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Essential Checklist for Effective Copywriting

Whoever your audiences are, there are a number of fators considered when drafting your copywriting. Here is the checklist to ensure the right elements for your effectiveness of your copy.   Does your copy contain? An attention grabbing headline Reciprocation Commitment and Consistency Social Proofing Authority Scarcity Maximum benefits and zero risk 3:1 Ratio of ‘YOU’ to ‘I’ and ‘WE’ Answers to objections Call to action   Attention grabbing headline: This is the most important part of your copy. Its job should be to get attention, select the right audience and convince them to read on. There are many ways to do this, and the topic of headline writing is an article in itself. However, as a starting point, try to create a headline that delivers news, promises benefits and arouses curiosity.   Reciprocation: A feeling of indebtedness is a proven way to persuade people to do something. Other than offering something promotional in the copy – i.e. a free tips book – you can give them some very useful information, or, more common with copywriters, give them some cleverly crafted text that makes them feel like they should certainly read on. A good mindset for approaching any persuasive copy is asking what we can offer the reader, rather than just focusing on what will make the reader do what we ask.   Commitment and consistency: ‘As an ‘X’ sort of person you will be interested in ‘Y”. Your copy should align what you are asking the reader to do with desirable traits that most people, and especially your target audience, want to have. However, be careful not to patronise here or assume too much about the reader in your copy. It’s easy to overstep the mark.   Social Proofing: Covert let the reader know that everyone else is doing it. Let them know that the product or service is credible and has been used by many people. Including testimonials is a great way to show that you are reliable.   Authority: Does a credible body endorse the product or service? Are there stats from independent studies to back up why people should do what the copy asks them to do?   Scarcity: Let them know that your offer will only be around for a limited time, and only available to a limited number of people.   Maximum benefit and Zero risk: Outline all the benefits that your product or service will add to your readers’ lives, and then contrast it with the very little they will have to pay for it. You can even go a step further by reducing the risk to zero by making offers such as a ’90-day money back guarantee’.   3:1 Ratio of the word ‘YOU’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘WE’: Write from their point of view. The best way to do this is to speak directly to the reader. Go through your copy and count how many times you’ve used the words ‘you’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘we’.   Deal with […]

How to Lead Change – A 10 Step Checklist

One of the key skills of effective leaders is the ability to create and lead change. When change is completed effectively the organization adapts and learns, and achieves its goals. However all too often change efforts fail as they are met with resistance and fear. Change can be as minor as relocation to a different office or as major as rapid growth or downsizing. This checklist details the steps to take to prepare for and lead effective change. 1. Create a clear vision. Define where you want to be. Do the work necessary to  fully believe in and commit to the change. 2. Build a case for change. State where are you now. State where you need to be. Present the facts as a clear compelling reason for change. You must build excitement for the future in order to overcome the discomfort created by change. Build commitment and awareness of the need for change, and gain agreement for your vision of the future. 3. Build a powerful guiding coalition. Identify who you need as sponsors of your plan and gain commitment to the change effort by communicating your compelling case for change. Think together about alternative strategies to achieve the change, create transition plans, think about how you will overcome barriers. Assemble groups with enough power to lead the change effort, working together as a team. 4. Communicate and Operationalize. With your sponsors communicate the progress you have made and the ongoing transition plans, widely.  Make sure that each person fully understands their role in the change process and feels appreciated for their contribution. 5. Make sure you have the right players.  Hire people that are open to learning. Support them with the training and resources that are needed. 6. Encourage constant open communication. Regular communication is vital to the change process.  Feedback needs to be ongoing in all directions – up, down and across. 7. Encourage risk taking and brainstorming. Respect differences and test out new ideas and methods. Keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. 8. Sustain your belief in the change effort.  Believe in the change effort and communicate that belief with your actions and words. 9. Be prepared for the normal emotional reactions to change. Change can create instability, anxiety,  conflict, nostalgia for the past, and fear of the unknown. Help people move through these responses by expressing empathy and using a coaching leadership style. 10. Celebrate success. Acknowledge short term gains and communicate the connection between new behaviors and corporate success. By Doris Kovic, Business and Executive Coach of Leading Insight.

