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Interesting Wedding Stats

Here are some interesting wedding statistics. The World: There are, on average, 115,000 weddings each day world-wide. Las Vegas, Nevada holds the most weddings per year world-wide at 106,000/year.  Istanbul, Turkey comes in second with 92,000 per year.  Gatlinburg, Tennessee is third with 42,000 and New Orleans, Louisiana is fourth with 36,545. China averages 9 million weddings a year. Japanese brides spend an average of $ 70,000 on their wedding. In 2002, Canada held 150,000 weddings. The United States Month by order of popularity for weddings:  June, August, May, July, September, October, December, November and April (tie), February, March, January. Currently, the most popular primary color is blue, usually cool pastel blue.  Of the respondents who chose blue, 13.6% want to pair it with white. Most weddings occur in the afternoon (53%).  31% are held in the evening, 16% in the morning. Where receptions are held:  30% churches, 20% hotels, 20% country clubs, 10% each in fraternal halls, private homes, other locations. Most of the wedding budget is spent on the reception, followed by, in order, the consultant, rings, photography/video, bridal gown, music, flowers, bridal attendants’ apparel, rehearsal dinner, men’s formal wear, invitations, attendants’ gifts, mother of the bride apparel, bride’s veil, clergy and ceremony fees, limousine, and groom’s attire. Americans spend an average of $ 22,000 on their wedding. David’s Bridal accounts for 20% of all bridal-gown sales. Brides average 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding. Bridesmaids spend an average of $ 1000 for the wedding. In 2008, Americans held 259,000 destination weddings.  The top locations were the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the Dominican Republic. 175 guests are invited to the average wedding. Average age for first marriage: brides 25, grooms 27.5. Average age for remarriage:  brides 34, grooms 37. 30% of brides spend 7-12 months planning their wedding. 55% of weddings are traditional, 21% unique, 20% casual, and 4% extravagant. 77% of couples pay for their own wedding, 58% receive money from the bride’s parents, 32% from the groom’s parents. Weddings are a 50 billion dollar a year industry. The average wedding party has 12 people. Amount spent on presents from wedding gift registries: $ 19 billion. Planning resources used:  Family and friends 89%, Internet 77%, Bridal magazines 67%, Bridal event/fair 38%, Wedding planner/consultant 15%. 35% of weddings are held outdoors. 6% of weddings are officiated by a Justice of the Peace. The average engagement lasts 17 months. 64% of couples live together before marriage. 38% of weddings serve a buffet, 34% a sit-down dinner, 28% only cake and punch. The top three honeymoon destinations:  the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.     Criss White is a writer for wedding, baby, and family topics. For some more wedding ideas and other wedding tips, visit Wedding Ideas Etc.

Siding Installation – Preparation Tips

Siding installation of the house for someone who is new to the experience may seem like an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, the endeavor is not as difficult as you may think. Here are some tips that you can follow to help in preparing you and your house as you wait for the contractors to come and work on your house siding. Prepare your yard by clearing out ornaments and lawn equipment that can easily get damaged during the installation process. Though the process does not really use up a lot of space, you may want to create a clear space for contractors to work and place their working materials. Make a notice or visible boundaries around plants, or garden area that you do not want the work crew to step on. The length of the project typically lasts as long as two to three days, which also depends on the size of your house and the people working on it. Don’t worry as the workers are not going to be there long enough to cause any permanent damage your lawn area. There is no need to hassle about indoor preparation as all the work is going to be done outside of your house. As for noise concerns, you should not worry too much about this, as it will not be as noisy as compared to having a new roof built. A considerate thing to do would be to put up a notice for your neighbors regarding your new siding installation. They will most likely to return the favor the next time they are doing any home renovation. Communicate with the workers so that they know the right details of what you exactly want. Tell them about the areas that they are allowed to use as a work place and which parts of the lawn that you want to protect. A clear communication can really save a lot of unnecessary trouble. These are just few tips that you can follow to help prepare your house and yard before the real work of siding installation takes place. Just go about your routine or even leave the contractors to work and come back at the end of the day to greet the new look of your home! At the end of this article, I’d like to share cool websites with more information on topics like Slate Roof Queens and Brick Facade. Visit for more information. More Wedding Preparation Articles

