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Champagne Fountain

The Champagne Fountain Rental has three-tiers and is available in Silver or Gold.  The lighted center tier provides ambient lighting that will really make your event sparkle. We suggest having a plate of strawberries or maraschino cherries next to the Champagne Fountain to enhance the flavor of the Champagne and add to the elegance of the party.

Excellent as a wedding rental, the fountain will add a touch of beauty and class to your event.  To keep your Champagne bubbly, we recommend adding a bit more every 20 minutes or so as to not lose the carbonation.   Not a fan of Champagne?  That’s okay – any type of alcohol or beverage can be used in the fountain as long as it is pulp-free. A great alternative is to use a sparkling wine or cider in the fountain to serve your party guests all night long.

Also a great rental item for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, and Bridal Showers.


  • 5 Gallons of Champagne or Wine in a standard 750ml bottle equals about 25 bottles
  • Do not let the fountain run dry – unplug it or add more of your beverage

Don’t forget to add Champagne Flutes!

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