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Have you ever tried to pick wine glasses for a perfect party?  There are so many shapes and styles, why can’t we use just one basic wine glass and call it a day?  Planning a party or wedding takes enough time, so why must we put so much effort into glass choice?

Well, I am here to help make the wine at your event taste spectacular because there really is ‘science’ to why we need to choose right glass – it is all about enhancing the aromas and correcting the temperature of the wine.   So, read on and discover why the perfect glass can help with the perfect occasion.

How to Choose Red Wine Glasses and Why

  • Red Wine Glasses have wider bowls to allow for better air exposure of the wine
    • The broad bowl allows aromatic features of the wine to gather and properly express
    • The air in the bowl is needed to counteract with the chemicals of red wine so it will be richer and more flavorful – swirling held to aerate the wine, but only a bit – too much swirl can make the wine taste flat or bitter
    • The taper of the lip is actually an intricate design to deliver the wine directly to the sides and back of the tongue
      • The center of the tongue senses the notes of tannins, fruits and acidity resulting in a smoother flavor
      • The back of the tongue mitigates the bitterness of tannins and spicy flavors
    • Red Wide Glasses have an increased bowl height
      • This creates distance between the wine and the mouth which allows any harsh ethanol to dissipate, encourages more oxygen to gather when drinking which works with the back of the tongue softens the bitter tannins.
    • Red Wine Glasses have shorter stems
      • Red wine does not dictate whether the drinker should hold the glass from the stem or the bowl as the heat of the hands do not affect the aroma or the taste of the wine

How to Choose White Wine Glasses and Why

  • White Wine Glasses generally have a smaller bowl which preserves the floral aroma and helps keep the temperature of the wine cooler
  • White Wine Glasses have narrow bowls
    • Aeration is not needed for white wine
    • The taper of the lip is designed for flow of the wine to the front area inside the mouth
    • The slightly wider opening allows wine to flow from one side of the palate to the other giving the wine a proper opportunity to present its delicate characteristics as well as allowing the more subtle flavors to reach the nose – this enhancing taste
  • White wine glasses have longer stems
    • Contrary to red, the heat transfer of the hands will have some adverse effects on the flavor of the wine, so the long stem encourages the drinker to hold the stem rather than the bowl

And since we are talking wine, what special occasion, party, wedding, shower, New Year’s Eve or any time you are celebrating doesn’t require a little bubbly?  So, let’s add Champagne Glasses to the mix.

How to Choose Champagne Flute and Why

  • Champagne Flutes are designed to keep the bubbles last as long as possible
  • Champagne Flutes have a small bead at the bottom of the glass to give the bubbles a starting point
  • Aroma is not important with Champagne, so the opening is smaller with less surface area which minimizes the exposure to air and preserves the bubbles

Now that you are armed with all these facts about Wine Glasses, it should be much easier to choose for your special event.  Now you just need to decide which wine goes best with your entrees – coming soon!


Sharpening a Chainsaw

Your chainsaw should cut just as it did when you first purchased it or when you last replaced the cutting chain. If it’s not cutting as it should, you may be damaging the saw itself and you could also be putting yourself in harm’s way. However, sharpening the chainsaw is one alternative to just buying another chain so that you can save yourself some money. It should be noted that if you want your chainsaw to remain sharp for longer periods of time, you should brush, wash or chop off the dirty areas before each use. You will know you need to go about chainsaw sharpening when the chain no longer self feeds, when the discharge is dusty and when the chain looks shiny. If you do find that your chainsaw is dull, stop cutting immediately. Not only is this dangerous, but dull chains can cause you to feel fatigued, frustrated and they can cause you to make bad judgment calls. Sharpening To sharpen your chainsaw, it’s best to use a workbench. Make sure the chainsaw is steady and that your work area is lit properly. You may want to place a wood block under the bar so that it doesn’t teeter while you’re working. Then, make sure the chain is tensioned properly. The chain should be snug against the bar but you should still be able to pull it easily around using only your hand. If your chain is loose, make sure you tighten it because a loose chain can cause damage during operation. Also, make sure you wear leather gloves. Then, using a proper-diameter round file, remove all the damage from the side and top plates, making sure the critical top corner is very sharp. You must hold the file at the correct height and orientation with each cutter. You may want to use a file guide to make the job easier. Then, file from the inside of the cutter to the outside using full strokes. When sharpening your chainsaw, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and remember that the uppermost corner must be sharp and defined by a thin chrome edge. The right and left hand cutters should be equally sharp and their top plates should be similar in angle and length. If this isn’t the case, the chain will likely pull to one side when cutting and you’ll likely find that you’ll need to replace the chain altogether For further information on hand tools, air tools and rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=’’>power tools and a full look at our catalogue please visit our website at or go to one of our 10 convenient locations throughout Perth and Bunbury. Find More How To Use Chainsaw Articles