The Other Royal Wedding In 2011

For royal watchers everywhere 2011 should be quite a year, as the son of Princess Diana, Prince William, marries long term girlfriend Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey London on April 29. Mean while, two months later, the tiny European Principality of Monaco will be full of celebrities and royals for the marriage of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. The happy royal couple are set to tie the knot on Friday July 2 2011 in a civil ceremony in the Palace, near the cathedral where Prince Albert’s mother – Hollywood actress Grace Kelly – married Prince Rainier in 1956, catapulting Monaco to the world’s attention. The wedding will be a bonanza for the world’s press, with a mix of A-list celebrities, sports stars, musicans as well as members of other European royal families in attendance. A thousand guests will be at an open air ceremony on the Saturday. It will be a bonanza too for the businesses in the area – the hotels will be full and most are already fully booked for the weekend, at full rate. Given that both the Hotel de Paris and Metropole are five star there should be no shortage of first class rooms available in the Monaco hotels for the invited guests! Even in an ordinary year the Principaility is full of glamour. Visitors can enjoy the world renowned Monte Carlo Casino any day of the year, in April there is the tennis while in late May there is the Monaco Grand Prix and in September the Yacht Show – all world class events that draw people in from around Europe with the Grand Prix televised live globally. The happy bride Charlene Wittstock is South African, although born in Zimbabwe, in January 1978. Charlene was a member of South Africa’s swimming team at the 2000 Summer Olympics, held in Sydney Australia. She held several South African swimming records, and after the wedding her first official trip as Princess with Prince Albert will be to South Africa, for an Olympic meeting. Nearly twenty years her senior, Prince Albert has the natural mix of Hollywood glamour through his mother and European royalty through his father, and became Monaco’s top royal following the death of his father Prince Rainier, who took Monaco from a sleepy European enclave to worldwide glamour and financial tax haven during his reign. Over that time Monaco became known as the home of million and billionaires, and is today an important finance centre with the Monaco banks playing an important part in her economy. And Prince Albert is well known for campaigning on environmental issues at high levels of government, raising issues and pushing them up the agenda of importance. While people might associate his Principality primarily with glamour and the Monaco banks, it is also leading the campaign for example to ban the fishing of endangered bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean. While some might be surprised at just how much Prince Albert cares about the environment, it will probably come as less of […]

Make Your Perfect Autumn Wedding

Do you want to own a autumn wedding? How to make a perfect one? Keep these tips in your mind. Autumn Wedding Deco * Palette – the traditional nature’s fall color: browns, oranges, reds, busts and yellows. Jewel tones infuse a special charming into autumn color. Metallics include bronze, copper and gold for luxury. * Deco – use decorations as simple as possible to accentuate the season’t bounty. Take into account the autumn leaves, golden hay, gourds, pumkins… * Jump out of the box – you don’t have to present a traditional fall wedding to your guests. In the contratry, use your imagination and built yourself a unique fall wedding with crystal candelabras and stemware on the velvet table runner. Autumn Wedding Flowers * Get fresh flowers from a local wholesale mart and ask your family member or good friends make-up the boutonnieres. * Seasonal flowers – consult your florist about the most popular autumn flowers Fall Wedding Flowers In Season Asters Chrysanthemums Zinnias Gerbera daisies Marigolds Roses Sunflowers * Fall fruits – apples, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, damsons, fresh figs, grapes, pears, plums, raspberries. * Natural texture – mix foliage, acorns together * Imaginative containers – use stained terra cotta pots, wooden boxes or hollowed pumpkins. * Tossing – ask your flowergirls toss leaves, acorns or other seeds instead of flowers. Autumn Wedding Menu * Traditional – you won’t make mistakes with seasonal flavours such as green beans, carrots, potatoes, corns and turkey. Don’t neglect raw fruit and vegetables just because the weather’s on the turn. Fall vegetables In Season Aubergine (Eggplant) Beetroot Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celeriac Celery Chicory Courgettes (Zucchini) Cucumbers Fennel French beans Herbs Jerusalem artichoke Leeks Mangetout (snow peas) Mushrooms Onions Parsnips Peppers Potatoes Pumpkin Radishes Red cabbage Romanesco cauliflower Runner beans Squash Swede Sweetcorn Turnip Watercress * Family cousine – incorporate your family recipes with your wedding menu. * Keep the serving elegant – present soup in hollowed papaya or coconut, or hot apple cider in mini glasses. Autumn Wedding Favors * Treat a red apple tied with a gold ribbon. * Make goodies like jams or fudge for your guests. * Put colorful jelly beans, coffee beans or bulbs in a mini burlap bag and tie a label with your handwritting on it. * Serve a mini bottle of maple syrup. * Give each guest a jar of homemade preserves. * Sachets of dried flowers in seasonal scents. * Autumn colored candles. * Scented soaps in the shape of leaves. * Dried petals or seeds wrapped around the candles. * Lollypops with autumn colors. * Chocolate with marzipan. Ask for advice in areas of  mother of the bride dresses ,wedding dresses and first communion dresses. We write numerous articles providing information for the customers. We carry a fabulous collection of wedding dress designed to complement your bridal outfit. Visit today and receive free shipping on any dress. Ask for advice in areas of party dresses ,wedding apparel,and formal dresses. We […]

