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Intimate wedding of “Take That” star Robbie Williams and Ayda Field

On August 6th, 2010 Robbie Williams secretly tied the knot with Ayda Field in an intimate ceremony on Santa Catalina Island, California. Robbie Williams, 36, is the star in the band “Take That” while Ayda Field, 31, is the daughter of Hollywood producer Gwen Field and now works as an actress. Unlike many celebrities, the couple only invited close friends and family to attend their wedding. The color theme of the wedding was white, silver with orchids and white roses which were prepared at the price of £18,000 by Jackie Combs Floral Design. The bride’s hair was styled by celebrity hair guru Ken Paves. The wedding cake was made of chocolate with sea salt and baklava by Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Howard Donald – Williams’s bandmates from “Take That” – could not present at the ceremony because of individual plans. The couple will have a two-week honeymoon before Robbie arrives in the U.K. to promote his latest single named “Shame” which is scheduled to be released this October.   Robbie Williams, aged 36, is the star in the band “Take That”   Ayda Field, aged 31, is the daughter of Hollywood producer Gwen Field   Robbie Williams and Ayda Field feel happy together   On August 6th, 2010 Robbie Williams secretly tied the knot with Ayda Field     Williams and Ayda started dating with each other in May, 2007. To Robbie, Ayda is the most wonderful woman always standing by him even when he was in trouble. In November last year, Robbie proposed marriage to Eyda and she accepted. The couple bought a house in Wiltshire, but then decided to move to the £13-million villa in Beverly Hills. Before dating and marrying to Ayda Field, Robbie Williams used to have relationships with Irish singer Andrea Corr, TV presenter Tania Strecker, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter, and Hollywood beauties Cameron Diaz and Valerie Cruz. However beside Ayda, he finds safe and truly happy feeling.   The Classic Party Rentals was hired to decorate for the wedding ceremony   Preparation activities took place quickly and eagerly   Only family and close friends were invited to the wedding   White roses and silver are main color theme of the ceremony   The £13-million villa in Beverly Hills   Santa Catalina Island is the place where the wedding ceremony was held     Related links: Megan Fox secretly married to Austin Green in Hawaii Top Celebrity Wedding Dresses Happy moments of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding I am the fan of news on society and culture. I am currently the lecturer in social major. In free time, I am fond of reading articles and joining social activities. Find More Wedding Preparation Articles

Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches – 5 Tips to Take Off the Pressure

Maid of honor wedding speeches can be a tricky to get right. As the maid of honor, you may also find little time to spend preparing the speech amongst all the other wedding preparations. In the end, though, it will be worth the effort, as it is a privilege to be able to speak on behalf of the bride and your best friend. 1. Be who you are. It may sound odd, but many people try to put on a new persona on stage. And that’s not necessary. The bride chose you for who you are. Unlike the best man’s speech, the maid of honor’s wedding speech does not have to be filled with jokes and embarrassing tales of the bride and groom. It can be a little more sincere and girly!  2. Talk about concrete, personal memories. Your trick for an interesting speech is to include some personal thoughts and stories that relate you and the bride in particular. You do not want your speech to be the same as anyone else’s or to steal the thunder of the bride’s or mother of the bride’s speech. Expressing appropriate personal details will ensure your speech is unique and well-received by the wedding guests. It should provoke a little laughter from everyone, and especially the bride. 3. Stay away from clichés and generalities. More commonly mentioned details should be kept to a minimum, as they will most likely already have been spoken about in previous speeches. 4. Keep the tone light and fun. The tone of maid of honor wedding speeches should be light. Mention how much you have enjoyed participating in this special day and your personal take on the future relationship (provided that it is in favor of the bride and groom!). 5. Don’t stress yourself trying to memorize. You do not need to memorize the whole speech, and it needn’t be too lengthy either. Become familiar with the first few lines and refer to your notes when you need to, trying to make eye contact with the bride and guests as often as possible. It’s often tough for a nervous maid of honor to look confident and relaxed. And even if you could look confident, you won’t enjoy the evening. It’s far better to be relaxed. Here’s the point you don’t want to miss. There’s no reason these days not to deliver a great speech with little prep time and stress. There’s a kit that helps you create maid of honor wedding speeches in no time at all. It’s really inexpensive (and if you click the link above, you can get a discount) and covers everything from speeches, to jokes, to wedding etiquette. More Wedding Preparation Articles

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