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Coffee Server

An Insulated Coffee Server keeps 44 ounces of liquid hot or cold for up to 6 hours for your next party or event.  Although it was designed for keeping coffee at an ideal temperature of 180 to 185 degrees, the Insulated Coffee Server is also great for hot tea, apple cider or hot chocolate.

The best thing about this Coffee Urn is that it does not require an additional heat source to keep coffee hot, which helps to reduce energy usage and also eliminates the need for power cords, electrical plugs, chafing fuel, or other hot external surfaces.  The exterior of the server is a durable plastic available in Black, White or Almond, and the interior is an easy to clean stainless steel.  It features a screw top lid that can be opened just the amount needed to dispense the beverage without letting too much outside air in to cool the drink prematurely as well as locking in the aroma and freshness of the beverage while serving.  The comfortable handle makes it easy for you our your party guests to dispense.

This is a great rental piece for weddings so guests can serve themselves at the table or they can be transported through the event for refills without worrying about spills or anyone bumping into a hot coffee pot.

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