Planning And Preparing For Your Big Day

When you are planning your wedding you want to make sure that you understand how stressful the time can be. When you are taking the time to understand how you are going to manage your time you will be much less stressed. First, you want to make sure that you are taking the time to plan the date of your wedding. There are a lot of people that do not understand how to find a date that will work well for them and also work well for the rest of your guests. It can be very stressful to plan your wedding around the plans of the guests that you want to invite. Of course, you want to make sure that the immediate families of the bride and the groom can both attend before you set the date in stone. But you also want to make sure that you are taking the time to understand how you are going to make the date work for you. When you set your date you want to be happy with it and the guests will need to work it into their schedule. Of course, you want to make sure that you are giving your guests plenty of time to make changes in their schedule. If you are going to have a very short engagement you do not want to take offense if there are people that cannot come. When you are choosing your date you also want to make sure that you are taking the time to choose the venue that you are going to use. If you are set on a specific venue you want to make sure that you have a date that will work with the venue. Many people cannot have the venue that they want because of the date that they choose. You have to make sure that you understand how you are going to make the date and the venue work for you and your partner. When you are choosing your venue you want to make sure that you are taking the time to choose a venue that has the qualities that you need to have a successful wedding. Often time individuals will forget about very important details. If you do not have a wedding planner you have to make sure that you sit with a professional at the venue. There are many different types of details that you will not think about until you sit down with a professional. The number of guests that you have will necessitate how many tables and chairs that you need. There a lot of people which may also regulate the size of the room that you will be required to hold your reception or your ceremony in. The linens that you will be using are also going to be something that you will need to plan. You will, more than likely, have to rent the linens and make sure that you are also able to rent flatware that matches well with the […]

How to Prepare a Spa Themed Bridal Shower

This spa theme is a good way to relax with the bride as she approaches one of the biggest decisions in her life. There is so much to do during weddings and this is one special moment the bride can share with her friends while being freshened up for the wedding day. Aside from colors, make sure that the place where the spa bridal shower theme will be done is aromatic. Relaxing music like sounds of water from the ocean or the stream can make a big effect for the party. You can turn a little room into a spa themed venue by making sure that it has soft lighting and soothing music. Make an effort to create the invites in a way that will match the spa theme. A perfect gift for the bride would be gift certificates as this will help her relax while living a new life being married. There are so many items to choose from if you think gifts for this kind of theme would be hard.  This party is supposed to be for healthy living and this can be done by preparing light snacks or nutritious food. Since everyone will be busy catching up while being treated inside the spa, you just have to prepare finger foods for everyone. There is a wide variety of recipes for cakes, pies, and many other tempting dessert recipes. There is no need to serve some alcohol or colored drinks. Water or teas will do.  Massage, body scrub, facial, manicure or pedicure is enough for the guests to enjoy their stay during the party. If you are lucky, you can even get a special service, where all the materials and equipment needed for the spa treatment will be brought along by the therapists if you hire one to come to your place. This bridal party theme should not be expensive, hosts can buy manicure or pedicure or spa tools so guests can treat their own while chatting with one another. After the party, the guests can take home the manicure set they used to relax themselves as party favors. Note that part of the party is giving favors and so making sure it is related to the spa theme, the party is a success. Harrison Fray is an expert at numerous kinds of wedding ceremony and romance relationship concerns. He can help you to pick out the very best in groomsmen gifts with extraordinary style. Harrison can positively help you with selecting appropriate bridesmaid gifts also. Stop by Engraved Gift Creations to determine what Harrison suggests. More Wedding Preparation Articles

