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Steak Knife

Renting a Steak Knife for your weddingparty or event is an easy, cost-effective way to set an elegant table without a large investment.  Typically, steak knives are not used in formal table settings, but when needed, they take the place of the dinner knife.  Two styles of steak knives are available.  The black handle that is shown or a wood handled version.

When setting a formal table for your party using a steak knife, each piece of flatware has a certain place. The Dinner Plate should be placed one inch from the end of the table and the bases of all of the silverware should be in line with the base of the plate.  On the left working from the plate out is the dinner fork and the salad fork.  On the right, again working from the plate out will be the steak knife (blade pointed towards the plate) which will take the place of the dinner knife, teaspoon and then the soup spoon.  Above the plate placed horizontally is the dessert fork with tines pointing to the right and above that, the dessert spoon with the bowl facing towards the left.  The butter spreader should be laid across the bread and butter plate diagonally with the handle pointed towards the plate and with the blade pointing down to the left.

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