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Food Warming Heat Lamp

The Food Warming Heat Lamp uses two incandescent heat bulbs to both illuminate and keep food warm for a short time at your party or event.  Great for keeping fried appetizers or fries crispy at a concession stand at a carnival or festival but also a perfect choice for a Prime Rib service or carving station at your wedding or high end event.  A Food Warming heat lamp is not recommended for keeping denser foods warm – like mashed potatoes or casseroles.  They are designed for smaller, flatter portions such as fried chicken or cooked pizza.

Food warming heat lamps require a standard grounded outlet to use.  They are lightweight, portable and are easy to transport throughout your party, or to keep out of sight after using.  The stand provides stability allowing you to slip food trays in and out from underneath the stand without fear of knocking it over.  The incandescent heat bulbs can get as high at 250 degrees on the surface and the surrounding metal dome can become quite hot, so be careful to use this at an area of your event where children will not come in contact with the heat lamp.  Also, keep heat lamps at least two feet away from combustible materials as a precaution.  Do not use plastic trays under the heat lamp.

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