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Planning And Preparing For Your Big Day

When you are planning your wedding you want to make sure that you understand how stressful the time can be. When you are taking the time to understand how you are going to manage your time you will be much less stressed. First, you want to make sure that you are taking the time to plan the date of your wedding. There are a lot of people that do not understand how to find a date that will work well for them and also work well for the rest of your guests. It can be very stressful to plan your wedding around the plans of the guests that you want to invite. Of course, you want to make sure that the immediate families of the bride and the groom can both attend before you set the date in stone. But you also want to make sure that you are taking the time to understand how you are going to make the date work for you. When you set your date you want to be happy with it and the guests will need to work it into their schedule. Of course, you want to make sure that you are giving your guests plenty of time to make changes in their schedule. If you are going to have a very short engagement you do not want to take offense if there are people that cannot come. When you are choosing your date you also want to make sure that you are taking the time to choose the venue that you are going to use. If you are set on a specific venue you want to make sure that you have a date that will work with the venue. Many people cannot have the venue that they want because of the date that they choose. You have to make sure that you understand how you are going to make the date and the venue work for you and your partner. When you are choosing your venue you want to make sure that you are taking the time to choose a venue that has the qualities that you need to have a successful wedding. Often time individuals will forget about very important details. If you do not have a wedding planner you have to make sure that you sit with a professional at the venue. There are many different types of details that you will not think about until you sit down with a professional. The number of guests that you have will necessitate how many tables and chairs that you need. There a lot of people which may also regulate the size of the room that you will be required to hold your reception or your ceremony in. The linens that you will be using are also going to be something that you will need to plan. You will, more than likely, have to rent the linens and make sure that you are also able to rent flatware that matches well with the […]

What to Keep in Mind When Preparing For Weddings

Your wedding day can be one of the most unforgettable events in your life however it is something that you must thoroughly prepare for because it can get quite stressful. It is great when both the man and the woman are involved in the planning and preparation, but oftentimes, it is the soon-to-be-bride who is left to take charge of things. In any case, being ready for this special day is the key to its success. If you want to avoid things from going wrong, then you need to make sure everything’s all set. So, what do you need to prepare for when it comes to weddings? Here are the most common ones that must be attended to: 1. Date- Decide on the exact date of your wedding. A lot of couples want to get married in June, but there may be other special dates when you’d like to get married. 2. Budget: How much should you be able to comfortably spend for this event? If you have been saving for your wedding, then all the better. 3. Guest list: Who would you like to invite to your wedding? You can have a long guest list or you can have a short one. That, of course, should be something that you and your partner would agree on. 4. Entourage: Usually, you choose your siblings, cousins, or your bestfriends as part of your entourage. However, before making a decision, think it over first. Choosing those who are dearest to you and your partner for the entourage would be ideal. Don’t forget to also decide on the flowergirls and ring bearer. 5. Venue: Where do you want to get married—church, beach, or someplace else? Don’t forget to also include the venue where you will hold the celebration, after the ceremony. 6. Officiant: Whether it is a priest, clergy, or a judge, it is important to always seek an appointment with this person to make sure he is available on the date of the wedding. 7. Photographers: Investing on professional photographers and videographers is a good thing because when all is said and done, what you’ll have left are the photos and videos of this special day. 8. Wedding attire: Choose your wedding gowns and the groom’s attire. You should also include the gowns and tux of your entourage. You can opt to buy or rent them. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other things that should be included in your checklist as well, and these are: • Wedding cake • Food • Invitation cards and giveaways • Flowers • Wedding bands • Musical choir • Rehearsal schedule And don’t forget to plan for your honeymoon, too. If you want to spend it in another country such as in the United States, Canada, Australia, or even in Asia, make sure you both have passports. Make sure to book your flight and hotel accommodations early so that you can get good rates. You might also want to consider availing of tour packages […]

A Bride’s Perfect Wedding Day – Preparing For Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony and Your Sacred Marriage

When you say wedding day, almost everyone thinks party or reception. And while that’s a big part of it, some of the other pieces of the day are incredible treasures as well. Don’t miss them because you’ve spent all your wedding planning energy planning the reception and not enough planning the day. The Wedding Day Preparation: Parent time: You get special moments throughout the before time to hang out with your parents. Consider getting up early and eating breakfast with them, just them. Be their little girl for just a little bit. Get your hair done with your mom, hang out in the limo with your dad. Enjoy it. Leave notes for them to open when they get home after the wedding to tell them what they mean to you. If you can’t do that, assign someone to give them the notes before they leave the reception with stern instructions to open at home! Your siblings: Write little notes to hand them when they come by to kiss you before you waltz down the aisle. Tell them how wonderful they are and how you’ve enjoyed being their sister. Your friends: Friends are so often the family we choose. Spend some time with them. There’s so much time hanging out. Make sure there’s food that’s good for you to eat and water to drink and just hang out. You can’t over use the note thing! Getting ready: Pretend you’re an ancient queen with a huge group of attendants. Hang out, get your hair and make up done. Have people help you into your dress and fix your hair ornament. Enjoy it! Yourself: Throw everyone out of the room right before you go down and spend 5 minutes alone. Think about what it means to be entering into marriage with your beloved. Not just how much you love him, but how right this step into life-long commitment really is. Breathe, meditate, just focus. If you’re reading something at your wedding, read it again. Consider what you mean. (Try to weep without ruining your make-up.) And then go look at your face and your dress and see how really beautiful you are on the day that you are promising your life to your beloved. At a certain point, someone will knock on the door and tell you it’s time to go. But before that, make sure the day isn’t all about the hysterical “did I get this done.” Do your homework beforehand so you get to enjoy the time leading up to that knock on the door. Then when it comes sweep out to your wedding ceremony, ready to make the wedding vows that will change your life and give you the marriage the two of you are committing your lives to. Darling, your Prince awaits, so does your community and so does your future. Enjoy! Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! And now I’d […]

