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Punch Bowl Electric with Dome

A Domed Electric Punch Bowl is a great rental item for your next party or event.  Cascades of your favorite punch, wine or cocktail flows up from the base of the bowl and is sent cascading down the outer dome.  The center light illuminates the beverage creating a centerpiece for your cocktail or buffet table.  The Domed Electric Punch Bowl hold three gallons of liquid and has a convenient spigot that opens and closes to easily dispense drinks to your party guests.  Fun for weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties or any event where you would like to have something a little fun and functional on display.

This punch bowl requires an electric source and uses a standard grounded plug.


  • Fill the Punch Bowl in the area where you will be serving – a full punch bowl can weigh close to 100 pounds!
  • 3 Gallons of Champagne or Wine in a standard 750ml bottle equals about 15 bottles
  • Do not let the fountain run dry – unplug it or add more of your beverage
  • Pre-chill all of the liquids that will go into the fountain – 36 degrees is ideal
  • Ice Cubes will clog the fountain, but small frozen chunks of punch will not
  • If adding a carbonated item to the fountain, add it last and right before serving.  Continue adding carbonated beverages throughout the event in order to keep it bubbly.
  • Do not use fruits or any foods in the fountain – it will clog the motor
  • If a recipe calls for sugar, substitute simple syrup instead to avoid granules
  • When preparing what quantity of beverage you will need, follow the general rule of one gallon of punch per ten guests.

Don’t forget to add Punch Cups to your rental!

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