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Fish Boil Pot 80qt with Burner

A Fish Boil Pot rental for your Wisconsin party or event is a unique and fun way to cook for your guests.  The heavy gauge pot comes with a strainer basket and a lid.  The portable stand runs on propane (a standard 20 pound grill tank) so you can use it for graduation parties, catered events or even when tailgating at the next Packer game.  The 80 quart pot holds up to 45 pounds of your favorite shellfish – Lobsters, Shrimp, Crawfish, King Crab Legs, Clams, Oysters, Scallops or Mussels are prime candidates for a traditional fish boil.  When using the Fish Boil Pot rental – we recommend filling it about 3/4 full and generously salting the water – about one tablespoon per quart to mimic seawater.  Bring it to a boil and drop in your shellfish and cook to desired doneness!

A tip for beginners – if you are feeling a little squeamish about cooking live shellfish, place them in the freezer for fifteen to thirty minutes prior to cooking.  Any temperature colder than 40 degrees will sedate or even dispatch the shellfish before cooking which will make them much easier to handle.  Just remember, when adding live shellfish to the pot, always put them in head first and pop the lid on the pot as quickly as you can.

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