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Cambro Beverage Dispenser

A Cambro Beverage Dispenser is a premier brand in the beverage industry and  will keep the drinks at your event or party safely chilled or piping hot for four plus hours.  Ideal for outdoor events or catering because this insulated container protects the beverages against outdoor heat or cold.  The Cambro Beverage Dispenser features a latch system that secures the lids tightly and a ventilation cap to equalize pressure.   The vent system plus the recessed faucet ensure beverages are dispensed evenly with no drips and a pouring position that is even and continuous flow.  This means that no ‘tipping’ is necessary when the liquid is close to the bottom and and this can be an easy self serve station even at indoor events without having to worry about protecting floors from the ‘cooler’ puddle.

The Cambro is available in three, five and ten gallon sizes in the color brown.   They can be stacked as shown in the gallery photo regardless of whether the containers next to each other have hot and cold beverages due to the unique insulation system.  The top handles make this beverage dispenser easy to transport so they are an easy and fun way to offer a variety of drinks at sporting events, festivals or graduation parties.

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Hot/Cold beverage dispensers are perfect for outdoor events. Keep hot chocolate warm for a sledding outing, or keep water or Gatorade cold for a sporting event. Available in 3, 5, or 10 gallon varieties. 

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