Lawn Aerators ? How to Buy the Perfect One for you

Lawn aerators are extremely important tools to help in the maintenance of lawns, whether they are big or small. They work on the principle that the soil needs to have holes made in it so that nutrients, air and water can find their way inside as a result of which the roots of the lawn grass can absorb them easily and result in a healthy looking lawn. The process of aeration helps to relieve the lawn from compaction that occurs due to heavy use and it prevents your lawn from looking thin, brown, or matted. There are different types of aerators that you could select from based upon your requirements. Some aerators result in very small holes in the lawn whereas others create deep holes with larger circumference. They are also available in a wide range of costs and efficiency. Another factor that you should take into account before buying them is the frequency of use they will be put to. You can go for a smaller lawn aerator if you plan to use it on your lawn only. You will need a larger one capable of heavy duty work if you own a lawn maintenance business. The type of soil your lawn is growing on is another important factor to be considered, as is the type of grass you have growing. Tightly matted grass needs heavy duty aeration, as does clayey soil because it tends to be very compact and does not permit good drainage. The smallest ones that you will find in the market are lawn aerator shoes. These are shoes that have specially designed spikes on the sole that you can wear while walking all over the lawn. Your body weight will help to push the spikes inside the soil and aerate the soil. This method is best only if you have a small lawn and can easily walk all over it. Many people use these shoes as a means of getting exercise while looking after their lawn and the lawn can easily be aerated a few times a week without too much trouble. A hand aerator is also very popular with home owners who like to look after a small patch of lawn. A liquid lawn aerator is another option, and the chemicals it contains help to create the necessary aeration in the soil. Many people find this very convenient but it is not suitable for people who are running lawn maintenance businesses. A machine core aerator is most appropriate if you run such a business or if you have a large lawn that you wish to work on only once or twice a year. It is also an option if your lawn encounters a lot of traffic and gets damaged very easily. This kind of machine leaves large holes in your lawn but they are quickly filled over. Selecting lawn aerators is a very easy task these days since it is possible to go online and make detailed comparisons of the various options available before […]

How To Properly Maintain A Gas Chainsaw

Anybody that has ever had to clear a neighborhood road after a severe ice storm topples a few over-sized trees knows the importance of having chainsaws that are in good working order. Knowing how to properly take care of the chainsaw can mean the difference between being able to quickly get the job done, or having to break the fire ax out because the chainsaw has locked up and become inoperable. First and foremost, it is important to remember that chainsaws require a certain mix of oil and gasoline in order to run properly. Too many people ignore the documentation that explains how to properly mix fuel for the machine, and while chainsaws may be able to run on fuel that is either too heavy or light on the oil, this can cause the motor to have a reduced lifespan. Realize that on all chainsaws, regardless of make and model, the most important moving parts are the chain itself and the rail that the chain rides on during operation. For every hour or two of steady use, it is important that the chain be cleaned so that it is free of debris that could otherwise impede its motion. If a big enough piece of discarded material gets caught between these two metal surfaces, it can create too much resistance, which can decrease the lifespan of the motor. Similarly, it is very important that for every three to four hours of use, the cutting surfaces of the blade itself must be sharpened. For most chainsaws, this can be done easily with a rat-tail file, but it is important to make sure that the machine is completely turned off before attempting any sharpening of the blade, otherwise it is possible for injury to occur. A properly sharpened blade will mean that the chainsaw will be able to pass more easily through the material that is being cut, which means that not only does the job get done more quickly, but less stress is placed on the equipment itself. The third important aspect of chainsaw maintenance is lubrication. Direct metal on metal contact creates a lot of wear and tear, especially on a device with as much torque as a chainsaw. Using proper lubrication on the moving parts of the blade is the best way to ensure that it continues to function reliably year after year. Many modern chainsaws will have a mechanism built-in that delivers oil to the blade, and will have a simple reservoir that must be refilled every so often. If this is not the case, then an acceptable substitute would be to apply automotive oil to the blade directly. A chainsaw is a machine, and like any other machine, it requires proper maintenance. A good chainsaw, when properly taken care of, can provide steadfast service for many years.  