Checklist For Writing Catering Coupons

When advertising a catering business, you want to do everything possible to make your company standout, and be a little different. You need to find ways to be the leader or the most experienced in your particular catering niche. You should include as much information as possible about your business, to help your prospects and potential customers make informed and positive decisions to use your company. Testimonials, either written, audio, or video are the best way to attract new sales. Word of mouth is also a great way to promote your business. You need to serve excellent food and give great service, at a reasonable price to maximize word of mouth advertising. Here is a checklist of items that you should consider and include when making a catering coupon offer. _ Type of cuisine _ What types of themes do you recommend _ What does your service consist of and number of people _ Venues you are connected with _ List of services you provide in addition to food _ What type of events do you handle _ Do you provide drop off food service _ Do you cater small parties at home or in a business setting _ Do you provide specialty catering, desserts, hot dogs, wedding cakes _ Do you have a personal chef who will cook the meal _ What are your hours of operation _ What are your payment terms _ Do you give discounts or package prices _ How much notice do you need to serve food _ How long have you been in business _ Have you won any awards _ Are you a member of special organizations _ Have you been cited as a leader in your field by local media _ What is your specialty This checklist should help you design, create and publish outstanding coupon offers that will delight your prospects, give them confidence in your abilities, and help produce additional sales through coupon distribution and redemption. Joel Helfer is an online advertising expert. He is a powerful mentor with over 40 year business experience and can help you create compelling online and offline offers that make you more money. He can be reached at Search his website More Wedding Checklist Articles

Checklist In Finding Forex Expert Advisors

Investing in forex market is no longer something new. This investment has given a lot of people a good source of income. Looking at the downside, it has given a lot of people a terrible experience as well. Why is that so? There are two possible reasons. One, they do not have any knowledge or experience in dealing with the market. Two, they consulted lousy forex expert advisors that earn them no profit but only lost. If you are inexperience, do more research but if you found lost advisors, keep reading. I will provide you a checklist to find good forex expert advisors so that you will no longer lose more money. First of all, look for the advisor’s forward test statements. Why is it part of the checklist? It is simply because the statement is generated live and spontaneously. You can observe how these advisors perform and you can weigh by your own if that particular advisor is qualified or not. You can check for their results online and assess them from their performance in the test. By having such test, it gives you at least a bit of assurance if the advisor is reliable or not. Apart from that, there has been a lot of scam and you might think that all forex advisors are scammers. Well, it is not necessary true as there are some advisors who are really legal and reputable. All you need to do is to make some research and read more reviews regarding that particular advisor. If he is good, he will be highly rated and vice versa. Furthermore, consult an advisor who is dedicated and hardworking. To judge if he is that type of person, wait until you have finished your first deal with him and see if he provides regular support. If he does, it shows his willingness in dealing and this is the type of person you are looking for. Stuart is writer of many websites and currently he enjoys writing on wide range of topics such as”>Expert Advisor More Wedding Checklist Articles

It’s Necessary to Have A Holiday Checklist

A holiday checklist will prevent you from forgetting something before you get ready to pitch your tent in the outback. It is fun to trave while most items that you leave behind when packing can easily be replaced in most major cities. However, it is not always possible to replace, like the case of your camera or your prescribed medicine running out while on holiday. So, together with booking your accommodation, renting a car or scooter or even buying tickets for a play you have always wished to watch, it is advisable to get a good holiday checklist to assure that you will not forget anything important.   Using a holiday checklist is especially handy if you are travelling with children. Youngster require a lot of gear and it is easy to leave the right bottle behind or a favourite teddy behind, both of which can occasion some real unpleasantness while you are supposed to be enjoying yourself. However, your holiday checklist is so much more than an aid for remembering to bring along enough undergarments to last for the duration of your trip. It can also be very useful for booking your accommodation, making maps of all the places you are going and helping you to plan your itinerary in a smart manner.   A good holiday checklist will take into consideration every travel possibility and make sure that you do not forget anything that might be useful or valid on your trip. If you are planning a trip to an exotic locale, then your holiday checklist will include such things as making sure that you get your vaccines done in a timely manner so that they are effective while you are on holiday. It will remind you to take enough sunscreen so that you do not return looking like a lobster and it will help you to keep track of all the visas, permits and other documents that you will need along the way.   Your holiday checklist is more like a reliable guide and friend that anything else. As long as you have your checklist with you, there is no way that you will forget any essentials for your trip to paradise. There are two ways of getting a comprehensive holiday checklist – either you can sit down and write one up yourself, or you can do the smarter thing and get a ready-make list that will include everything you need. Home made lists can be incomplete because they rely on our knowledge for their completion. However, if you are unaware of something that you might need while on holiday, then it will not be on your list.   Your best bet is to choose a ready-made holiday checklist. By doing so, you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have all of your bases covered and that the list will remind you take all of the essentials on your trip.   Mike Barlow writes for Checklist site – the best online collection of checklists. Get […]

