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Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental

On trend for 2021 for weddings and other events is creating an outdoor lounge that looks like a living room.  A great way to achieve this fashion forward look is with a Furniture Rental from Area Rental & Sales Co.  This Love Sac Sactional furniture is modular and can be configured in whatever way you desire to make your party special.  Great for festivals and events where a VIP lounge is being implemented.

This versatile furniture is also popular under a separate tent for the family as more Celebrations of Life and funerals are being moved outdoors for social distancing.

Our Furniture Rental is available in black or white so will match any color scheme at your party.  Sactional accessories are available and include a Walnut Coaster or Walnut Drink Holder that slip over the arms of the furniture to keep them secure.

Available in 5 piece or 10 piece sets.

Other great items to pair up with this furniture is Carpet Rental or Flooring and Stanchions!

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