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This 30 Watt Bullhorn rental is great for your Milwaukee area sporting events, school events, camping trips, or anywhere you want your voice to be heard.  This Bullhorn is excellent for crowd management at your event with its 3/4 mile projection range and long battery life.  Using standard C-Batteries, you should expect about 10 hours of operating time.   This Bullhorn can be used indoors or outdoors and also has a siren and whistle mode to grab the attention of your crowd.  Depending on the size of your group, you may want to rent multiple bullhorns to scatter in different areas.

Fun Fact: Although the name Bullhorn and Megaphone are sometimes use synonymously, there are actually some specific differences.  The main difference is in the shapes. The megaphone is a a cone shaped device that sends your voice about a hundred or so yards out into the crowd – picture cheerleaders at a football game.  Whereas Bullhorns start with a similar cone shape, but the outer edge has a lip the extends outwards similar to a bull’s horn.  Thus the name ‘Bullhorn’.  This device also use electronics to amplify the sound of your voice and send it in a specific direction.

Did you know we also rent Bleacher Seating and Barricades, Stanchions and other crowd control items?  If you are renting a bullhorn, these are other items you may be useful for your event.

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