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Choosing Music for Your Wedding

There are two ways you can go for the music for your wedding.  You can either have live music, or you can have recorded music.  Traditionally live music has been the music of choice, but recorded music is becoming more popular.   Live music has often been preferred because it seems more traditional and romantic.  It may be seen as “cheap” to have recorded music at a wedding ceremony, and live music is often expected.   But sometimes the couple may not enjoy live music.  They may have very specific taste in music that would be better suited to recorded music.  In this case, the wedding will often hire a DJ to play instead of a live group.   If you’re going to hire live music, you should find an artist or group that can perform the kind of music the two of you both enjoy.  If you both hate classical music, don’t hire an orchestra!  It may seem like the “classy” thing to do, but the two of you should really enjoy the music at your wedding!  If you are both crazy for heavy metal music, go ahead and hire that wild thrash metal band!  It’s your wedding!  You can always have some recorded music thrown into the mix.   If you decide on recorded music, you can discuss the songs you want played with the DJ well before the wedding.  You might want to choose mostly romantic songs, or you might prefer having a few fun dance songs played to liven up the party.   Remember, it’s your wedding, so choose the music the two of you enjoy.  If you have to buck tradition, go ahead and do so!   I do recommend choosing at least one slow song for the first dance.  It’s traditional that the bride and groom share the first dance, and it may be videotaped for posterity.  You will probably want to give the guests that one dance to a slow, romantic song at the very least.  Then again, if you both hate mushy music with a passion, go for what you like!  It’s your wedding, after all!   I recommend that you visit Confessions Of A Poor Bride for fantastic information based on relevant wedding planning tips. It is your entry into getting married for less, yet having an amazing day at the same time!

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

After many months of planning the better specifics of your special day – the wedding dress, the desired destination, the guest list and more – your brain will very likely be spinning. But with so much to ponder about, it is essential not to fail to remember your only opportunity to permanently capture your special day – your photography. Don’t approve to let a family member or friend shoot the wedding day unless you are sure that the person has a excellent camera and knows how to use it. The camera should be outfitted with zoom lens that can be used in low light situations and it should deliver great images from a distance. A person who normally takes good close-up outside images cannot necessarily take excellent inside pictures. Be sure he likewise has an additional flash equipment. Before picking out your photographer, make time to examine their portfolio. If you don’t have a professional with experience and skill, your pictures will suffer the price. Companies should provide you with album samples to review before you make your decision. If the studio does not enable you to choose your professional photographer, quickly leave! Your wedding professional photographer is, in a sense, a biographer, capturing a very important part of your life for you and your family to enjoy for decades to come. Therefore, decide upon him or her carefully. Some couples attempt to reduce expenses by not hiring a professional photographer. They later realize that was a mistake when they have only a few shots as mementos of the special day. Be wary of any wedding photographer who offers a deal that is too good to be true; it probably is. First, ask to see their portfolio and ask for references, and then check them. Know what you are paying for before you sign a contract. Pick out a photographer whose personality you like. He/she will be “in your face” for several hours, so you must feel comfortable working together. Uncover the photographer’s technique. If all the images looked natural, you have to consider for yourselves if you are comfortable with his particular photography style. John Souter is a Maui wedding professional photographer and performs Maui weddings in Hawaii. His company, Maui Me(R) has performed over 2000 weddings. If you are interested in a destination wedding, give them a ring at 1-800-856-3270. More Wedding Planner Articles

Wedding Gifts ?Choosing Gifts For Your Bridal Attendants

The has come for you to marry the man of your dreams. But before your big day arrives, there are so many of things you need to plan and prepare and that include the gifts for your bridal attendants. The ladies you picked as your bridesmaids will have duties and responsibilities before and on the actual day of your wedding. Most likely they are your closest friends who deserve to be thanked for helping you throughout the process of planning your wedding. Thanking and showing appreciation to the bridal attendants usually involve bridesmaids gifts. These gifts are traditionally given to the ladies who play a very important role during weddings. These make a great way for the bridesmaids to feel appreciated and valued, thus choosing the right presents is a must. When choosing gifts for your bridal attendants, there’s no need for you to pick gifts that are expensive if your budget is tight. Always keep in mind that it is not the price that counts. If you have a limited fund, consider inexpensive gifts that are always available in the market. There are lots of inexpensive items out there. You can even shop online for great deals that are hardly found at local stores. Some of the inexpensive gifts for your bridesmaids include cosmetic bags, compact mirrors, scarves, picture frames and etc. These items can be personalized with each lady’s name or initials for a minimal fee. Sometimes, you find gift items online that can be personalized for free. The right gifts for your bridesmaids are gifts that reflect their personalities. So when you are choosing gifts for your attendants, make sure to consider their personal references. Consider their hobbies or pastime as well. Shopping for bridesmaids gifts would be much easier if you have some information about your bridal attendants. The gifts don’t have to be similar. You can choose a variety of items but make sure that they are of the same price range. Choose gifts that are related to what your bridesmaids are fond of. The gifts for them can be anything that reflects their favorite sports, movie, food, or etc. However, if you want to give similar gifts, you can have them personalized with the names of the attendants or their monograms. You can personalized handbags, jewelry, photo albums and other else. As early as possible, shop gifts for your bridal attendants. Don’t wait for the last minute because it will lead you to make a rush shopping. Buying gifts way in advance gives you plenty of time to find and choose much better gifts that you can get for your bridal attendants. There is an endless variety of bridesmaids gifts that you can find online. If you don’t have time to shop at a local store or mall, simply surf the net. Some of the most popular gifts for attendants that you can purchase online include personalized totes, engraved compact mirrors, personalized jewelry gifts, soap and bath products, personalized shirts, gift baskets, engraved jewelry […]