Preparing For That Special Day – Your Wedding Day

It would be surprising to find a single human being on earth who would claim his or her wedding day not being special. Oh yes, it is for sure a special day for most; a day that requires to be approached with meticulous planning and an eye for detail. Jewelry and bridal charm gifts of course form a major part of the giveaways for this day, and thus consider a lot of shopping to be involved here. Wouldn’t you want your bridal attire to be complimented in the best manner possible with the help of some matching jewelry? Whoever said that you have to walk the traditional route of wearing gold jewelry and diamond necklaces, though most of us would definitely like to wear some of them! Blame it though on the economic recession or rising jewelry prices, a new set of inspirational charms have started dominating. Preparing for your wedding day with complimentary jewelry and charms can get as elegant as you would have wanted them to. Pendants, chains and necklaces – All having inspirational designs and super cool style quotient, are good enough to be worn around your necks and wrists with ease and class. All you have to do is to shop for these charms, which you wouldn’t find all that difficult, as it is easy to track these charm and other beautiful jewelry. It may as well prompt the groom to exchange the vows rather immediately, without waiting for the sermons! Weddings, at best, can be termed as events where you can see and experience a lot of action and excitement. Pearls and crystals, which encapsulate the spirit of inspirational charms add an element of sobriety to the occasion, which cannot be disputed. Do you think only charms, pendants and crystals go in to making a special wedding day celebrations? Of course not, and for all those of you who think that way, please take a look at this list here – You not only have to think of what you would be wearing around your neck and head, but you might also want to think of the kind of flowers, the style of your dress and other such small factors which would have skipped your eye completely. And while you may go completely overboard shopping for the D-Day, inspirational charms attach one more importance to your life. Just attach the charm to any belonging that you would carry daily. The least it could do is – Keep reminding you of the special day in your life when you exchanged vows with the man you loved so much. Trust us, by merely remembering those heady and joyous days, you could find some more reasons to smile. Surely, preparing for your wedding day may need some planning and eye for detail, if you wish to be the cynosure of all eyes. That said, more than preparation, what matters is how much heart you have put in to what you wish to wear. Don’t overdo the cosmetics bit, […]

Wedding Hair: Preparing For The Wedding

A day before the wedding. The jitters are taking over your nerves, you are scrambling to get the last-minute details to be polished and at the back of your head you are wondering if everything’s complete. What else should be done? One item in the itinerary should be your hair. Even if there is a stylist scheduled to fix your hair on the wedding day, you still have responsibilities in making sure that it is in tiptop condition. Apparently, hair that has not been maintained won’t be as manageable and cooperative as a hair that is pampered. Here are a few tips that could help you (and your hairstylist) make the bridal look ever so flawless. Condition. Deep conditioning is key to achieve that perfect bounce seen in movie stars’ locks. It is recommended to condition your hair a day before the wedding and follow up with a shampoo only during the day itself. Too much shininess may leave the hair to be too silky and slippery to style and handle. The hair spray or get might not be enough to hold hair together once it is too smooth. Oil. A hot oil appointment 24 hours before D-day might be too late already, let alone inappropriate since it’s simply too late. But then ample amounts of oil may help give your hair that natural glow. Where else can you get it from but from nature? Brushing your hair does make your scalp produce more natural oil for the strands. Don’t over do it though, tend to it in the morning, before and after a shower and before sleeping. Shine. The wedding hair holds a great pride in its shine. Brides are seen with great shiny hair, be it black or in any other shade. Sleek and structured styled hair does need the shine most, so make sure that yours shines like a star during the walk to the altar. Apply hair serum or anti-frizz wax to get those locks to glisten on the day. Sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep does actually have an effect to the hair’s general condition. Surely, it would be too nerve-racking to get some decent shut eye during the last night that you are a single woman but then do try. At least 8 hours would be enough to de-stress you from all the preparation and prepare you for the long day ahead. Wake up the next day feeling excited, well-rested and with shimmering hair ready to be styled. The hair might be a small part of the whole preparation process for the wedding but it still is an important detail that needs special attention. If there is one day which should never ever be a bad hair day, it certainly is not your wedding day. So look great, feel great and be great on the most perfect date of your life, with a little help from your hair. Want to look spectacular at your wedding? Find your perfect look from the selection of bridal […]