Lawn Care – Aerating Your Customers’ Lawns

In your lawn mowing business, you’re sure to have customers who don’t have the thick, luxurious lawns that they desire.  Of course, they’ll have all kinds of ideas about watering, fertilizers – even down to the height that you’re cutting the grass!  However, the problem may be far simpler – it may just need aerating. There are a few tell-tale signs that are a clear indicator that aeration is necessary: Water pooling on the lawn after heavy rain Bare spots where seed simply won’t take Problem pests getting a foothold Visible tracks in the lawn Increasing numbers of weeds in spite of how much weed killer you use However, the easiest way to get a good indicator is to poke the soil with a stick!  If it’s difficult to penetrate, then you should aerate. Often, this simple process is enough to overcome the compact earth and give your customers’ lawn a new lease of life.  Bear in mind though, that if you customer has clay soil or lives in a very dry area, then you’ll probably have to aerate more often. The process of aerating a lawn effectively allows the grass roots to get more nourishment, as well as making it easier for earthworms to move around.  You’ll make it harder for weeds to take hold by breaking through their roots and you’ll promote the growth of healthy micro-organisms that naturally defend the lawn.  Ultimately, you’ll have fewer problems to deal with as part of your lawn care business and your customer will have a healthier looking lawn! It’s important to aerate when the weather’s fine.  If it’s too hot, the soil will be too hard for the aerator to penetrate.  If it’s too wet on the other hand, you’ll just make a mess and potentially end up compacting the soil further.  Ideally, you want a weather window where it will be fine for at least a week after your treatment to maximize the long-term benefits. For your clients in hot, dry climates, you’re may need to aerate in the spring already, if the winter was dry.  You’ll also have to follow-up in summer and fall to keep the lawn healthy throughout the year.  In cooler areas, stick to aerating in fall as the cooler climate tends to make the lawns eco-system too fragile to tackle in summer.  I always recommend carrying your “stick” with you at all times so that at any time you can quickly check how much the earth has compacted. If you need to cover bare patches or to fill out sparse lawns, it’s great to overseed straight after aerating.  You’ve already prepared the soil in the best way possible for it to receive the seeds, so do it as soon as you’ve removed the pulled plugs.  This is also a great time to water as the water can get nice and deep and revitalize the lawn.  In terms of equipment, you can get aerator attachments for many mowers today.  If you don’t have one already, […]

Chainsaws Are A Versatile Tool

The chainsaw is most often thought of as a wood-cutting tool, used to cut down trees, remove limbs and to cut firewood. In fact, it is a critical piece of equipment in forestry, used not only for simple tree trimming, but it is also used by: * Tree surgeons to remove branches and foliage. * Fire fighters to create fire breaks in an effort to control wild fires. * Artists to carve sculptures with amazing detail. A Brief History It is commonly believed that the first chainsaw-like tool was made by a German orthopedist to cut bone. Developed in 1830, it was called an osteotome and had a chain that carried small cutting teeth. It was operated by turning the handle of a sprocket wheel which in turn moved the chain around a guide blade. It wasn’t until 1926 that the predecessor to the modern chainsaw was developed and patented by Andreas Stihl. In 1927, another entrepreneur by the name of Emil Lerp developed a gasoline-powered version of the versatile tool. Early versions of the tool required two people to operate them because they were so heavy. In fact, the first saws were so heavy that they had wheels similar to those on a drag saw, which preceded the chainsaw as the tool of choice to make wood cutting easier. It wasn’t until after the Second World War that industrial advancements in aluminum and engine design allowed manufacturers to produce a saw that one person could carry. More Than a Wood-Cutting Tool Today, specialized versions of the chainsaw are available to cut stone, rock, concrete and brick. While the saws use chains that are similar to the wood-cutting varieties, their cutting edges are embedded with diamond grit. These saws are lubricated with water to remove stone dust and to control the high friction that results from their use. This version of the tool is commonly used in construction and building restoration to remove large chunks of any of these rock-hard substances, without causing damage to the rest of the structure. They are also used by stone sculptors to remove large pieces of rock as they prepare it for the more precise carving that will follow. Finally, fire fighters use these heavy-duty specialized chainsaws to gain access to fires that are hidden behind the decorative rock-like materials that are often used in commercial buildings. No matter the use, chainsaws are available in many different sizes, ranging from small electric versions for home use to much larger versions often referred to as lumberjack saws used for commercial and forestry projects. Author is a freelance writer. For more information on chainsaw please visit Related How To Use Chainsaw Articles

