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Wedding Tea Party Favors

Using tea party favors will help create the event especially if you are planning on giving the bride a tea party themed bridal shower. When planning the bridal shower one important thing that you should keep in mind is that it is her night and you should consider her tastes, personality and wishes, so do discuss the details with her. A tea party shower can be a very feminine event and if the bride is that kind of person she will love this type of shower. To help create a truly memorable event for her when sending out the invitations ask the guests to dress in their best dress with high heels and maybe a hat. Consider holding the tea party wedding shower in a fancy hotel or restaurant or if you can’t afford that a lovely garden setting or maybe a party guest’s home. These can all be decorated to match your chosen tea party theme. The tea party dcor could be in the bride’s favorite colors, if she loves pink, order the napkins, favors balloons and other items in her favorite shade. Have the food set out in a buffet style. Old fashioned wrought iron or wicker tables or chairs placed out in a garden setting will only add to the atmosphere. In the background play soft classical music. Decorate the tables with lacy table cloths and vases filled with fresh flowers, use tea favors of china cups and saucers for your guest to drink from and then take home. Bridal shower tea favors come in many forms. You may like to make your own wedding favors such as cookies shaped and decorated like a tea cups present them cellophane bags decorated with stickers and ribbons. Or you may choose to order customized bridal tea party favors online. There are many online stores that have the option of personalizing the favors such as tea bag favors which you can have the date, names or a special message printed on. For more wedding favor ideas visit

Bridal Party Wedding Favors

Buying a gift for some of your closest friends should be easy right? Well when it comes to finding bridal party favors, sometimes it can be stressful. You have so much other stuff going on when you are planning a wedding that it is hard to step back and really put a lot of thought into a gift. This article will help guide you through the process of finding a perfect gift for your wedding party. A pretty necklace or a pair of earrings always makes a nice gift for your bridal party. It can also be a great accessory for them to wear in the wedding. Remember to keep it simple, because you don’t want to take away from the look of their dresses. People tend to be more inclined to wear simple jewelry. If you know your bridesmaids well enough you could go and pick out a nice lipstick for them and have the tubes engraved with their name or the date of the wedding. You can also have other things engraved such as tennis bracelets and even metal plated campaign glasses. You might consider buying your bridal party a cute little hand bag or clutch. This could be helpful to keep their personal items in the night of your wedding. You can get monogrammed handbags as well from many sites on the internet. For your flower girl try a cute little headband or some clear lip gloss could be something she’d love. A little bouquet of silk flowers makes a cute gift for a little girl. You might also try a small stuffed animal to remind her of your special day. For the groomsmen, cologne works well. If you are on a budget you might think about making your own gift baskets for them. Think about what your friends like and personalize each one. Tie clips are a good gift for the groomsmen as well. Ask your fiancé what he thinks they will like and go from there. For your father or the groom’s father, consider a tie clip, a mug, a tie or monogrammed golf balls. Your mother might like a bracelet, earrings, a nice photo album, a handbag or a jewelry box, remember that your parents are probably being very supportive of your wedding. Take the time to put some thought into picking out their gift. Remember when picking out bridal party wedding favors to put your heart into it. Some of the people that these gifts will go to have been there for you throughout your life. They are going to be there for you on your special day. Give them something that says thank you! Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most cherished. You can get, quality, unique, Affordable Wedding Favors that reflect your personal style. Save even more money by getting Free Shipping when you order your Affordable Wedding Favors right now.

Party Planner Surrey

My friend has the exceedingly good fortune to be very wealthy. She has a beautiful home in Surrey and the perfect family and circle of friends. I am not envious of her, in fact, I think she thoroughly deserves her good fortune as she is such a lovely person in every way. When I went to visit her the other day she told me she was looking for a really good party planner Surrey as she was going to throw a party very soon and wanted it to be a real occasion. Under normal circumstances I would have thought that using a party planner Surrey would be a needless extravagance but, for somebody in my friends position I thought that using a party planner Surrey would ensure that her party would be a talking point for a very long time. Of course, as my friend explained, she needed to get a party planner Surrey who would take her ideas on board rather than completely take over. After all, although a party planner Surrey was to be employed, my friend wanted as much input into the party as she could. She has great ideas for social events anyway and the role she wanted the party planner Surrey to play was to ensure that the planning of her special event went without a hitch. Luckily for her, an acquaintance had recommended a party planner Surrey company called Monkfish Events. She told them that they offered an incredibly good service and, because they create a design for your party based upon your own ideas, they would be the absolutely ideal party planner Surrey for my friends needs. My friend immediately visited them on their website at and saw for herself that they were indeed a party planner Surrey with a difference. As she said, they can source the highest quality services from caterers to sound and lighting specialists. Their expertise means that my friend can rely on her party planner in Surrey to take care of all of the details, leaving her to concentrate on entertaining her guests. is eager to manage a range of events from parties, weddings and corporate events. Visit us for Party Planner Surrey and Charity Event Planning.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Professional Party Planners?

