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Trough Cooler

A Trough Cooler is an excellent addition to your tent rental or party rental.  The 100 gallon heavy duty cooler is great for indoor or outdoor use and has a high capacity for ice and drinks.  In fact, it can hold 500 drinks and 344 pounds of ice!  The drain cap at the base makes it easy to periodically drain some water to keep your ice dry and increase its longevity and to give you more room to keep filling up the Trough Cooler.  Our cooler is 52″L x 32″W x 24″ Deep.

This cooler is great for company picnics, graduation parties, sporting events, festivals, family reunions and so many other events!  We suggest multiple troughs to separate beer, soda, and water.   When filling the cooler rental, we suggest layering ice, then beverages, then ice, then beverages and so on, with a thicker layer of ice at the top and the bottom.  If preparing the cooler before the party, cover it with a small blanket or beach towel to provide additional insulation until ready for use.  When at all possible, keep the coolers in the shade out of direct sunlight.  If that is not possible, consider renting a small 10×10 tent to provide shade for the coolers.  It also creates a nice outdoor nook for your beverage service.

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