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Our Automotive Tools

Area Rental & Sales Co. LLC has been serving Equipment Rental and tool rentals near Milwaukee Metro area since 1975 with locations in New Berlin and Delafield.

Area Rental is open 6 days a week with a knowledgeable staff and a massive inventory of contractor and homeowner equipment. See our earthmoving eq too!

Engine hoist
Used for large trucks
  • 20000 lb max load
A tow dolly is a great way to transport a vehicle behind a camper for a road trip, move broken down vehicle, or move two vehicles with only one driver. This unit can transport vehicles up to 4600 lbs.
  • Max Wheelbase Width: 76” 
  • Max Capacity: 4600 lbs. 
  • Cannot haul trucks, large SUVs, vehicles with running boards 
‘-Used for straightening metal -Some bending or pulling applications -Used commonly in body and frame repair -Weighs 85lbs  
‘-3 piece engine stand that can lift up to 750 lbs. when assembled. -Breaks down for easy transportation (image is for reference only, actual item may appear different)  
‘-A five piece engine hoist capable of lifting up to 1200lbs. -Maximum boom height is 7.5’ -Breaks down into 5 pieces for transport into most trunks -Optional van mast available  
‘-125 max psi -Recommended 85-125psi -Great for your mobile compressed air needs -Weighs approximately 30lbs  
‘-Comes with 2 tanks and a dolly -Great for your gas welding projects -$6.00 per 10lb of acetylene used -$1.55 per 100lbs of oxygen used    
 The heat gun will help remove decals, soften adhesives and tile, and well as remove some paints/varnish.
  • 2 settings from 650° to 900°