There are a lot of benefits of letting the arrangements of your party be managed by a professional. Although small event can be planned by the hosts themselves but events like birthday parties, wedding or business conferences cannot be handled by a single person. Today everyone is so busy that nobody has enough time to make the arrangement of their parties as it can be a lot of stress and hassle. That is why they hire professional party planners. Once people do that, they are satisfied that their party is going to be a hit. In a party, there are different constituents and each of them is of immense importance. These elements include location, catering, decorations, sitting arrangements, sanitary, electricity, reservations etc. If even any one of them is neglected, it can create problems for you. There are many benefits of getting a professional party planner to arrange and manage your party. These include: 1. Hassle free management: A professional party planner knows how to manage each and every aspect of a party. People do not have much information regarding organizing their parties and make so many mistakes because they keep their concentration on only one aspect and forget the rest, thus other aspects are negatively affected. On the other hand party planners have great knowledge about so many things because this is their routine like; who is the best DJ in town or who will provide the best catering service etc. so whatever budget they are provided these pros choose accordingly. A pro will manage all arrangements and there will be nothing for you to worry about. 2. Perfection; Event planning is a field which is expanding day by day and there are many reputable educational institutions which offer courses of event planning. They teach students the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts of a party. Thus planners are equipment with detailed knowledge. They realize their responsibility and perform it in the most perfect way. Every aspect will be perfect and as per your desires. Your party planner will give you solid advice which will make your event far better than what you could do yourself. 3. Money saver: If you do not want to spend too much on your occasion, professional planners will tell you of different ways through which you can save your money and still impress your guests. Mostly event planners can save up to 30% of their client’s money. Experience is the key which these event organizers have and that is why they are able to create a wonderful party. 4. Event rental facilities: Most pros have furniture and china available which can be hired for the occasion. This makes it even more convenient for you as you not only get everything but also enjoy certain rebates that they offer as a package plan for different events. Professional event planners have a very creative nature and they can make people’s dreams come true. They will make your parties ethnic with a touch of […]

New York Event Planners For a Rocking Party

New York is a major tourist destination and major center for world trade and commerce. Every year it draws thousands of visitors, businessmen and corporate professionals from all over the world. Social events, corporate parties, product launches, trade shows, wedding parties and fashion shows are a constant part of the New York culture. Accordingly it has several world class hotels and restaurant offering great service and all the modern amenities to the visitors. These hotels also provide great event spaces to host successful and fabulous events. Event planning has been a very popular business over the years with several event planners located throughout the New York. Event planning can be very frustrating and tedious with lots of thinking given to every aspect involved in organizing an event. Negligence on any part of the event planning may result the event to fall flat on its face. It is always better to leave the task of event planning at the hands of some New York event planner. There are several New York event planners offering the service of some highly experienced professionals to look after your planning needs. Some of the most popular New York event planners include: Creme de la Creme events, Catering, EMRG media NYC, and Maven Events. One can easily find some New York event planner that suits his needs and budget. The event planner is required to be very creative and must have a clear understanding of the requirement of the client. These professionals look after every detail to ensure that the event is very successful. The biggest constraint in organizing any event is the budget. Most of the times, the requirements are not met within the set budget. The New York event planners ensure that the budget doesn’t shoot up beyond expectations and all the things are taken care of within the budget. They have contacts with decorators, vendors and caterers and are able to get the best deals for their clients. New York event planners come at a fee but they ensure that every minute detail had been taken care of to ensure a memorable event. The event planner professionals look after all the operations until the event is over. They are much better prepared to handle any crisis that may arise at the last minute rather than having the client to deal with it. They wouldn’t compromise on the event thereby guarantying its success. Mario Stewart has a passion to write about event planning and party planning in New York City. He is internationally popular for providing information about event planners New York City. You may visit one of his websites to find more details. Related Wedding Planner Articles

