted her on some of my ideas that I felt I needed her input on. Knowing the direction of the wedding speech I should take really helped after talking with my sister, Kristin.   What To Say   My sister, who was on cloud nine at this time, had the bride speech finished months ago when she first become engaged, and our father was beginning to panic because he still needed to complete the father of the bride speech. It really helped me talk over what direction my maid of honor speech should go in because I didn’t want it to repeat what they would be saying at the wedding. Nothing is more boring than a speech literally repeated twice in front of a large group of people.   Sometimes speeches are combined so there is no mistake of repetition. I have been to several weddings where the bride and groom composed a wedding speech and delivered it together.   The Perfect Speech   When we discussed my speech we were able to remember more ideas and stories of how we grew up together. I was able to recall stories I had long forgotten and realize just how amazing my sister, Kristin, really is by brainstorming with her.   When we did talk we also were able to put together similar stories but with our own point of views on the topic to make them more entertaining and exciting. No one wants to hear the same story from the same point of view so my maid of honor speech put a whole new spin on her story.   Sharing ideas with my sister in order to put together killer maid of honor speeches really helped me out. Instead of struggling to come up with ideas I suddenly had so many that I just needed to organize them in a concise fashion. Read more about other speech examples.   My dear friend Diana Taylor has a special site with killer maid of honor speeches. You will find her tips on speaking at really helpful especially if you are stuck. More Wedding Checklist Articles Wedding Planning

Once you get engaged, everyone starts asking questions. Have you set a date? Have you picked a venue? Where are you registering? It seems like the minute the ring slips onto your finger, you have to start wedding planning. One of the first and most important decisions you have to make is whether or not to hire a wedding planner. Unfortunately, services like that are often prohibitively expensive. But thankfully, the Internet is chock-full of solutions for thrifty brides who need some guidance with wedding planning. Picking a date and venue for the ceremony and reception has to be done ASAP. People plan weddings YEARS in advance in some cases, so if theres a certain church or garden where you absolutely have to have your wedding, contact them right away and find their next available date. And always, always, always have backups prepared. Until youve signed the deposit check, you cant be sure youll get what you wanted. Next, enlist some help. Ask the ceremony venue how many bridesmaids you can have. This is very important: some churches and other religious places limit the number of people who can be at the altar with you. If youve promised every sister, cousin, roommate and sorority sister that they can be your bridesmaid one day, you may have to write some very gracious notes in the near future. Even if you cant have all of your friends be in the wedding party, that doesnt mean they cant come to taste cakes, look at dresses, or take shots with you at your bachelorette party. If you have to break the news that she wont be donning a taffeta dress on your big day, do it gently by letting her know shell definitely be involved with pre-wedding events and fun. Wedding planning should be challenging but fun. Youve got a lot of big decisions to make, so getting the major things out of the way early (venue, date, wedding party members) will leave more time for everything else. Itll also give you a solid answer when you get the inevitable So how is the wedding planning going? question. For more information about wedding planning please visit