Tips to Finding the Right Rolling Lawn Aerator For Effective Aeration

Problems in the garden that affect how it looks are often blamed to insects. That is if you know you’ve done well in maintaining and keeping your garden at its best. However, it is possible that what you think is a good enough maintenance of your garden is not actually enough. Let’s look specifically into garden lawn care. Sure, there are a lot of commercial devices that can be of a great help to take better care of your lawn. Each of those devices has its own special use that contributes to garden improvements by way of your lawn. They are of so many types and can either be electric or gas-powered. However, there are some aspects of lawn that are often overlooked or neglected. One specific example of those is soil compaction. The negative effects of this possible garden problem will not be remedied by any equipment that you might already have. That’s pretty much obvious since you will only be able to know what tool you will need if you know that such problem exists. In general though, to solve soil compaction, rolling lawn aerator is one of the specific tools that can be used. What it does is loosen the soil to allow movement enabling oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots aiding the healthy growth of grass. That process is basically called aeration. Nevertheless, having just something to use to aerating your lawn is not an assurance of the process’ effectiveness. You have to choose well that one that you will be using. To help you find the right rolling aerator and that you will receive positive effects, here are some tips. There are commercial rolling aerators that can be ordered online and there are also those that are for rental. Each of the ways of obtaining them has its own pros and cons. To better decide, look into your budget and assess how often you will need the equipment. A rolling lawn aerator is of many types. Choose well the one that will work for you and your lawn best. Could it be the pull behind or push lawn aerator? Apart from the mentioned devices, there is also an aerator that is for manual lawn aeration. That refers to aerator sandals that can be attached to your shoes. If you are up for it, you can aerate the soil while gaining health benefits from walking. If you want to take care of your garden and especially your lawn, you can find more valuable information on a rolling lawn aerator by visiting our new website. We’ll love to see you there.

Where to buy Poulan Chainsaw Parts

Having a chainsaw around the home could be very useful, as you can use it to cut various issues with ease. Nonetheless, it’s not enough to simply buy a chainsaw, you additionally must deal with it and correctly keep it so that it’s going to final you for years. Poulan, one of the many widespread brands of chainsaw, is known for its durability and efficiency. Even if it is extremely sturdy, there are still some parts which are certain to break due to frequent use. So it is important to know what sorts of Poulan Chainsaw Parts are essentially the most essential on your chainsaw to last for a protracted time. Poulan chainsaws will be very sturdy, if taken cared of properly. Therefore, it is important to do upkeep checks each now and again otherwise you would possibly find yourself having to replace those Poulan Chainsaw Parts continuously, and that can be very costly within the lengthy run. One of the important Poulan Chainsaw Parts is the chain catcher. It is very important examine this part for any cracks, dents or some other harm to ensure your safety while utilizing your chainsaw. If there are any damages, it needs to be changed at the soonest potential time. Do not attempt to use your chainsaw if this part is damaged as even minor damages can result in main accidents. One other half that needs to be checked every now and then is the chain brake. One of the crucial common accidents triggered by using chainsaws is when this part is neglected. Whether it is broken or damaged in any means, it might result in severe injury on the a part of the user. So you will need to have this part changed ought to it get damaged. The flywheel can be an essential part of your chainsaw, as this is the part that controls the velocity of your chainsaw’s engine. It is primarily responsible for making the chainsaw blade turn. If this part is damaged, your chainsaw won’t function at all. It’s also necessary to relaxation your chainsaw after frequent use to stop the engine from overheating. Poulan Chainsaw Parts have to be taken care of properly to ensure that your chainsaw lasts you for a long time. Chainsaws are very helpful and so they can certainly make life simpler, particularly in cases where it’s a must to cut by wooden or metal. Chainsaws must be an investment, particularly for many who regularly use them, and any funding must be nicely taken care of. While it’s comparatively simple to buy Poulan Chainsaw Parts, it may cost a little you a lot of money, particularly if you need to substitute certain elements often. Even when they don’t seem to be that costly, it’s nonetheless essential to care for your chainsaw, as frequent altering of the components might find yourself costing you quite a lot of money. So don’t forget to test these components each as soon as in awhile to ensure that […]