How To Prepare a Vegetarian Wedding Party

It’s a rising tendency for people to shift to a healthy vegetarian diet, so does the wedding party. Vegetarian weddings have emerged and become a fad among today couples. Preparing a vegetarian wedding is time and labor consuming but interesting. It’s common today to see the couples steering away from the traditional wedding customs.   Vegetarian diets contain no poultry, shellfish, fish or meat. Most vegetarians are comfortable with both eggs and dairy products. Strict vegetarian weddings also shun refined sugar and honey.   Vegetarian wedding is the same as other weddings, except that it involves more labor and plenty of choice.   Coping with Non-Veg Guests Offer regular vegetarian foods to non-veg guests such as sweets, pasta bars, breads, soups, salads, potatoes and cheeses. These are familiar items and would make the guests comfortable. Better inform the guests in advance about the vegetarian reception.   Find good caterers who are experts in preparing vegetarian food. Vegetarian cuisines come in wide range. So, there is no reason to settle for stir fried veggies or pasta primavera.   Another option is to book at a vegetarian restaurant to host and cater to the wedding reception. Couples who have eaten at a restaurant would be sure of the food quality. Limit exotic ethnic dishes to accommodate the guest’s palate. Vegetarian cake Ordering a large vegan cake is the most difficult aspect of vegetarian wedding. Many bakers unfortunately don’t know how to prepare a delicious cake without milk, butter and eggs.   If you are unable to find a vegan cake, prepare your own. Use flaxseeds as substitute for eggs. However, some people are allergic to flax. For such cases, use EnerG egg replacer available at various departmental stores.   Many vegetarian cookbooks have simple and easy to make recipes for white cake and vegan chocolate cake. You can even try applesauce cake, vegan carrot cake or tofu cheesecakes. Little effort and time pays off and you would be surprised in the end when guests would leave the hall with a long lasting smile on their faces.   For more invitations, visit They offer a variety of necessaries, including baby shower invitations.

Party Planners London

The problem with hosting a party, wedding, christening or any other type of celebratory event is that if you chose to do the catering yourself, you will probably be too tired to enjoy the party yourself! Catering for an event yourself will leave your kitchen looking like ground-zero and your good humour in tatters. Party planning makes multi-tasking into an extreme sport, and though many of us like to rise to a challenge, the time and effort involved is daunting and with increasingly busy lives its often difficult to find the time to fit in all of our daily tasks, let alone taking on the additional burden of event management! Delegate, Delegate, Delegate The key to great parties is in the detail. The venue should be the right size, the presentation flawless, food should be mouth-watering and service should be professional. Even at intimate family events you want everything to be perfect; relying on grandma and the kids to serve drinks or food is usually a recipe for disaster. Teenagers will steal the beer and after her third Advocaat granny will turn from a sweet little old lady into a belligerent and/or frisky old devil. Professional Party Planners are a must for the big events in our lives and can offer a great range of services. Experience counts when it comes to party planners, so if you are looking for a firm to take the stress out of party planning it pays to be sure they have a good few years behind them. Party planning in London is relatively easy these days. The capital boasts numerous brilliant venues, top caterers and party planner with years of vital experience. Many companies will have catered for a wide range of clients, and party planners in London, often make much of their money from catering to corporate clients. These catering companies are the ones to look out for they will be used to provide first class, professional service. Finding the Right Ingredients A good party planner should be able to offer to supply all of the key ingredients for a great party. Food has to be a priority, a selection of curling sandwiches and a couple of Battenbergs is no longer de rigueur on the party scene. A caterer that can provide a wide selection of menus that cater to all tastes is an absolute must. Party Planners in London who have been established in the industry for some years will also have great links, allowing them to work with you to find the right venue. From the small and intimate to large gatherings, the right party planner will be able to advise you on the right location and thanks to their links will probably be able to get a good deal when it comes to hiring the venue. Facilities and entertainment options are also important. Do you want a grill, buffet, or formal dinner? A company that offers all of these options is likely to be experienced and reliable. They should also […]