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Edger Sander

Edger Sander 

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An edger sander rental is the perfect complement to a drum sander when it comes to completing your home floor sanding project. Use a drum sander to complete the bulk of your floor, and use the edger sander to clean those hard-to-reach places. This sander has a disc that goes all the way to the edge of the machine, allowing it to sand right up next to a wall or other obstacle. Three available grits mean that you are sure to have the range needed to complete your job. This rental unit has a 7” sanding diameter, making your job quick to complete. 

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Sandpaper available in 24, 36, and 80 grit 

Machine Dimensions: 10” W x 8” L x 13.5” H 

Sanding Diameter: 7” 

Brand: Silverline 

Power Use: 115V 15A 

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