Flowery Wedding On A Budget

A wedding is simply not perfect without flowers. From the bridal bouquet to the table centerpieces, flowers absolutely add style and elegance to a celebration as grand as a wedding celebration. Nowadays, bride-to-be’s are becoming more practical than ever, and one of the ways they attempt to save on their wedding is by cutting back on floral expenses without having to compromise on style and beauty. If you want to cut on flower cost, consider using alternatives. Your bridal bouquet for one can be as elegant as you want it to be even at a lower cost. By using your creativity, you can come up with substitutes for you and the whole entourage’s bouquet. Simply accessorize the bouquet with non-floral elements such as feathers, beads, and even pins. You may also opt for less expensive single-stem flowers like rose and orchids. They may be not as expensive but they surely can compete with style. Going to the centerpieces, you don’t always have to style them using a full array of flowers. Use alternatives that can give them style even without using flowers. Cypress, cactus, twigs, and even moss can actually act as fillers for your centerpiece. Aside from them, you can also make use of the souvenirs to complete your table centerpiece. The venue also plays an important factor on your wedding day. It can actually dictate how much you will have to spend on decors. Since your goal is to save on floral cost, choose a venue where you can make use of the natural ambience of the place. A garden for example, is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much on flowers since it doesn’t require a lot of further decorating and designing. When buying flowers, consider buying in wholesale. That way, you won’t have to waste your time and energy jumping from one supplier to another just to get the things that you need. You can also ask for a bigger discount if you are going to buy in wholesale. In the same manner, don’t buy flowers when it is the peak season and the flowers are in huge demand and sold at a higher price. As a final point, consider allotting extra budget on what you think should be the center of your wedding decoration. Typically, the main focuses on wedding photos are the bridal bouquet, table centerpiece, backdrop, and the main entrance décor. By doing this, spending on unnecessary things can be avoided. Amy Chan is your go-to girl when it comes to informative articles. She also shares information about glass vases. Check out her latest article on glass blown vases here.

Vera Wang Wedding Gowns

Top 3 Methods for Adding accessories to Wedding Dresses Several possess prevailed from adding accessories to bridal gowns even though many more have failed. The differences in between achievement and also failing is usually in how a person undergoing it methods the process. Listed here are Three ideas to help you end up being among the many those who win, being a person who works. Follow these pointers and you may make sure that you will get much better outcomes! Very first, you need to keep it simple. Although jewelry piecies are crucial, make sure to make it simple. Don’t put on an excessive amount of jewelry piecies. Eventually you are likely to appear back again at the wedding party photos, and you will be pleased to observe stylish you appear. Much less is classic. Next, you will want to when you’re wearing bridal gowns along with low neck-line, it will likely be recommended to put on the pendant. But when otherwise, you’re wearing bridal gowns higher neck-line, you are able to ditch the necklace to check out a much better seeking pair of ear-rings. Consider this whenever accessorizing bridal dresses. Next, you must be sure you the much more official the actual ceremony, the greater independence you receive inside picking much more elaborate jewelries. Much less conventional wedding ceremonies demand more simple jewelry piecies. Adhere to these kinds of three recommendations for adding accessories to bridal gowns and you will it’s quite likely do well and revel in all of the returns as well as rewards which adding accessories bridal dresses must provide you with. Ignore these and also the outlook is not really good. It’s up to you… adhere to all of them and stay a success; ignore all of them and you may not likely. Fail to try this advice and also adding accessories wedding dresses may almost certainly remain only a distant dream… Looking for Vera Wang Wedding Gowns or Celebrity Wedding Gowns?  Bridal Gowns,Couture Wedding Gowns,Designer Wedding Gowns,Versace Wedding Gowns,Vintage Wedding Gowns,Wedding Dresses,Lace Wedding Gowns. Uncover easy methods to  bridal gowns  at this bridal gowns  website at

