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Enclosed Trailer 5’x8′

5X8 Enclosed Trailer 

Rental Prices 

1 Day  $38.00 
1 Week  $150.00 
1 Month  $420.00 


An enclosed trailer is ideal for transporting goods that cannot be exposed to weather or the wind of a moving vehicle. Examples include furniture, non-waterproofed machinery, plants, and other delicate items. Additionally, enclosed trailers benefit from increased security and privacy for potentially valuable items or pieces of equipment. Be sure to check out our other trailer rentals if this isn’t the right unit for you. 


Additional Information 

Hitch size: 2” 

Light Connection type: flat 4 pin 

Trailer Weight: 3000 lbs. 

Trailer Capacity: 1500 lbs. 

Bed Size: 5’ x 8’ 

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