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Rotisserie Grill

Our Rotisserie Grill is fueled by charcoal and comes with a single rotisserie rod.  Perfect for outdoor events like family reunions, picnics, festivals and more, the rotisserie allows large portions of meat to be cooked at once to feed your hungry guests.  This grill measures 2’x4′.

Rotisserie Grill cooking, also known as spit-roasting, uses a rotisserie rod to hold food up from the fuel source and rotated while cooking. This method allows the meat to cook evenly in its own juices so your party guests will be treated to a juicy and tender main course.  One tip to rotisserie grilling is to place a drip pan underneath the meat as it bastes.  This will prevent the juices from dripping over the charcoal and burning up and cooling the coals.  The juices can also be used to baste over the cooking meat to provide additional flavor while cooking.  Another tip is to tie the meat to the rotisserie rod once it is skewered.  It may seem secure when you add the raw meat, but as it cooks and tenderizes, it will become looser and could fall off the spit – which is another great use for the drip pan in case this happens.

Great meats to cook for your party guests include large cuts of beef, like roasts, whole chickens, leg of lamb, or small pigs.  However, you can also cook fruits or vegetables on the rod.  Having a luau?  Add a whole pineapple to the end of your spit for added flavor.

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