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Hydraulic Dump Trailer 6’x10′

6×10 Dump Trailer 

Rental Prices 

1 Day  $145.00 
1 Week  $400.00 
1 Month  $990.00 


A dump trailer is a great way to take the backbreak out of yardwork. Dump trailers are an ideal way to haul brush, woodchips, dirt, gravel, firewood, or other loose bulk items. This dual axle trailer has the capacity to get your job done quickly and easily. Three sides can be folded down to reduce the height that material has to be lifted for loading saving your back! Whether you need to go pick up material and bring it to your site, or just bring it around the back this is the perfect trailer for you. 

Additional Information 

Hitch size: 2” 

Light Connection type: flat 4 pin 

Trailer Weight: 3000 lbs. 

Trailer Capacity: 7000 lbs. 

Bed Size: 6’x10’ 

Sidewall Height: 15” 

Braking Assistance: Surge Brakes 

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