Checklist For Effective Essay Writing

Writing an essay is one of the most important ingredients in any part of a students academic career. Students with a flair for writing use essays to build their professional writing skills. The other students however usually find essays to be tiresome, without realizing what theyre missing out on. Not only do students miss out on developing their writing skills, they also miss out on important grades. Students should realize that essay writing isnt all that hard when one is focused enough and interested in the topic at hand. Keeping a positive mindset will ensure that essays get done more smoothly and without exerting too much effort. Heres a checklist that you as a student can follow in order to make sure your essay is worth the effort: 1. Dont put it off till the last minute. Professors tend to dump research assignments on students, who in turn lose their enthusiasm resulting in delays to meet their deadlines. Leaving out all research work, writing etc till the eleventh hour is a potential risk for shoddy research, careless citations, and lackluster writing. 2. Verify authenticity of resources. You can easily use the internet to conduct in-depth research over your essay topic. There are many viewpoints and information sources on the web [both fact and fiction] which you can use to build your essay. All thats required is rationality and intelligence on your part to back your findings and eventual point of v view. 3. Say NO to slang. This is looked down upon as one of the major causes of getting bad grades. Writing in an informal style is a critical error while writing an essay. While informal writing is okay for practice and creative writing, it is unacceptable while writing academic essays. 4. Critique your own work. Imagine yourself as an examiner and review your essay once youre done. Proofreading will allow you to notice any weaknesses or errors in the essay, so you can correct them before your examiner docks out potential grades. 5. Dont be too hasty. Carelessness in completing your essay will lead to undesired results, as examiners can easily identify half-hearted work. Make sure to put in the required time to polishing your essay so that examiners get the feeling that youve written it with utmost dedication. 6. Stay within [size] limits. You may think that using larger font sizes and page margins to create more pages will help meet your page quota, but professors are professors for a reason [i.e. theyre smarter], so dont even think about it. Look for quality in your material, and quantity will follow. Get ready to complete your essay with quality and with proper essay help from Custom essay writing is imperative to complete this grueling task successfully. More Wedding Checklist Articles

