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Propane Grill 2’x5′

A propane grill is the perfect rental for picnics, parties or barbeques because the large surface gives you the ability to cook a lot of food at once for a big crowd. In fact, this propane grill will cook 40 steaks, 20 chicken halves or 60 hamburgers all at once!  Because propane grills give you better control over the temperature, they are easier to cook with than charcoal grills and tend to give a more even cook to the food.

A propane tank is included with the rental.  Propane is charged based on usage and is weighed when when the grill is returned.

Wisconsin is famous for a couple of great grilled foods you could try at your next party or event – Beer Brats and Butter Burgers.

Beer Brats are Bratwurst soaked in a mixture of about 2 onions sliced up, a couple of tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and enough beer to cover the brats.  Remember, the better the beer, the better the brats.  There are two schools of thought on cooking the brats.  Some people like to boil them in the beer until done and then sizzle them on the propane grill, and some folks like to sizzle first and then boil them.  Try both ways to see which you prefer but never pierce the brats before cooking.  That just gives an opening for all those juices to flow out.

Butter Burgers are a simpler preparation – just add a little butter to the raw meat during preparation and after the burger is sizzled up and close to perfection, drop a pat of butter on the top of the burger and let it melt while it is still on the grill.  Best served with a toasted buttered bun and lots of condiments!

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