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Riding Lawn Roller 1 Ton

WOLFPACK-2500 One Ton Riding Lawn Roller 

4 hours  $80.00 
1 Day  $120.00 
1 Week  $360.00 
1 Month  $780.00 


Lawn uneven? Bumps in the Yard? This riding lawn roller rental is calling your name! This 1 ton roller is perfect for commercial jobs or your own backyard. Multiple ballast options give you plenty of flexibility with how much weight you want to roll with. A 99” turning radius it is easy to maneuver while maintaining enough weight to get the job done right. Look at this rental compactor to make your summer lawn a flat, even masterpiece.




Dry Weight
Operating Weight
Ballasted Weight 
1,585 lbs. 
2,070 lbs. 
2,680 lbs.  
L x W x H   84″ x 36″ x 56″  
Drum Width   F-28″ / R-32″  
Drum Diameter   F-20″ / R-24″  
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