Checklist for the Indian Bride

Every wedding is special and especially so for the bride. It’s a day every girl looks forward to and on this day she wants to look nothing less than perfect. Literally countless ceremonies, meeting with relatives and several other activities can often make the bride overlook certain things that she shouldn’t. Having a checklist in hand can make things much easier to remember. Below is a checklist that you’ll surely find much useful on your special day – 1.Wedding Dress – Make sure that your wedding dress is ready and packed in a plastic bag or kept in a secure place and out of children’s reach. Check the dress for any damage early in the morning so that any repairs if required can be done before the evening. 2.Wedding Jewellery – Bridal jewellery is mostly made on order and is often quite expensive. You should always ensure that it is kept locked away in a safe and check for it once every 3-4 hours on your wedding day. Also, check it right away in the morning for any missing stones or anything that might require any minor repairs. 3.Footwear – Check for your footwear and keep it in a wardrobe which out of reach of children. It would be advisable if you keep your footwear along with your bridal dress. 4.Make-up Kit – Make sure you have your own make-up kit ready and kept in place where nobody can access it or use it. You might need some touch up even after your bridal make-up. Those who have a tendency to sweat a lot shouldn’t overlook this. 5.Bridal Make-up – Nowadays, several beauty salons offer bridal make-up packages ranging from a few thousands to a few lakhs of rupees. Make sure you call up your salon right away in the morning and confirm your appointment and the time that you’ll need. Also, don’t wait for the last to get your ‘mehendi’ done. 6.Safety-pins – Many would consider it as something way too small a thing to be put into a checklist. But most brides still choose to wear a ‘lehenga’ or a heavy ‘saree’ for their wedding. And the weight of these ‘lehengas’ or ‘sarees’ is usually in kilograms. Such heavy clothes can only be kept in place using safety pins. 7.Diet – Eat your usual diet on your wedding day. Don’t skip your meals; it’ll cause your blood sugar level to dip. It’s going to be a long day and you’ll need lots of energy to see it off. 8.Water – Drink lots of water and fluids. A shortage of water can often show up on your face and once on the stage, you’ll probably want to avoid it. Also, fluids would help keep your bowel movement alright and avoid any discomfort during the evening. 9.Exercise – This is something that you should really avoid on your special day. Avoid any kind of exertion that you can and save your energy for the ceremonies. 10.Smile – Most brides forget […]

Travel Packing Checklist

The next hints will make your journey more enjoyable and hassle-free. This multipurpose checklist will help both veteran and newbie travellers. Paring down a list of everything you wish to take with you is a great beginning. If you have the slightest doubt about whether you’ll use something, leave it at home. One or two primary colors is more than sufficient when planning your travel clothing. That way, you can combine and match parts and call for only one set of supplements and jewelry. When picking out which clothing to bring with you, ensure that they wash easy and dry fast. Bring things that can serve different purposes. For Instance, beach thongs can double as slippers; a scarf can be used as a belt or shawl; and a raincoat with a zip-out liner is also usefulk when making the switch from a cold clime to a warm, wet one. If you find out the day and evening temperature ranges for the place where you are going, you’ll be better able to anticipate your clothing needs. Most airlines will provide the info. If you want to keep your clothes without wrinkles, then you must not overstuff your traveling bag. Determine how much you will need, then select a traveling bag accordingly. The secret is packing in layers. Massive and heavy items such as shoes, gadgets and toiletries kits should be at the bottom of the suitcase. Position shoes in plastic bags so that they don’t soil other garments. To preserve additional space you can arrange some small items such as handkerchiefs, belts and socks into the interiors of shoes. Roll garments that won’t wrinkle – sweaters, lingerie, T-shirts – and place them around heavier items. It’s very essential to prevent massive items from moving and crushing garments when in transit, so if there are some empty spaces in the bag, they should be filled with tissue paper. It’s also important to make even weight distribution so that the bag is easy to carry around. Be sure to close all buttons, zippers and snaps. Trousers must be folded along natural creases and the ends allowed to hang over the sides. If you want the thickness to remain consistent when putting a second pair of trousers over the first, you should alternate arranging the top of each garment on the right and left side. Now, start to fold the jackets. Spread out each jacket, facing side out, then fold vertically and horizontally. Place each jacket on top of each pair of trousers, folding legs in an alternating fashion over the jacket. Carry a collapsible, light tug bag if you want to go on a shopping spree and take home more than you left with. If you need hair dryers or shavers, purchase travel-size units since they are small and weigh less than the regular size ones. Don’t forget electrical adapters for overseas travel. If you don’t know how to pack for travel, visit our site and read all about travel packing and other […]

