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Concrete Equipment

Concrete Equipment 

Area Rental and Sales offers equipment for all stages of your concrete project. Whether you need to pour, finish, grind, or resurface your concrete floor, driveway, or work space area rental has the equipment you need. We offer bull floats, breakers, buggies, grinders, mixers, and saws. 

Area Rental offers a full line of EDCO concrete grinders. The electric single head is perfect for small to medium indoor or outdoor projects. Look to the dual head or 220V turbo grinders for your larger jobs. We also offer a gas scarifier for jobs that require more material to be removed quickly. And of course, our EDCO concrete micro vacuum is perfect for reducing the dust kicked up at your job site.  

If you are looking to pour your slab Area Rental offers a variety of tools to help with that job as well. We offer gas and electric concrete mixers to let you pour fast. If you just need to transport the concrete, our gas concrete buggy is the unit for you.  

For demolition projects, we offer handheld gas and electric concrete saws, as well as a gas walk behind saw. We also offer gas and electric concrete breakers/jackhammers.  

Call Area Rental today at (262) 827-1444 for our New Berlin location, or at (262) 646-1444 for our Delafield location. Set up your concrete equipment rental today to make your job easier, cheaper, and successful. Our experienced rental associates can help walk you through finding the right equipment for your job.

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