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Floor Drum Sander 8”

Essex-Silver Line SL-8 Floor Drum Sander 

1 Day  $44.00 
1 Week  $132.00 
1 Month  $396.00 


The Essex-Silver Line SL-8 Floor Drum Sander is the ideal choice for removing the finish off a deck, hardwood floors, or other flooring project. The drum is 8 inches wide and rotates at 1800 RPM allowing you to quickly finish your job. Tilt action and an engine design that prevents the drum from slowing while sanding allows for an even, controlled surface, and a professional looking finish. Spring loaded cam locking system makes swapping out sandpaper a breeze.  

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Motor: 1 HP 

Power: 115V 14A 

Drum: 8” wide Soft rubber, covering aluminum core 

Drum Speed: 1800 RPM 

Weight: 115 lbs. 

Size: 28” L x 15” W x 34” H 

Takes 8 x 20 1/8” sandpaper 

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