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Forklift/Material Moving 

Clarke 5000lb forklift

We offer a wide range of material moving equipment, giving you a solution for your home project, warehousing problem, or office reorganization. Area Rental and Sales offers a variety of material moving options, including forklifts, telehandler forklifts, material lifts, appliance and stairclimbing dollies, and a variety of other material moving equipment.  

We offer Clarke GTS25 forklifts, capable of moving up to 5000 lbs. These propane-powered forklifts are the perfect solution to your warehousing problems. With an outside turning radius of 7’10” these forklifts are designed to navigate the cramped interiors endemic to warehouses. And at only 8500 pounds these forklifts can be transported by most half ton trucks, making them accessible for home projects as well.  

Telehandler forklift rentals are perfect for your outdoor projects. Our JLG G9-43a boasts a 43’ vertical lift, and 30.5’ maximum outreach, making this high-capacity machine perfect for erecting framing, very high lifts, and very heavy lifts. At its fully retracted position this machine can lift up to 9000 lbs. 

Material lifts, or duct jacks, are perfect for a variety of purposes. This unit is designed to hang ducts, and air conditioners, but can also be used to hang cabinets, and other home projects. Our material lifts have a 650 lb. capacity and can be easily stowed in the back of a 6.5 foot pickup truck bed.  

Area Rental also carries a variety of dollies. Our most popular item is a powered stair-climbing dolly. This unit is perfect for moving water heaters, gun safes, granite slabs, and a wide variety of other items.  

Please call us today to talk to one of our friendly and experienced equipment rental specialists. Set up your reservation to get your job done! You can call our New Berlin location at (262) 827-144, or our Delafield location at (262) 646-4444. 

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