Survey Design Checklist

This survey checklist was created to help you design a survey that will provide actionable, clear information for your business decisions. Define Objectives Did you write down what decisions will be made based on the data? Do you have no more than 3 main objectives for the survey? Outline the Survey Does your survey include an introduction explaining purpose of the study, duration, and incentive information? Does the survey begin with a closed-ended question? Do you have questions at the beginning of the survey to select appropriate survey respondents to continue with the survey? Do the questions go from general to specific? Are the demographic questions at the end? Are any sensitive questions toward the end of the survey? Do all questions relate to your objectives? Do you complete each topic before moving on to the next? Draft Questions Do questions avoid use of jargon, acronyms, or terminology unfamiliar to respondents? Are the questions simple and concise? Do you ask questions before describing the rating scale? Are all possible answer options included, or did you include an “Other” option? Do you allow the respondent to select “Prefer not to answer” for sensitive questions, such as income? Do you list answer options vertically? Do you display the most positive answer options first? Do you include a midpoint answer on rating scales? Are you using unbalanced scales on questions for which you expect the majority of answers to be in a top 2 box? Are you using closed-ended questions whenever possible for data analysis? Are open-ended questions voluntary? If you are unsure how to write the questions, are you consulting a pre-designed survey template? Review and Pre-Test Have you sent the survey to colleagues or friends to review question wording and survey timing? Have you pre-tested the survey by first sending to a small group of actual survey respondents to ensure data is being collected as expected? Does the survey take 10 minutes or less to complete? 5 closed-ended questions take approximately one minute, and 2 open-ended questions take approximately one minute. Will you be able to make the decisions you identified in your objectives based on the data? Since 1999, Zoomerang has provided a powerful, self-service alternative for conducting accurate comprehensive online surveys with a minimum of cost and effort. As the pioneer of online surveys, we provide sophisticated functionality and professional survey solutions to thousands of organizations around the world including over 70 of the Fortune 100. Zoomerang’s business, educational and non-profit customers have created and sent more than 100 million online surveys including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and market research surveys. As part of MarketTools, Inc., the leading technology and solutions provider of Customer Insight Management capabilities for the world’s market leaders, Zoomerang also offers expert professional services. Survey programming, deployment along with recruitment and selection of custom groups of survey respondents are all available to our subscribers. Find out what Zoomerang can do for you and your organization. Related Wedding Checklist Articles

Digital Camera Purchasing Checklist For Wedding Photography

You’re heading on a holiday, your friend’s wedding is coming up and you do not have a compact or SLR digital camera. You’ve decided that you might be going to get 1 but whenever you begin looking you discover that you can find hundreds of distinct types available on the market. Narrowing down your selection is the initial criteria you must be aiming at. Are you going to get a compact digital camera or spending additional to pick up a professional SLR camera that can produce a lot more dynamic and professional pictures. You’ll find a variety of points to think about and some homework you need to do so that you can get a camera that suits you and also the purposes you might be in search of to shoot any sort of photography. We have supplied a fundamental checklist which will guide you into selecting a camera which will work for you. Checklist Guide 1. Select the sort of Camera – Compact or Digital SLR Camera Choose the kind of camera that you’re wanting to get. A compact camera is fantastic for snap shots, travel photography everyday photography that’s moderate in high quality. In the event you desire professional pictures then you’ll be looking at a SLR inside the Nikon, Canon, Minolta range which will produce great photo top quality. You may possibly opt to acquire both the SLR plus the compact for all occasions. 2. Ask Other people: Prior to you get a camera, talk to buddies ask a professional photographer what they’re making use of and if they’re satisfied. Discovering details from persons in fact utilizing the cameras is the very best method to discover out what you’re purchasing. Head to the photography forums where you’ll be able to logon and ask any questions and locate three. Pick the Camera Brand You might have selected the kind of camera, your next choice would be to pick a brand of camera. A few of the main players consist of Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Minolta which are incredibly reputable businesses. I would suggest Nikon or Canon as the most effective in the marketplace. 4. Compare Brand Costs Choose the brand, model and sort and then uncover out the average price you must pay for it. Head to Google, run a keyword check ” Nikon D300 Price in AUD”. This wil bring up numerous listings which will guide you within the price you need to pay for this particular model and sort. If purchasing on the net, E-bay is reputable but due-diligence is recommended when buying anything on line. 5. Test drive the Camera Head to a camera store and test the model you’re going to acquire. Make sure you stay with the camera you’ve decided on to prevent you obtaining further confused with the other models on show. Ask questions inside the store for further reviews. 6. Warranty and Return Policy When purchasing a camera, a warranty and return policy might be agreed on. Know the guide for your […]