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Chocolate Fountain

The premier in Chocolate Fountain Rentals, the Sephra brand fountain comes in a handy carrying case and includes a 20 pound box of chocolate melts which serves approximately 150 guests.  Additional cases of chocolate are available for purchase.  Add this Chocolate Fountain to your Party or Wedding Rental to add a touch of playfulness to your event.

What do I dip in my Chocolate Fountain?
The list of potential dipping items is endless! For best results, we recommend avoiding items that crumble easily. Crumbs that fall into the chocolate can cause it to thicken and/or gap.
Strawberries – Bananas – Pineapple Chunks – Orange Slices – Peaches – Nectarines – Dried Apricots – Kiwis – Apple Slices – Pretzels – Marshmallows -Rice Crispy Treats – Cream Puffs – Graham Crackers – Clustered Nuts – Cookies – Wafers – Animal Crackers – Brownies – Peanut Butter Cookies -Mint Patties –
Biscotti – Popcorn Clusters

Double the fun by adding an Inflatable or Tent Rental for your party!

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