Your Guide to Lawn Aerators

Proper aeration of the land has always been a problem with land-tillers and farmers. One of the biggest challenges of the job is that it’s a very labor-intensive job, requiring many hours of hard work. And sometimes, even after toiling hard for long, one would find that the land is not properly aerated. To save yourself from such disappointments, it’s better to use dedicated equipment designed to help you aerate your piece of land. These are largely automated and feature ingenious engineering to ensure that the land is effectively aerated, no matter how large or small it is – all in the shortest possible time. A case in point is the lawn aerator. If you are looking to aerate a stretch of lawn, you will find lawn aerators the perfect aid to the job. Lawn aerators are in much demand these days for the high degree of convenience they offer. They are helping farmers and cultivators worldwide get better results from their tilling efforts. If you are a planter or farmer, you needn’t be told of the importance of using good quality agricultural machinery and equipment to ensure best results. And the lawn aerator is no exception. You should source it from the best manufacturer to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Fortunately, there are a few highly reputed equipment manufacturers and sellers you can trust with your eyes closed. When you buy from them, you can always stay assured of getting excellent value for your money. One such name is AerWay, one of the most popular and well-known names in the area of agricultural machinery manufacturing. By consistently offering its users great value for their money, excellent service and some of the most powerful and durable pieces of agricultural and turfing equipment, the name ‘AerWay’ has become synonymous today with trust and quality. With its several years of experience and AerWays’ Multi-Function Design, AerWay has the ability to meet the changing and varying cropping demands throughout North America and beyond, with full confidence and ensuring 100% satisfaction throughout. So, be it a lawn plug aerator or a pasture aerator, trust AerWay for the best results, always. For further information on Lawn aerators and Lawn plug aerator please visit Find More How To Aerate Lawn Articles

Buying Vs. Renting Chainsaws

Yet, there comes a point in time when just about everyone needs to use a chainsaw for a task, whether it be cutting down a tree, splitting wood or otherwise. When it comes to making the decision as to whether to buy or rent a chainsaw, it is important to consider a variety of different factors. For those who only need to use a chainsaw on an every-once-in-a-while basis, renting may be a better option than buying. There are a variety of shops that will rent chainsaws, and the per-day price generally tends to be reasonable, so long as the job can be completed within the day. That said, if one needs to use the equipment for more than a day or two at a time, rental rates can become extremely expensive, and can cut seriously into any profits that might be made from doing the job. If the job is just a household chore where profits are not involved, the effect can be even greater. If this is the case, it is almost always best to attempt to buy a chainsaw rather than renting it. Those who need to make use of chainsaws on even a fairly regular basis, such as for work, should consider purchasing one. While the price that comes along with buying chainsaws may seem high at first, the fact is that it will pay for itself in literally a matter of days if one uses it professionally. For those who live in areas prone to hurricanes or blizzards, having a chainsaw at the ready is a matter of both convenience and necessity that will save money from hiring a contractor or waiting for emergency crews to arrive in case of disaster. It is possible to purchase chainsaws via payment plans that allow people to pay over time rather than all at once. This being the case, it is almost always a better idea to buy a chainsaw if it will be used professionally and on a regular basis. Making the decision to either buy or rent chainsaws can be difficult, but so long as one takes into consideration how much they will be using it, the decision will practically make itself. For more information on chainsaw please visit Find More How To Use Chainsaw Articles The Best Rental Company in Milwaukee [google-map location=”{Milwaukee} {WI}”]

Avoiding Chainsaw Accidents

If you own property, especially in rural areas, there’s a chance that you’ve used a chainsaw to clear brush, or are thinking about renting or purchasing one. Chainsaws are inherently dangerous, and if you don’t exercise proper safety, you can seriously injure yourself. By following these simple safety steps, you can help prevent chainsaw-related injuries: Make sure the chainsaw is well-maintained, clean, and oiled in between uses. A rusty or unoiled chainsaw is much more likely to kick or seize than a properly maintained one. When storing the chainsaw, keep it out of the reach of children, and make sure that the blade is away from anything that could get caught on it. Handle the chainsaw with care, even when it isn’t on. The blade is still sharp, and you could still injure yourself or others with the chain. Be sure to fill the chainsaw with the recommended mixture of gasoline mixture. The chainsaw’s owner’s manual should have this information. If it does not, or if you don’t have a manual, contact the manufacturer for more information. When starting the chainsaw, keep one hand on the saw and one on the rope. Make sure the saw is on the ground; it is very unsafe to attempt to start he saw in mid-air. Wear proper eye and ear protection. The chainsaw can throw dirt, bark, and debris, which can cause serious eye damage. Additionally, the prolonged roar of the rumbling chainsaw can cause hearing to deteriorate over time, so sound-dampening ear protection is vital. Gloves are also important for safety when using a chainsaw. Make sure you wear a tough, durable pair that can serve as protection from the spinning chain and provide a better grip on the saw. When using the saw, make sure you have your feet planted, with the saw pointing away from your body. Never straddle the object you’re cutting, never saw anything between your legs, and always cut with the saw outside of your legs. Avoid striking objects with the nose of the saw, as this causes kick-backs, which can be very dangerous. Kick-backs occur when the rotating teeth at the tip of the chainsaw strike an object. The high speed of the chain can cause the chainsaw to jump back violently in your hands. If you have been injured as a result of a chainsaw-related accident, visit Find More How To Use Chainsaw Articles