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Legal Knowledge For the Wedding Planner

In the United States, marriage laws are regulated at the state level, not federal. This can make life complicated if you are say from New York, but want to get married in California. It is essential to research the laws of the state you wish to get married in. Additionally, it is also important to know if your marriage will be recognized by the state you live in if you are getting married out of your state of residence. Here are some facts you might not know about marriage laws in the United States, starting with fees. Each state charges a different amount for a marriage license. The range is from $ 15 in Nebraska to $ 88.50 in Florida. So if you are trying to pinch every penny, that is something worth checking out. It would be a shame to have to have to pay twice, so make sure you know when your license expires. The only states that provide non-expiring licenses are Wyoming and South Carolina. If you are scared of needles you might want to avoid getting married in Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma or West Virginia. Those eleven states require blood tests prior to granting marriage licenses. Not only can blood tests be physically painful, they can also come with some financial pain in the form of a fee, and each state will charge a different amount. Had a few to drink? Then you might want to think twice about getting married in Pennsylvania. A long-standing law that has yet to be changed is that no marriage will be performed in the state of Pennsylvania if either the bride or groom is drunk. So be careful if you plan to pop some bubbly with your bridal party before the ceremony. Not only must you be sober to be married, when you sign your marriage license you must speak English or bring someone with you who does speak English. Family relations? In twenty-six of the fifty states, a resident can marry their cousin. Joke all you want about marrying your cousin in the South, but it turns out some of the states that allow cousins to marry each other include California, Colorado, New Mexico, Connecticut, Alaska, and Maine in addition to several more. Some of the states that do not permit cousins to marry include Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma as well as nineteen others. If you crave the tropical breeze and beautiful sunsets of Hawaii, make sure you bring cash because their county clerks will not accept any other form of payment for marriage licenses. It is also a state with one of the higher fees at $ 60 a pop. The most common day for weddings is Saturday. As many wedding planners know, this means venues cost much more on Saturday. If you are in Idaho, your marriage license will cost more on Saturday, too. The state raises the cost from $ 28 to $ 45 on a Saturday. […]