Choosing A Present For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

The wedding of your best friend is a very special event for both him/her and you. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a really impressive present.   Find time to search what their first wedding song or dance will be and if you have the money to spare, ask an artist to do the singing for them. Put this in a keepsake box where they can keep the album and just insert your message in a letter or have it engraved on the box.   Your gift for your best friend’s wedding should not be entirely a serious one, you may give something that will make them laugh their hearts out. Let the other guests take care of the serious home gifts for the couple, you as the best friend should know what can make them laugh so give them a funky gift. You may also give the groom gift certificates for him to give your best friend and you may give a massage certificate for your best friend to treat her husband!   Bearing each other’s name, you may have two placemats embroidered for them. You may add a funny note for them so they can open their gifts with all smiles! If both of the bride and groom have green thumbs why not give them a crate for their gardening needs instead of a plant! The wood is a perfect material for you to have both of their names engraved.   The names of the new husband and wife can be made as a chocolate bar’s name instead and this is a good gift for those chocolate lover couples.   Through out their first year, they will surely have lots of funny and happy moments together, so buying them a personal calendar is also very useful and funky! Make it personalized by putting their pictures together on a spot you’d recommend them to go to on every month of the coming year. You can write their names on the sand, toothpicks on their favorite fast food table and many more for each page.   Harrison Fray is a a guru at numerous kinds of occasion and relationship issues. He can help you to go for the most impressive in personalized groomsmen gifts with outstanding style. Harrison can certainly help you with deciding the appropriate bridesmaid jewelry also. Stop by Engraved Gift Creations to discover what Harrison suggests. Related Wedding Preparation Articles

Choosing the Right Entertainment For Your Wedding

Couples would want to have that perfect wedding. This is going to be a moment that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives, therefore the preparations ought to be done right. After booking their venue, that next thing that is generally done is usually to book the entertainment. Looking for the best live band is usually difficult since some are booked several months in advance. Word of mouth helps, but the internet is also a pretty good source of information on what sort of entertainment it is that you really want on the big day. They offer a wide variety of entertainment such as party bands, cover bands, tribute bands and DJ hire. Hiring a cover band is an efficient option and is quite popular. Instead of just sticking on an iPod, they can perform all kinds of songs depending on what you want.  Selecting the appropriate cover band is important because their style and personality will matter. Before deciding on a cover band in your wedding, just be sure you get to see them perform to get a feel of what they really are like. In addition, you should tell them on the type of songs that you like to be played during the reception. Most of these cover bands are good in livening up parties, so you do not have to stress of your guests getting bored. Another option is to hire a tribute band. They are slightly different from the cover band. This type of band will only perfom song of one artist. An example of this is performing The Beatles. The whole tribute band can perform a Beatles-like show .  If you need something different, then this would be an excellent option. A DJ hire can be another choice. A Dj will bring in a lots of flexibility in entertaining your guests. If you have wedding discos in mind, then hiring a Dj can accomodate that. Planning entertainment at your wedding can be stressful – which that’s why we set up Earcandy; to help ease the pain by providing you with the most top quality wedding bands kent, function bands, band hire, cover bands, dj hire, live wedding music, party bands, tribute bands and wedding entertainment available.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress

When choosing a wedding dress the options are nearly endless which can add to the stress that you are already under during this time in your life. The information that follows can help to relieve some of that stress for you and assist you in making your special day as perfect as it can possibly be. Prior to beginning your search you will want to gather one or two friends or family members that will be completely honest with you about how the different dresses look on you.  This is because you might end up falling in love with a gown and be convinced that it is perfect, but your honest friends will tell you if it doesn’t look as good on you as you are thinking or hoping it does. One of the first things to remember is that you should start looking for the gown early in the planning process.  This will give you the chance to see and try on more dresses so that you have a better chance of finding one that is perfect for you.  Another thing to keep in mind is that when you do start is to keep an open mind to all of the available styles of dresses that are offered.  The truth is that a design that you do not much care for when it is on the rack or on someone else might actually look fabulous on you.  However, this does not mean that you should not get an idea of what you like ahead of time; in fact you should use the web and magazines to help you with this in advance. Next on the list of things to keep in mind is that bridal stores and wedding shops are not the only place that you can find a great wedding dress.  Several times there are other places such as resale shops or outlets stores that will have amazing dresses and can mean spending less money for you. There are two great ideas that you will want to know about when it comes to matching your accessories properly.  The first of these is that you should be wearing a pair of heels that are similar to those that you intent to wear with the gown and they need to be the same height as the ones you plan to wear.  The second of these is to get a small swatch of the fabric that the gown is made from so that you can successfully match your accessories to it.  These are two ways to make sure that all of the wardrobe falls perfectly into place. Even though the entire fit of the wedding dress can be changed by the way that your lingerie fits under it, this is nothing to stress yourself out more about.  The key to making it all work is taking your time and piecing together all of the details.  Just take it step by step and you are guaranteed to be able to find the […]