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Carpet Soil Extractor

Carpet Soil Extractor 

Breathe new life into an old carpet with a carpet soil extractor. Our brand-new power-flite soil extractors are capable of 200 PSI, more than three times the standard 60 PSI. The built-in heater allows for hot cleaning making chemical use more effective, helping to dissolve tough stains like oil and grease, and removing biological waste from your carpet. These features combined make this carpet cleaner one of the most effective units on the market. 10” wheels make transportation a breeze, even up and down stairs. Make your home a cleaner and healthier environment by doing a deep clean of your carpet and furniture. Professionals can cost an arm and a leg, but with rental equipment you can do the job for less. This soil extractor has a 20-foot hose reach. A five-foot wand is also included in the price of this rental.  

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  • Weight: 95 lbs. 
  • Vacuum Motor: Dual 2-stage 
  • Solution Tank: 10 gallons 
  • Recovery Tank: 8 gallons 
  • Solution Pressure: 50-200 PSI, adjustable 
  • Cord Length: 25’ 
  • Hose Length: 20’ 
  • Flow Rate: 97 CFM 

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