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How to Prepare a Spa Themed Bridal Shower

This spa theme is a good way to relax with the bride as she approaches one of the biggest decisions in her life. There is so much to do during weddings and this is one special moment the bride can share with her friends while being freshened up for the wedding day. Aside from colors, make sure that the place where the spa bridal shower theme will be done is aromatic. Relaxing music like sounds of water from the ocean or the stream can make a big effect for the party. You can turn a little room into a spa themed venue by making sure that it has soft lighting and soothing music. Make an effort to create the invites in a way that will match the spa theme. A perfect gift for the bride would be gift certificates as this will help her relax while living a new life being married. There are so many items to choose from if you think gifts for this kind of theme would be hard.  This party is supposed to be for healthy living and this can be done by preparing light snacks or nutritious food. Since everyone will be busy catching up while being treated inside the spa, you just have to prepare finger foods for everyone. There is a wide variety of recipes for cakes, pies, and many other tempting dessert recipes. There is no need to serve some alcohol or colored drinks. Water or teas will do.  Massage, body scrub, facial, manicure or pedicure is enough for the guests to enjoy their stay during the party. If you are lucky, you can even get a special service, where all the materials and equipment needed for the spa treatment will be brought along by the therapists if you hire one to come to your place. This bridal party theme should not be expensive, hosts can buy manicure or pedicure or spa tools so guests can treat their own while chatting with one another. After the party, the guests can take home the manicure set they used to relax themselves as party favors. Note that part of the party is giving favors and so making sure it is related to the spa theme, the party is a success. Harrison Fray is an expert at numerous kinds of wedding ceremony and romance relationship concerns. He can help you to pick out the very best in groomsmen gifts with extraordinary style. Harrison can positively help you with selecting appropriate bridesmaid gifts also. Stop by Engraved Gift Creations to determine what Harrison suggests. More Wedding Preparation Articles

Great Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

Are you searching for great wedding shower gift ideas that are both original and practical? Believe it or not, there are many of them out there. You just need to be creative and take your time to look for them. The first thing you need to consider is the fact that this will most likely be the only wedding shower this person ever has, therefore it is important to make it as memorable as possible. You can check with any registry that the bride to be has filled out to see what she has put down as gifts she would enjoy. Just don’t limit yourself to only buying what is listed in a register. There will be many other gifts that she would love and enjoy that she probably had not even thought of at this time. Photo albums and picture frames are excellent gifts that will hold the memories of this very special day and all the ones to come in the future.Just about any “big box” store has registries, but alot of online store also offer them now as well. Other great wedding shower gift ideas include home decor gifts. This could be anything from a beautiful painting to a decorative wall pendulum clock. Having nice decorative home gift is always considered an appropriate and exciting present for the recipient. There are so many to choose from that finding the perfect item will be easy. All you need to do is get an idea of what the bride-to-be likes. For instance, if she loves birds or butterflies, then you can buy a clock, a lamp or choose from a number of different items that are uniquely designed with this theme. Just about any theme you can think of will be available in home décor and there is something available for every room in the home. Everyone would love to receive a gift that helps to give them a head start when it comes to home décor. Whatever gift that you decide to give, you do need to always consider the fact that there will be alot of people present at the shower, so please don’t give a wedding shower gift that will be embarrassing to the bride to be. If you are at a loss for what to buy and just absolutely cannot come up with a gift, then don’t forget about gift cards. This way she can go out and buy the one gift she was hoping for but didn’t get. You can even buy a small gift and include a gift certificate with it. Lisa Mason, Professional wordsmith for hire: gamer, wife, mother, entrepreneur, published poet, co-owner of game guides company, public speaker and Internet business consultant. You can learn more or follow Lisa’s blog from her website: Related Wedding Planner Articles

Wedding Preparation: The Bridal Shower

Before the big day comes, friends of the bride will most likely plan a bridal shower for her. This event is a send off party as she will say good to her single-hood. A bridal shower is a traditional occasion that honors a bride-to-be. Planning for this can be really fun and exciting and if planned carefully, this makes an unforgettable gift for her. So what is exactly bridal shower means? Aside from the idea that it is a send off party for a bride-to-be, it is also an occasion where everyone close to her can get together. It is the last hurray before she’ll tie the knot. Typically, a bridal shower is held days before the actual day of the wedding. But because there is now a variation for this event, it all depends on the hostess of the shower to decide when, where, what time, and what kind of bridal shower it will going to happen. Bridal showers can be an intimate home gathering or a really wild nigh out. Typically, a bridal shower is planned by a friend. This person will most likely host the party as well. It really depends on the planner, whether she will plan and host the party or the party will have another person to play as the host. Often, the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower, with of course the help of the bridesmaids. It will be a lot easier to organize an event if there are some people who help. It’s all in their hands on how to make the event memorable to the bride-to-be and guests. What to expect during a bridal shower. Definitely the bride-to-be will expect gifts from friends and loved ones. Giving bridal shower gifts have been a part of the bridal shower tradition. Typically, gifts offered to the bride-to-be are items that she will need for her new life, such as kitchenware and other household items. Sexy lingerie pieces are also the common items given as gifts for brides-to-be. Also, there are some fun activities such as games. These bridal shower games act as ice breakers to avoid boredom. There are lots of fun games to choose from, one of the most popular is the bingo game. Expect also the a bridal shower will serve meal to the guests. This may not be too much, in fact many prefer to serve light foods only and it doesn’t need for everyone to get drunk. A bridal shower can be celebrated at home or somewhere outside. Today, many hosts prefer a theme-based bridal shower because it is more fun and personalized. There are many bridal shower themes to choose from, but when selecting one, the host must consider the personality of the bride-to-be. Having the right theme, the rest of the bridal shower decorations and other supplies will follow. One can find the things needed in planning for such event online. It is easier to plan a bridal shower with the help of the Internet, than […]