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Walk Behind Stump Grinder 12HP 13″Wheel

Barreto 13SG 11.7 HP 13” Walkbehind Stump Grinder 

Rental price 

4 hours  $120.00 
1 Day  $180.00 
1 Week  $560.00 
1 Month  $1440.00 


This unit is the cream of the crop of walk behind stump grinder rentals! This stump grinders’ unique design pivots over the center line of the wheels, allowing the grinding head to sweep easily across the stump, while the wheel base remains stationary. The innovative design and compact stature of this stump grinder makes it an ideal rental for tight access areas. The swivel head has a swing arc of 35˚ and the cutting wheel has eight carbide teeth with three cutting surfaces. Free-wheeling hubs facilitate easy travel to the jobsite, while the independent wheel locks allow for easy locking while grinding. The perfect rental unit for commercial use or do it yourselfers! 



Weight: 406 lbs   

Height: 54.5”   

Length: 74”   

Width: 29” 

Cutting Depth: 6”-8″ 

Cutting Height: 14” 

Cutting Disc: 13″

Fuel: Gasoline 

Head Swing: 35°, 20” arc  

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Clutch Drive double 5/8” belt

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