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

Personality should be the focus of your wedding day, not dollar signs. Understanding how to plan a cheap wedding will allow you to consider unique, cost efficient options that show off who you are and the journey that brought you to the altar. Whether you are trying to represent your humor, your fun side or your sentimental tendencies, there are many options available to the bride and groom looking in the right places. Make it your day marked with your own personality as a couple. The Rehearsal Dinner When planning a cheap wedding, consider the alternatives to the traditional sit down dinner. Pizza parties, barbecues and potlucks are all cost efficient options that don’t have to be thought of as cheap. Making your rehearsal dinner a relaxed occasion is a perfect set up for your big day. Pizzas with plenty of toppings to select from along with a few pasta side dishes and one or two salads is a perfect, way to start any party. Soda or even wine and beer can be budget friendly. BBQ’s with picnic fixings like are easy alternatives usually readily available at a local supermarket deli. Another overlooked dinner option is a simple potluck. Friends and family all truly want to be helpful. Allowing a close family member to bring their favorite dish makes them feel useful and needed. And it might get them out of your hair for a while as they prepare their dishes! The Cake The beautiful multi-tier, impeccably decorated cake sitting right in the front window of that little bakery is well out of your budget. Not to mention, you don’t quite have enough guests invited to your party to eat all this cake that costs far more than you really have to spend. There are many bakeries that will provide a decorated cake model that isn’t really cake under the real icing and sugar decorations. It allows a cake decorator more time to create the sugar design you have your heart set on. Without the usual worries of fresh cake, a decorator may reduce their pricing. Usually at least one tier is made from ‘real’ cake that the couple slices in front of their guests. Once the decorative cake is removed from the room, the staff serves pieces cut from a large sheet cake with your selected cake and icing flavors which is kept in the back kitchen to keep your secret your own. When planning a cheap wedding, it is about finding a solution and not simply compromising your party plans. The Gifts Personalized gifts such as photo montages of favorite moments shared with a maid of honor or other special member of your party is a unique touch that will last far longer than any other gift they don’t really want or need. Family members like to know what you remember about them, maybe a funny secret you’ve never told them. With such a wide selection of paper patterns and computer fonts available, write them down and frame […]

Wedding Veil Style Tips

Wearing a veil on your wedding day is a time old tradition, but today even the most modern bridal ensemble can be enhanced with the addition of this beautiful ceremonial headpiece. Here we share our expertise to guide you in your selection. * Choose a veil that blends seamlessly with your wedding gown, or consider it an accessory and select one that makes a strong style statement. * If you’ve opted for a simple gown, an embellished veil will help create a more detailed and interesting overall look. * Conversely, highly detailed gowns look stunning offset by a plain, straight veil. * The circular veil is a classic style that features a piece of fabric that covers the eyes. It’s best suited to a formal wedding. * Also typically worn at formal church or grand outdoor weddings, cathedral veils are long and sumptuous, and extend well past the train of your gown. * The double-layered veil harks back to the 1950s. The upper layer creates a full look at top of the head, while the lower layer of fabric is exposed further down the body. * Mantilla veils are usually created in lace or embellished with lace trim. Cut in a circular or square shape, they’re usually attached to a headband, comb or clips, and fall flat against the face. They are usually paired with a simple gown so the veil takes centre stage. * A fun alterative to a traditional veil, the pouf looks stunning with a short, chic gown, or a slinky dress that’s cut on the bias. * Fingertip veils are another less formal, subtle look, ideal for brides who don’t want their veil to be the feature of their bridal ensemble. They extend to just below the fingertips when your arms are at your sides. * A streamer veil is a simple, straight style. It can be left unadorned to complement an embellished gown, or detailed with Russian braiding; wide, satin ’50s-inspired edging’; or hand-beaded with diamantés and crystals for brides who love to sparkle and shine. Ask for advice in areas of evening dresses and cocktail dresses. We write numerous articles providing information for the customers. We carry a fabulous collection of dresses designed to complement your outfit. Visit today and receive discount shipping on any dress.