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Salt and Pepper: A love story

salt and pepper shaker set

My daughter recently got married.  As the mother-of-the-bride, I cannot help but be elated that she had found the perfect match.  The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was a small dinner at my parent’s house under a tent we rented. Maybe it was all the romance in the air, or maybe it was lack of sleep from being up cooking all evening the night before the wedding, but I started to think about relationships, how they started and what made them last.  Then the oddest thing popped into my mind – the Salt & Pepper shakers on the table.  Now that is a relationship that has stood the test of time.  How did they meet?  Why are they so compatible and why does everyone have them as permanent guests in their home?  I mean, they are invited everywhere – weddings, picnics, graduation parties, birthday parties, even funerals!  Being naturally curious, and after a good night’s sleep after the wedding reception, I did what anyone would do in my situation, I Googled it. Turns out we have none other than King Louis XIV of France for setting up this duo – or at least his tummy.  Seems that Louis had a delicate stomach that could not handle spice, so he spiced his food with – you guessed it – salt and pepper… and the occasional parsley, but that is another story.  Back in the 17th century when King Louis would throw any kind of party, event or gathering, he would have a beautiful bowl on a pedestal filled with salt to serve only to his most important VIP guests.  The less important guests would still get salt, but just from a simple wooden tray.  Considering that salt was so expensive back then that you had to be – well, a king – to afford it, I guess being a lesser guest was not so bad. So, what about pepper?  When they met was it love at first site?  One of those meet-cutes where they bump into each other and giggle ‘You got your salt in my pepper, no you got your pepper in my salt, mmm tastes great!’ – and no, I did not steal that line from an old commercial, well, maybe I did, but that was a funny commercial.  I digress.  Turns out pepper was not Mr. Popular in the food circuit right away.  In several periods in history, it was avoided because people associated it with melancholy.  But once again, we must thank the French for making pepper hip again when its first celebrity chef encouraged people to spice foods with pepper.  No, it was not Gordon Ramsay, he is neither French nor that old, but I like to picture Gordon being the one to bring back pepper…  woops, I lost my train of thought for a minute there.  Back to the love story of Salt and Pepper.  Pepper was also awfully expensive when King Louis added it to the table, and it was placed on […]

7 Reasons To Rent A Bounce House From Area Rental

Bounce houses add a whole new dimension to a birthday party. They are a huge hit with kids and adults alike. They keep the kids entertained for hours on end and give the adults some breathing space and time to socialize. They also make the party look more appealing and attractive. Inflatables were once considered a luxury available only for purchase however nowadays they can be also be rented on a daily or even weekly basis depending on the occasion. Below are just a few reasons to rent a bounce house from Area Rental & Sales for your kid’s next big birthday bash: 1. Bounce House Rentals are Safe and Secure: Inflatables are totally safe and secure for children. Their inflated structure and rubber composition makes for a nice soft landing pad in case kids lose their balance while jumping up and down. They have no hard or sharp edges or other hazards. Child safety is an important part of their design and each rental Inflatables is carefully inspected before it is dispatched for use.  2. Numerous Inflatables Design Themes: This is one of the best features of our inflatables. We carry numerous popular themes, carefully designed to add a nice touch to your next event. Moonwalks can be of many shapes ranging from physical structures such as a princess castles or pirate ships, slides, combos, to skid loader jumpers. 3. Inflatables Are Fun: This is a universal truth. The facial expression of any child says it all as soon as they see a inflatables. It truly is a treat to watch so many kids having fun. In fact they enjoy themselves so much that even parents sometimes wonder if they can join in. 4. Choice of Versatility: Rental Bouncy houses are a great attraction for any occasion and are not limited to just birthday parties. They can be used at a graduation ceremony, wedding anniversary or any other special event. No matter what the occasion, there will always be a surplus of kids running around. Inflatables offer a great environment for the kids to stay busy while the adults socialize and mingle. 5. Ease of Portability: Since they come in various sizes, they can be installed in your house or in your backyard. Depending on the number of children attending, and space needed, Inflatables offer the ease of portability for any event. 6. Why Buy When You Can Rent? An excellent feature associated with bounce houses is that you do not have to purchase one in order to fully utilize it. Big occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays only come once a year. Renting a bounce house from Area Rental & Sales offers people the option to use this exciting feature only when they need it. 7. Ease of Installation: When you place an order to rent a bounce house you don’t have to worry about its installation. Area Rental can deliver the bounce house, inflate it and deflate it when the event is over. (Speak with an event coordinator […]