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Most unique wedding cakes

A wedding cake, the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception, was originated from Roman Empire. At that time, it was a loaf of bread that the groom broke over the bride’s head as a symbol of his dominance in the marriage. In the United Kingdom, the traditional wedding cake is made from a rich fruitcake while modern cakes now consist of vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge or carrot cake. Most of them are between three and five tiers in height.   The cake is typically covered with white color to symbolize purity. Cutting the wedding cake is a must to every couple because it is a symbol of their first joint task in married life while feeding cake to each other is one gesture of commitment the bride and groom are making.   However, more couples nowadays have chosen unique cakes on their wedding day to impress everyone. Many wedding cakes are made to show something special in the relationship between bride and groom but some attracts attention of guests by their abnormality.   The bride-shaped wedding cake   The couple may wish to have the honeymoon on Mars   The couple undoubtedly loves “Shrek“   Is the wedding of two devils?   The wheels are made of… milk, butter, wheat flour and eggs   “We are made to be together though we are ghosts“   The delicious sea-food wedding cake   An oceanic castle on the wedding ceremony   Few guests at the wedding party know what this is   One strange style of the wedding cake   The wedding of two aliens beside a space-ship     Related links: WeddingCake Ideas – Princess Cake Perfect WeddingCake Toppers Best WeddingCake Stands I am the fan of news on society and culture. I am currently the lecturer in social major. In free time, I am fond of reading articles and joining social activities.