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Refrigerated Beer Dispenser (Kegerator)

The Kegerator Refrigerated Beer Dispenser holds either a quarter barrel or a half barrel to serve your party guests your favorite brew.  The cold environment and pressurization of the Kegerator will keep your beer fresh and carbonated for several months, but if you are having a Green Bay Packer, Milwaukee Bucks or Brewers or Wisconsin Badger party, you will not need it to last that long.  Complete with a bar style dispenser and handy cup holder for pouring your frosty mugs.

Set on locking casters, it is just a quick flip of the switch to move your Kegerator around your event, then another quick flip to secure the casters in place.  The Refrigerated Beer Dispenser uses a standard grounded plug.  The black enamel finish and and elegant dispensing system will turn your party into a special event.

A couple of things to keep in mind to make sure your Kegerator party is a success:

  • If you keg has been moved around a lot of warms up prior to your event, it will take up to several hours to be ice cold and ready to pour
  • Open the faucet quickly and completely.  Opening it only partway causes your brew to foam.  Close quickly as well.
  • Tilt your glass when pouring your beer so it gently slides down the glass which will also prevent foam.
  • Frosty mugs are not recommended as the Kegerator allows you to set the beer temperature between 30 and 50 degrees.   The frosty mug causes foam and freezing.  If you must use a frosty mug, rinse it in warm water right before serving the beer,
  • Most draft systems are set from 36 to 38, but choose your temp based on your beer.  Dark lagers tend to be better served a little warmer.

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