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Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer 6’x12′

6’X12’ Tilt Bed Trailer 

Rental Prices 

1 Day  $45.00 
1 Week  $140.00 
1 Month  $350.00 


A tilt bed trailer is the perfect way to move mini skids, scissor lifts, dingoes, and other small to medium sized equipment. A 12-foot bed that is 6 feet wide give you plenty of space to meet your transportation needs. Our felling ft3-it-i tilt bed trailer offers excellent ease of use with a single latch locking mechanism and plenty of tie-down points. This trailer has a 2″ ball, 4-pin light adapter and has surge brakes to help you safely haul your equipment to the job site, meaning that this trailer can be hauled by most vehicles.


Additional Information 

Hitch size: 2” 

Light Connection type: flat 4 pin 

Trailer Weight: 1600 lbs. 

Trailer Capacity: 4900 lbs. 

Bed Size: 6’ x 12’ 

Braking Assistance: Surge Brakes 

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